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  1. The View Browse Map does not show any of my selected Pocket Queries Views. So If I am looking at Lake Tahoe area and then choose my Pocket Query of SF, it does not move to that area, just stays where I have moved my map search. If I go to Build Pocket Query from my account page and the choose Preview in Geocaching Maps, I get a map of my area and not my pocket query area. I cannot preview my Pocket Query to determine if I have the correct area picked. It appears that all Pocket Queries View link is broken. This started to occur on 04/28/2021.
  2. On the Wherigo list of Cartridges that I download on my iPhone, I noticed that the icons images for each cartridges are pixilated, except that the generic icon is not pixilated (Crazy Clown Fun House & Deep Woods Wherigo). How can I make my own icons more crisp and which image size to use? I have two images: 1) Cartridge icon in Wherigo/Kit. - Place image 2) iPhone Cartridge listing
  3. I have noticed on 09/29/2020 at approximate 13:00 that my Wherigo built in Wherigo//Kit is having a system error. I even tried coping the Wherigo and it also gives an error. I then took an older version of the cartridge and was updating that Wherigo, when it also gave a system error. I had the cartridge almost completed and ready to upload to Wherigo.com. Is the server down or having issues? gjhimages <Cartridge xmlns=''> was not expected. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: <Cartridge xmlns=''> was not expected. Source Error: An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below. Stack Trace: Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.7.3535.0
  4. Yes it appears that Add to list is working on the each cache page. Thank you.
  5. Found out that via the New Map view (Search Geocaches) will not add any archived geocaches to a list, as it is archived. The only way to place an archived cache to a list is via Dashboard, recently viewed and click the 3 dots on the right and Add to a list. Disable caches can be added via the New Map view, but Archived caches will not be able to view or add to a list. You cannot do this by the "View all" tab. The reason for adding a archived geocache to a list is an older challenge cache that does not have a checker.
  6. As of yesterday 04/08/2020 "Add to list" from geocache page is not working. It worked as of 04/07/2020. I am using Safari and also Chrome with Mac and neither of these work to Add to list. I have tried the function with any geocaches so it is not a specific geocache. It also will not work from the Classic Map view (Browse Geocaches) to add a specific geocache to the list, but it will work if viewing from the New Map view (Search Geocaches). While looking at specific caches I would like to add that specific geocache to a specific list. Please fix this function as shown on the page.
  7. It appears that Wherigo.com is back online at 2:45pm. Thanks.
  8. It seems that Wherigo.com website is down on 03/20/2020 at 1:30pm. The website was working earlier today.
  9. I just uploaded the cartridge to Wherigo.com and Wherigo interface places the line breaks/paragraphs correctly. So once the file is uploaded to Wherigo line spacing is correct. Thanks.
  10. I am making another Wherigo via Wherigo\\kit. I noticed that this time that the interface does not allow line spacing or another paragraph. This is different then when I built my last Wherigo in 2019. As you can se in the attached images, that Line Spacing/New Paragraph is not recognized on the iPhone playing GWC file. In the past I was able to make another paragraph/line spacing by using this method: Return Key - Space Bar - Return Key. The Wherigo\\kit and testing in the Emulator all show the Line spacing, but the iPhone when played show what appears to be the sentences all run together with no line spacing. Has something change in the software interface and how can I show different paragraphs in each screen? Thanks.
  11. I am making my second Wherigo from Wherigo\\kit . The first Wherigo was made in June of 2019. I noticed that this time making the Wherigo and playing a test on my iPhone 10s (GRC file) that it does not show any line spacing. Whereas when I made the Wherigo in 2019, line spacing worked with placing a space after the return key. In other words hit the '"Return Key' then hit the 'space bar', would generate a true line spacing. Now with the new Wherigo I can not make any line spacing and all of the words are run on sentences. What is interesting that the emulator shows line spacing, but not on the iPhone. I have retyped an entire sentences and paragraphs and no line spacing on my iPhone. I would like to know how to fix line spacing. Check 1 spacing is 1 space bar whereas check 2 spacing is 2 space bars. I have also tried 2 "return" for 2 lines spacing. Still no line spacing occurring. See the attached files.
  12. I placed a Certitude checker on my site and when looking at the enter coords box, it shows the corrected cords, even before I enter them. I even used another login, family member and it shows the exact coords. Is there something that I might have done wrong? Can’t find any help info. I’ve used an iPhone and Mac computer.
  13. Ranger Fox gave us this workaround: You can get around this by opening the Wherigo site in Safari outside the app. Go to the download page as you would on the desktop. Just before the download begins, Safari will ask if you want to open the cartridge in the Wherigo app. Say yes and it will be done. So there's a good workaround for things. That's also how some people load cartridges from the other site. I have done the above multiple times and I ham able to get the Wherigo in the iPhone app. Maybe Groundspeak can commission Nick from Cachly to rewrite the Wherigo app for iPhone.
  14. Ranger Fox gave us this workaround: You can get around this by opening the Wherigo site in Safari outside the app. Go to the download page as you would on the desktop. Just before the download begins, Safari will ask if you want to open the cartridge in the Wherigo app. Say yes and it will be done. So there's a good workaround for things. That's also how some people load cartridges from the other site. I have done the above multiple times and I ham able to get the Wherigo in the iPhone app. Maybe Groundspeak can commission Nick from Cachly to rewrite the Wherigo app for iPhone.
  15. No do not Grandfather the Wherigo. Wherigo is the true adventure cache. We have Urwigo, Earwigo and Wherigo\\Kit (see them at this site https://wherigofoundation.com/builders/) Maintained by Ranger Fox (Thanks RF) I wished that Groundspeak would update their platform and also the iPhone app to take the new API. Maybe someone out there will make a new iPhone app. It seems that Groundspeak likes the Adventure Labs app which does not normally have a geocache attached. They also tried the Metaverse App for AR geocaches. Again Wherigo caches are very fun, but the mobile apps need to be update.
  16. I tried removing the app and reinstalled. The same issue. I had also used the app a week ago and it worked. It appears that geocaching.com (owner) needs to correct the app for the new API. It appears that it is not high on their todo list.
  17. Is geocaching working on fixing the Wherigo App? It appears that the new API is not allowing the app to work.
  18. As of today 06/07/2019 9:41 PM PDT, the API still does not allow to use the App to download cartridge. Thanks Ranger Fox for the workaround. Will Geocaching.com fix the App?
  19. Thanks for your answers. They helped 1) So the Zone descriptions may show up depending on the players app? I have done some photoshop to the photos and wanted to know if some of the Zone descriptions would show or do I need to place it within the Action - comments. 3) Just to clarify, I want to test the cartridge near my home to make sure I do not see anything that is not working, grammar or punctation that maya need corrected. Then will move the whole cartridge 30 miles to the east, but will have to move each zone to the correct position. Then test it again. 5) The amount of Zones is loosing following a movie script. But I will review the Quantity of the Zones to see if I need to take some out. Again thanks for all of your answers.
  20. I have a few questions in regards to Wherigo\\Kit. Also I want to thank Ranger Fox for developing this software. 1) For each Zone - description. Does this show up for the player after it has been uploaded to Wherigo? When I play it in webwigo, the description does not show. 2) Proximity in meters is set at 8. Does that mean the zone is 8 meters or 24 feet from the center out or does it tell the player that he is approaching a zone? 3) I have set up this Wherigo close to my location to make adjustments and test. Then I will move it about 35 miles away. Do you have to move each zone to the new location or can it be moved all in one step? 4) How do you play on my iPhone before it is published. Do I export via GWC and play it in the WherigoFoundation (WF) app? 5) I have about 22 zones is that a problem with players? Using Question and Answers kit.
  21. 04/07/2019 Wherigo site has been down for 2 hours. Any answers on why? Unable to download Wherigo on computer or website. It states the following" Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.
  22. I would like to see the map coordinates for the area I am searching. The old map as this feature and I would like to have it on the new map, which should not be too hard. I have seen some geocaching puzzles that uses the mapping coordinates.
  23. This new search will take some time to get used to. It would be nice to keep the old search for “newest caches” and also keep this new search. What I do not like of the new search: 1) I have to continually change the filters to exclude my finds for each search. 2) Do not know which are the newest caches nor if it is still a FTF, unless I click on the cache itself in the list on the left. 3) Do not know when it was last found, unless I click on the cache in the list. 4) When looking at the listing I do not see the hide date nor when I click on one of the caches. For events it does show the date. 5) I do have to scroll out a lot to finally see all new caches in my area. 6) It appears to be taking more bandwidth. At my work the search is very slow, maybe they are throttling me? hmm!! What I do like is the following: 1) When hovering over the cache listing it does show the location of the cache on the map. 2) The list shows the size, DT ratings and GC code 3) The filtering list is very complete and it has all the needed items. It appears that this new change search will take sometime to get used to how it functions. I would like to exclude my finds quicker then going into filters each time.
  24. I have that same problem. I sent an email to Garmin. They suggested to download the GPX file to your computer and then drag the file to your GPS into the correct folder for Geocache's. This is an extra step, but is an workaround. This has worked for myself which similar to loading pocket queries.
  25. I am unable to log into Groundspeak Wiki to review the regional geocaching policies Wiki. It does not accept my geocaching login, nor does it allow to make a new login. A reviewer gave me this link: Challenges and unable to login or see the information. https://wiki.Groundspeak.com/display/VOL/Challenges
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