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  1. Does anybody here have the answer for this? I think Coggins may have given you the correct answer above. If I do as he stated(press Ctrl+U in mapsource)it brings up the unlock map screen. Nevermind, already found the answer in the other forum... Put it as reference here...
  2. Does anybody here have the answer for this?
  3. In Mapsource, click the UTILITIES menu, click UNLOCK MAPS, click YES, I HAVE A 25-character UNLOCK CODE. You can enter the unlock code and Mapsource unlock wizard will unlock the maps. ...ken... Perhaps that instruction you given above was for the older version of Mapsource. But for newer version of Mapsource the menu already changed.
  4. I have problem unlocking my map. At current I'm using custom map from Malsingmaps.com and their map was lock. I have the unlock code for that mapset but it seems I can't find anywhere in the new mapsource features to unlock map locally (not on-line). Anybody have any idea how to unlock it?
  5. GPS No. : 8011 Coordinate : N03 12.804 E113 02.974 Elevation : 4 m Location : Tg. Batu Beach
  6. BM No. : 40066A Coordinate : N03 11.848 E113 04.504 Elevation : 12 m Location : Jalan Bintulu - Tg. Kidurong
  7. BM No. : 40063 Coordinate : N03 13.383 E113 03.822 Elevation : 22 m Location : Jalan Miri-Bintulu
  8. BM No. : 40064 Coordinate : N03 11.870 E113 04.035 Elevation : 16 m Location : Jalan Miri-Bintulu
  9. BM No. : nil Location : N03 12.625 E113 02.878 Elevation : 11.813 m Location : Tanjung Batu Beach, Bintulu, Sarawak
  10. BM No: 40132 Location: N03 46.622 E113 45.066 Elevation: 34m Street Name: Along road to Niah Town
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