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  1. Congrats, a few days after I assume control of a new listing for an archived cache the maintainer responds over email finally, as I assumed would happen - just my luck. From original maintainer: ... I was certain I put in a request to reactivate this one, but obviously I didn't. I'll scoop it up and leave this spot for you. Sorry I haven't responded until now, but I have been on vacation. ... I still stand by my original post on this topic stating the need for local volunteer admins to analyse a situation and add another maintainer to a cache. At this point I need to negotiate either - archiving my new post and cluttering up the geocaching database, allowing the original maintainer to unarchive his lsting - tranfer this new post to old maintainer if he is up for it - which causes a very non-contiguous log between two seperate listings Either way, some people have already signed this cache of twice - I'm sure it will stay as the new listing.
  2. Ah yes, the geocaching.com maps is still listed on each cache information page. .... For online maps... Geocaching.com Maps Geocaching.com Google Map Google Maps MapQuest Microsoft MapPoint Yahoo Maps Rand McNally Topozone Terraserver Tiger Census Maps .... You can use that link from cache information pages, nearby the area you are searching for archived caches, to list them in a method I thought just didn't exist anymore - I not only thought this because the overview maps on cache information pages now linked to other mapping sources, but the IRC channel was telling me that it was missing for a reason. Thanks for the updated info guys, this is enough to keep my $3.00/mo paying for those fancy shoes you wear! - whardier
  3. I must be insane, I have been searching for a direct link to exactly this mapping system, vs the Google Maps system. It seemed to have dissapeared - was I totally missing something obvious? Because it appeared as though direct links to map/getmap.aspx were no longer directly linked to from cache information pages. - whardier
  4. Amazingly well put! Morphing worldwide treasure hunting, I can dig it. And I see how archiving frees up areas. From now on I vow to steal the cache container of any archived cache I go after Still, I would like to have archive browsing put back on the site for logging purposes, historical information which can lead to fun conversations and memories, and potentially finding archived caches and helping maintainers put things right side up again. I haven't changed my position on multiple maintainers per cache, its a difficult site change and I wouldn't push for it, however, its definately at the top of my feature request list. - whardier
  5. Thanks for the feedback, Actually logging a new finds to the exact same cache, just under a new GUID sounds funny to me, and I don't feel like supporting that sort of thing. I was regretful placing a new cache, but the area will get more action now from cachers who have already signed the log. I can see how that could be a benefit to doing that. My intentions aren't to create a new cache, instead they are to get procedures in place to allow new maintainers on obviously abandoned caches - retaining log information and other associated information. I like the share email account idea and is still quite valid for a close group of people that want to maintain caches together. The purpose of adding multiple maintainers within the sites logic isn't specifically to unite a group of cache maintainers and is instead for allowing even completely unrelated, unacquainted, or closer proximity cachers to civily lobby for administration on caches that are in danger of being abandoned due to or already are because maintainers are not available all the time. This could lead more cachers in the direction being helpful admin assistants for this incredibly global game. I hope that made some sense, I read it a few times - but its getting late - whardier
  6. Hi y'all, I'm new, so be nice. I recently brought this question to IRC channel #geocaching on SlashNet, I thought it was an obvious oversight of the geocaching.com developers that archived cache browsing went by the wayside with the new look-n-feel and full Google Maps integration. Apparently there is a purpose behind it and not to defined as far as I can tell. I kind of ended up scratching my head over the whole matter. Recently I have discovered multiple archived caches which have no reason being archived other than in need of a new maintainer. No other caches are around them and admins should be able to make a quick judgement call on reviving them under new maintainers. When found I've signed the paper logs; logged visits to the cache after browsing for them; encouraged others to find the archived caches; and contacted the maintainers to bring them back from the dead. In one case the maintainer, an active geocacher, has not responded to request reviving the cache which could be due to any number of technical issues. The suggestion I got from local admins was to send another message and wait for a response; then revive the cache on my own as a new cache if its been a few weeks. I saw a few problems with this immediately, even though I did as suggested and started up a second revision of a cache: The logs aren't transferred, reducing the history of the cache once it is created under a new GUID. Cachers that have found the old cache previously can now log a completely new visit to the same cache, same location. Once the original cache maintainer gets back from an extended holiday, they find some archived caches they are meaning to maintain and revive have been taken over by some impatient do-gooder jerk. Since the cache wasn't transferred to a new maintainer and instead created anew under a new GUID any disputes that would result in reviving the old cache and dissolving the new one just add one more archived cache to the database. If the above happens, which I can see a compromise situation like that happening, quite a few cachers now have the wrong GCID plugged into their GPS. The cacher shouldn't have to follow funny administration to a set of caches just to log their find correctly, that just adds to the confusion. I propose three changes to help resolve issues like this and allow archived cache thrill seekers and accidental finds of archived caches, which appears to be quite common, to log their finds and lobby for maintenance positions with the cache. Allow multiple maintainers per cache (requires quite a bit of changes to the programming of the site) Allow all cache search functions to search for archived cachesPocket Queries Coordinate Searches Browsing via Google Maps [*]Allow admins local to archived caches to replace the maintainer, or like above add a maintaner, to a cache and directly unarchive it. I understand if my motivation isn't understood, I don't enjoy losing functionality available to premium members any more than anybody else would. Finding archived caches can be a thrill for some geocachers; sometimes its an accidents for cachers and muggles alike; and I hope different methods of handling this may result in less geotrash, less roman numerals appended to new caches with new logs in the same location, and more seasoned and older logs with richer histories and gallerys. Like I said, be nice to me - I'm new - whardier
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