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  1. *bump* Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. This really bums me out. My sister is graduating from OU this coming weekend. I had planned our route from Columbus to Athens and back based on the geocaches that we could visit. The one that I most interested in going to was your Keychain Trading Post (GC7341). I have a beaded lizard key chain that I picked up from a cache in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and my signature item keychain that I wanted to exchange there. If you ever bring back the cache, let me know! I would love to visit it. My Signature Item - RAM Keychain http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/106396_500.jpg
  3. The reason I was asking about this is because I had submitted a request to place a virtual cache at the bus scale in the street between Genoa Park and COSI. It was initally denied because it was a virtual. When I followed-up with additional information about the location, the person overseeing the approval assumes that since it is a "park" that there has to be an area to hide a cache. Anyone who has been to Genoa Park would probably agree that is not the case. He also failed to understand that it is a public street. He wanted me to get permission for people to drive down the street. Who do I ask for permission to drive a car down a public street?!? Oh well... I guess if you get approval for a traditional cache on the grounds of COSI, it doesn't matter. I'll never get an approval for a virtual so close to it, even if I get permission for people to drive on a public street.
  4. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:What's more interesting are the ignorant comments in the discussion thread. This was one of my faves: _ I really think most cities should band_ (I think he meant BAN)_ geocaching within their city limits all together, just to protect themselves against terrorist acts. While the dweebish geocachers might think it's all good clean fun, a way to show off their disposable income with a high tech gewgaw and exchange some swag for other swag, terrorists are finding web pages full of GPS coordinates in the midst of populated cities. Coordinates of well populated areas were available long before Geocaching came on the scene. Terrorists don't need geocachers to find targets for their weapons. All they need is the National Geodetic Survey. With over 700,000 benchmarks to choose from, the NGS would be a much better resource. For instance, this past weekend, I located two benchmarks on the grounds of the State Capitol building in Columbus, Ohio. the descriptions for the marks specifiaclly state that they are located on that building. One is literally on the Northeast corner of the building, the other is on the Southwest corner of the building. You do the math.
  5. curt!s

    Coming to Piqua

    I would suggest stopping at A Sunday Afternoon Cache in downtown Columbus. It won't take you far off of I-70. I visited this cache for the first time this past weekend. It is a great place!
  6. My brother-in-law's GPSr was teribbly confused once while we were on vacation Florida. It thought we were in Miami while were actually close to Daytona. Once it got a lock on our actual position, it said our max speed was something completely ridiculous. I don't recall the exact speed but it was definitely greater than the speed of sound. It may have been more than 1000 MPH. Apparently, it believed that we made the trip from Miami to Daytona in less than a few seconds.
  7. Wow! That is an interesting find! Next, you'll find a US-Mexican border marker in Colorado.
  8. So, what you're saying is my GPSr was having a good day?!? Cool!!! I took a look at the pictures that I have. The benchmark actually says... Lat 40 00' 00" Lon 83 00' 54" I feel a little silly. I suppose that I should correct my log. Thanks, EMike!!!
  9. I started using curt!s in the spring of 1996. As a matter of fact, I think this is my first newsgroup post using that name. I picked it because it is my name with one minor change. I also picked it because Internet searches didn't turn up anyone else using it and, at that point, I had never seen anyone use ! in place of an i. I thought that I was sort of clever. So, now when I meet on-line people in the off-line world, they can call me by my either name and it sounds the same (I suppose). The thing that sucks... ! is an illegal character for usernames in a lot of e-mail systems, message boards, etc. So, sometimes I have to substitue 1 for !. And the other thing that sucks... Pink, the pop singer that I don't care for (as a matter of fact, I don't care for most pop music)... at any rate, Pink is now going by P!nk. This seriosly pisses me off. By nature, I'm not a mean person, but... I hope that she either goes back to Pink someday soon or that she joins the fate of those that came before her (Debbie Gibson, Toni Basil, Nena, Meredith Brooks, Stacey Q). I'm not too bitter, am I?!?
  10. This is a close-up of the coordinates engraved on the sundial. It is a blow-up from one of the other pictures. I stopped by my on my lunch hour to verify what is says. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me. It says: Latitude: 40° 0 N Longitude: 83° 0 W I found a couple web pages with basic time zone history information. Links below... First there was standard time Today in History: November 18, 1883
  11. quote:Originally posted by smithdw:Lookup nearby benchmarks that have the coordinates set by the 'professional' grade GPS that surveyors use. Their accuracy is several orders of magnitude more accurate than the commercial grade units. You can access the detailed list http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_radius.prl OR, you can go to http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ and put in your zip code. Just keep in mind that if the description says that "location is SCALED", then the coordinates may not be all that accurate. Look for benchmarks that say "location is ADJUSTED".
  12. I would love to go, meet some other cachers and clean a nice park, but... Mrs. ! and I are going to her cousin's wedding in Oxford that afternoon.
  13. Well... Found is a really strong word. Perhaps, Noticed is more appropriate. This benchmark is in a green space on the main campu of The Ohio State University. To be quite honest, I have walked by this spot countless number of times in the past ten years. I don't think that I ever stopped to look at it. Chances are few people do. The benchmark was first set in 1881. In 1932, it was moved 70' east of it original position in order to make way for the construction of a new street through campus. Considering its age, it is in excellent condition. The log includes pictures of the stone and benchmark. There are also pictures of an unusual sundial mentioned in the notes. Something that I am wondering about though. Columbus, Ohio is located in the Eastern Time zone. Was that not the case in 1905? The reason that I am asking is because the sundial has "Central Standard Time" engraved across the top of it.
  14. I have a question about logging procedures. It took three visits for me to locate one of my first benchmarks, JY0690. The first time, I stopped by on a whim because I had it marked in my GPSr but I didn't have the notes. I only spent a few minutes walking around looking for it. I logged a note indicating this. The second visit. I took a copy of the notes and made an hohest attempt to find it. I located the witness post but did not find the benchmark because it was buried under several inches of dirt. I logged this as a "Couldn't Find It!". So, the third time's the charm. I took a small shovel and other tools to locate the benchmark. I unburied it and took a few pictures. I logged this as a "Found It!". There are now three logs for this benchmark. So, the question is... How do other people handle this? Do you...
  15. quote:Originally posted by Mr. 0: I'd say for now see if you can track down the individual park manager where you might be interested in placing a cache and ask them for permission. When you hear back from them, could you post on the forums. The park that I am interested in placing a cache is called Genoa Park. It is a 2 acre strip of open land between COSI and the river. It is more of an open space than it is a park. Aside from the great view of downtown, I there is a police memorial (and maybe a fire fighter's memorial). And of course, the target of the virtual cache. I think it's not going to be approved unless I make it a multicache. The problem is... on this 2 acre "park" the only vegetationis but a hand full of trees and they can best be desribed as overgrown saplings. I'm not sure that there is even a place to hide a micro cache. City of Columbus Parks and Open Space within Franklin County
  16. I currently live in the Victorian Village area just nort of downtoan Columbus. Before moving here, I lived (and went to school) in Westerville. I'm originally from the northern Cincy 'burbs. I grew in Goshen, Loveland, Springdal and Sharonville. Given the limited number of caches in downtown Cowlumbus, I'm going to focus my efforts on benchmarks for the time being. Then I'll move out to the numerous caches along 315 and along the northern outer belt.
  17. I would like to locate a cache within a City of Columbus park. Does anyone know if they have a geocaching policy or any guidelines? Has anyone contacted the Parks & Rec department about this? Just curious since there are already so many caches located on city park land. Thanks, Curtis
  18. I think this is what you were seeing... Definatley Not Argentina (GCF679) It is currently archived because the cache was vandalized/stolen. The Owner posted a note on 4.27.2003 indicating that it would be replaced.
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