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  1. Speaking only for myself, starting today my review style will strive to match the published guidelines 100%. Since there have been several, repeated comments regarding the consistency and application of the guidelines being called into question, all reviews going forward are to be reviewed "by the book" should I be the reviewer handling your submission. No longer will I entertain discussions of opinion, justifications based on existing caches or anything other than the exact wording of the guidelines. Exceptions will once again be as rare as a full moon on February 29th. Feel free to thank the small handful of the community that constantly complains that the Ontario reviewers are inconsistent, sucking the fun out of the game, driving people away, and numerous other ungrateful comments when all we are trying to do is keep things fun for as many people as possible. I'm not supposed to airing grievances but I think that the vast majority of good players, that work with the reviewers to meet the guidelines and don't expect to be treated like offended, entitled snowflakes, deserve to know that the attitudes of some local players to throw us under the bus, scream foul, and turn others against us and this often thankless job, lately seems like a stone weight around my neck. It doesn't seem to matter how I try to explain the issues to the entitled, self-serving group.... it's never good enough, they lash out and frankly waste so much volunteer time that others with legitimate reviews are waiting. If you can't abide by the guidelines that you agreed to when submitting your cache, if I am reviewing it then it will not get published no matter what you dig up from past caches, other reviewers or even something I did yesterday. Again, my apologies to the hundreds of Ontario players that just want to enjoy the game and are awesome to work with. But to those that hide in dark corners of social media, post whiny notes before publication, and generally are unhappy with everything.... you no longer will get extra time because you should already know better. Don't like what I'm saying? Take a look at your attitude, and remember... you did this to yourself.
  2. Never mind.... seems to be working now, but it was acting wonky and stuff clearly I'm not techie lol
  3. I'm suspecting there is an issue with the API or whatever runs the push data to mobile device stuff. Nearby caches are not being displayed nor is info about a cache that is on the map, but recent logs are. Two different iPhones with same issue, one did a full reboot then deleted and reinstalled the app then rebooted again with the no change. The other iPhone tried a third party app and that also couldn't load local caches, but displayed those about 30 miles away. its been like that for an hour now, with brief moments where it works but then erases the map.
  4. It's interesting that the reviewer simply communicated and was ignored, yet some in here think that is acceptable. It isn't. A response is always required from the cache owner, that is part of the listing guidelines. If a reviewer didn't respond in a timely fashion, someone would be ranting in the forums and several others would be jumping on that band wagon. But again, some people in here seem to suggest that a cache owner doesn't need to respond to a reviewer. That is pretty far from consistent. Periodically check on your cache, like it says in the guidelines. Respond to concerns in a timely fashion, like it says in the guidelines. You're not the victim when you don't do anything after being asked. CD
  5. I'm happy to announce the winner of the Spring 2014 "contest to make a contest" contest. Kreamer&bearsKrew came up with what I considered to be the best idea. The theme that is dear to their hearts is all about the hike, so they proposed "Distance from the nearest road" So here is how to score points. These are to be calculated as of midnight June 21st, 2014 for any geocache published after March 21st, 2014. 1 point if your cache is 1 to 3km from the nearest road 3 points if your cache is 3 to 5km from the nearest road 6 points if your cache is 5 to 7km from the nearest road 10 points if your cache is 7 to 10km from the nearest road 15 points if your cache is more than 10km from the nearest road These points are multiplied by the number of finds on unique days. In other words, you do not score more points for people that find it on the same day as someone else. Distance is calculated based on the coordinates of the actual container, not the posted coordinates unless the cache is a traditional cache of course. Hopefully this will strike a nice balance between a cache placed at a distance from the road, and those that might not get found often because they are too far or out of the way. Remember, caches are meant to be found! Please post a link to your cache hide here in this forum thread in order to promote it, as well as enter it into the contest. CD
  6. The article in the Knowledge Books applies to every new listing, Canada or other parts of the world. I typically enjoy keeping Canada up to date, especially Ontario. As for debate, I'm only the messenger, not the creator. CD
  7. This update also allows reviewers to know instantly the nature of the posted coordinates with respect to a virtual data point using an existing object as compared to a physical item placed by the cache owner when we determine saturation/proximity. As long as there is a waypoint that matches the posted coordinates that explains it then it is fine. That can be a Final, a Stage of a Multi (SOaM), Question to Answer(Q2A) or Reference Point. Parking and Trailhead are not a viable option. New listings require this for publication, and previously published listings should be updated by their owners to reflect this important improvement. Since Traditional caches MUST be at the posted coordinates this update does not need to cover them but you can add a Final Location if you really want to. CD Edit: removed extra word and clarified.
  8. There are several reasons of which I will share two - it provides 100% consistency instead of people having to guess when they need to and when they don't. - many Unknown caches DO have something at the posted coordinates. Challenge caches typically are, or locked caches, and are two of many examples. CD
  9. During the review process we have been asked to start requiring an identifier for the posted coordinates of all physical caches that are not listed as Traditional. This covers all Multi-Caches, Letterbox Hybrids, Wherigo and Unknown Caches. Below is one template being used to help aid in this transition. If you already own listings that the above would apply to, please update them to include this info. This is detailed more at http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=72 CD
  10. I have some trackables to give away again. But unlike my usual contests that I place on my profile page or in these Canada Forums, this time my idea is to tap your creativity. This contest is only for players that own active caches placed inside Ontario, Canada. Here's the contest for those wishing to try and win a trackable. I want YOU to create a contest that I will run to give away a trackable item to three different Cache Owners. I alone will decide which contest idea that I like best. Whoever's contest I pick as the best will win two matching trackables. The contest to create a contest runs from March 1st to March 20th. The winner will be announced on March 21st and that contest will be posted here, which will run from March 21st to June 21st. Email your contest idea and player account name to me at cachedrone@gmail.com or through my profile page. Only one entry per player will be accepted, and remember you must already own an active cache listing in Ontario to participate. I'm looking for something WOW, and having been reviewing for almost seven years I know that Ontario Cache Makers should be able to come up with a really fun contest. I reserve the right to post any contest suggestions, whether they win or not, here in this forum after the winner is announced. By submitting a contest suggestion you agree that I may use your idea for a trackable giveaway and your only compensation will be the two matching trackables. Prizes will be mailed via Canada Post and the winner will be required to submit an address to send the prize to. CD
  11. Also FWIW the new guidelines that prevent Event Stacking also makes any Busy Day Challenge Cache above 8 problematic. In fact one of the reasons that 8 is the suggested upper threshold is that it would take a specific day of two or more Event-type caches for people to qualify. That also encourages the creation of new caches just meets the needs of the challenge. That brings into play the guideline that a cache should not suggest others be created. There are 5 physical cache types and 3 virtual cache types. Substituting 1 event type to make the 8 attainable seems reasonable in case all the local Virtuals or webcams have been used up. Above 8, now you need an event and a CITO or hope for the GPS Maze to come to town or a Mega to happen. Now we are back to event stacking, encouraging creation and also a challenge should be attainable at the time of publication which cannot be done if they rely on future event caches. CD
  12. I can't speak for how your reviewer addresses it so check with them. How I've handled it, based on guidance I've been given, is that an admission charge for a non-profit location like a state park is considered acceptable. This differs from a location that is a business, like Walt Disney World for example. CD
  13. Tried this once with a problem cache where the active CO was not responding to NMs, I thought a 'reviewer note' might spur them to fix their cache. But the reviewer asked me to post an NA. I'm reluctant to post an NA on an active cacher because a geocacher once got angry, committed geocide and left about 20 caches in the wild to rot after I posted an NA. If a cacher geocided over the NA note, then they had issues unrelated to that note and would have geocided for some other reason anyway, such as they didn't like the tense in a log on their cache, or the length of a log, or the name of a cacher. I wouldn't be overly concerned that you were the cause. Most of the time we reviewers in Ontario understand that cachers might be apprehensive to post a Needs Archived. An email sent privately to a reviewer should be handled confidentially when a public posting makes someone uncomfortable. Ultimately we should want issues brought to our attention so they can be addressed, instead of focusing on what procedure is used. Personally I think that Needs Archived logs should be public but anonymous (except to reviewers and Lackeys). I might suggest that and see if HQ thinks it would be beneficial. Anyway, I will send a message to the rest of the Ontario team reminding them that we should accept either method without trying to influence. CD
  14. Not to my knowledge. Just because a piece of commercial software or some website has access to the API does not mean that the same company can be promoted in a listing. Being in the title is promotional. A casual comment about GSAK is still permitted in the short or long description... once. Just like the name of a venue in an Event Listing can only be mentioned once. When doing so the text should not be enhanced with size, colour, etc. No promotional aspects or endorsements beyond that should be included. The title of a cache page is never the place for a commercial product or business, ever. An event should not be solely about teaching GSAK. Events are a social gatherings to discuss geocaching, the rest is optional. CD
  15. I'm sure CacheDrone will get around to deleting it, as it's after his warning, and 2 or 3 congratulatory notes were posted yesterday, and deleted. Yup, just did. i won't have to be deleting subsequent bogus or off-topic logs. Now those wanting to enjoy the valid Found It log will not have to scroll past commentary unrelated to making an effort to actually find the cache. Any listing by Stormgren-X will be handled under the current guidelines. We strive for consistency when reviewing in Ontario that everyone can count on. We're awesome like that [] CD
  16. The results are in... a random number between 1 and 17 was chosen, and #7 came up. That was http://coord.info/GC2H2ZD "Restin' in Huttonville". So big congrats to Flinstone5611 for winning the prize. CD
  17. What an amazing story... and it's great that you shot video and showed the trade items... nothing short of amazing! CD
  18. Could you imagine if after all these years, the oldest unfound cache in the world really had been found and someone signed that logbook but never said anything? I can almost see that since it has been speculated that if it is ever found it never will be again. I'll admit that recently a few reviewers very briefly discussed going, but the $800 per person minimum we calculated was just too prohibitive. Definitely, if found it would be a huge victory of epic proportions.
  19. Wishing you big success... Hope you post lots of photos and video. If you are able to do it, maybe it would be a great story for Groundspeak's blog.... Latitude 47 Using the SPOT tracker is a great idea, thanks for sharing! CD
  20. With just three days to go in the contest there are 10 entries! At least half are by Binrat... way to go! That's such an awesome demonstration of Cache Ownership! Keep 'em coming... the draw is Saturday! CD
  21. Awesome story Helen! It would be great if this thread evolved into the sharing of "Owner Maintenance" tales. Every cache can be new again, and speaking from my player account's side it is actually pretty fun going back to your own cache at a different time if year to see what the place looks like. Less than a week left in the contest.... This would be a great time to check on caches of your own that are more than a year old or haven't been found in a few months. Don't forget that Owner Maintenance log. That tells everyone your cache is in prime condition. CD
  22. LOL. "Active discussions" with zero outcome since almost a year, while all that needs to be done is changing a few words in the guidelines. There are many layers to this onion. In general the process of reviewing Event Caches differed greatly from all other cache types. To most , it would seem that an Event Cache is just a simple gathering of people for an activity. That is actually just a tip of a much larger iceberg. Many other factors are considered, most of which don't apply to the main bulk of the Listing Requirements and Guidelines. In short, Event Caches are to gather at a fixed point and be social with each other. All the rest is just window dressing. It's best to think of Event Caches as "The temporary Virtual Cache to say hello to the host." CD
  23. Good stuff! That's what we're talking about... making the experience more positive. CD
  24. It doesn't concern me right now, but: Is that, placed by Canadians (owned) or placed in Canada or both placed by Canadians and located in Canada? Canadians might place elsewhere, Americans might place in Canada (or others of course, with 'plans'). So it is a legitimate question, I think. Thanks Doug 7rxc Caches that are geographically inside the political borders of Canada. I'm not trying to be smart-alec when I say that, but this is for Canadian caches. I cannot tell where player accounts are from. CD
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