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  1. And then I find this little quirp.
  2. Well I found one that seems to actually have some popularity. It looks like it took a small hiatus between 2003 and 2006. But has been up since then until very recently. GCB581 But I am sure it will be back. All I can do is set it up, submit it and see what happens. I think it would be neat to see a whole new class of caches come out called mobile caches. You could use applications for your GPS enabled phones to meet and great fellow geocachers out there. Have a little geocache backpack for the knick-knacks. Have a T-shirt with the "Official Geocache" emblem or "I am a geocache, don't call the bomb squad!". -Eric
  3. Hopefully I don't get beat to the punch on this one. (Although I have seen some people do variations of this idea) I am looking at setting up my vehicle and boat as a geocache using my portable APRS tracker. I have a nice little geocache spot on the vehicle and was thinking about using the APRS to update my geocaching.com listing or maybe even a website with current location information, similar to findu, but very small and mobile phone web enabled so that people with either APRS or mobile web can track the vehicle down and log the find. The vehicle you might say stands out from the crowd, as it is rather unique. What gotchas, problems, or issues does anyone see with this. I have already thought about the fact that I am not always in an easily available location, but can be found out 4 wheeling a lot or maybe even grab the tracker and take it sailing with me. I have wondered though if I would have the random treasure hunter out trying to wave me down on the freeway. -Eric NS7DQ Hopefully soon to make the cache "Cache me if you can"
  4. NS7DQ here in Fort Lewis, WA. Trying to find an interesting way to incorperate ham radio into geocaching. Been thinking about a mobile geocache using APRS. Hmmmmmmm. It's crazy but it might work.
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