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  1. Hmm... I was planning on going, but now the University of Wisconsin Seattle Alumni Association is having their brats and beer picnic that day. Tough call...
  2. OK, i'm trying to get a cache along a route PQ to work for the weekend. I have the route uploaded and set the PQ. When I preview the PQ it gives me 179 cache listings. I make no changes, and mark the PQ to run. I then get a message saying the search returns no results. Dobule checked it. Rechecked the route, rechecked the preview. Let it run again. Same result: no results returned. Any ideas?
  3. So you'd prefer people to stick their heads in the sand and ignore this? No. I would like the police to find the people who did this, and for everyone to take the same precautions on a hike they'd take walking down the block near their house, as far as looking out for the two legged snake. I don't avoid driving because I know there are car accidents, but I do fasten my seatbelt. Same idea.
  4. It's sad what happened, because we all like to think we are immune to human nature because we are in the woods. However, think about all the man (and woman) days spent hiking in Washington this year. Hundreds of thousands. And these are the first two murders in a couple years? You are way more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the trailhead than be murdered on the hike.
  5. Bringing your kite again? I wish I was going back up there with... I mean behind you again.
  6. Uh.. This is embarassing. I picked up a white Jeep last year (at a terrachace of all places). I thought I'd check to see if it was still moving before I commented on this. It said I still had it. Hmm... I swear I moved it along... except for it's sitting in my bucket of caching stuff that I haven't touched much since I started school. Whoops. I better move it on this weekend. (Of course then there's the issue of the cacher that grabs them to "loan" them out to people on the condition they come back to his cache. (Yeah, I'm not sure how I missed it in the TB reminder either. My only excuse is that I have a couple personal TBs that are always stacked up there.)
  7. Try not to let it get you down. In any sampling of human population there's going to be a few bad apples. I still think cachers are better than most. I was happy to actually find a coin in a cache this weekend. And even happier to be able to swap it for one that I had. (Of course, neither are trackable, so that probably helped it stay in the cache.)
  8. "No sign of the coin" should get it's own abreviation I see it in logs so much. NSOTC.
  9. Since you'll be headed East from Seattle, I have to recommend Wild Stallions Ride Again I had a lot of fun doing that one.
  10. Shop99er--1500 Bull Moose -- 500 (My father's day present - Go nuts caching one day and hit 500 at the Original Stash. ) Congrats to all on this list. Nolenator really sprung ahead quickly, good to see W7WT still going strong.
  11. I admit, I haven't been paying as much attention to the forums since I started school at night, so excuse me if this is a dumb question. What is with the "CRR" that some folks - Totem Lake, RWW, Criminal - have "spraypainted" across their avatars? I'd do a search, but you can't search for a three-letter word using the forum search.
  12. As a pro-gun "nut" who owns a wide variety of handguns, rifles, and shotguns, who isn't afraid of guns, and who is more likely to die of being struck by lighting than of a gun accident when carrying one (training and experience), when I go hiking, the gun I carry is... none. (Usually.) I just don't think I need one while hiking/camping if I use some common sense. Cougars and black bears scare easily enough and like someone said, if you can safely fire at a snake, you're far enough away from it anyway. I guess I should add that I'm 6'3", 300 pounds and hike with a 100 pound dog... no cougar in their right mind would attack us, so you're feelings my vary. I'd find it much more useful to be carrying a gun on Pioneer Square than anytime in the woods, especially on established trails. If I have a gun in the woods I'm either hunting with a rifle or shotgun, or am in Griz country that I am unfamiliar with, then I'll often hump along my 44.
  13. Peace Park would probably be my choice. Try this bookmark for other options.
  14. I remember standing there trying to get courage to go up, and this guy came flying down with a fishing pole in one hand, and the remainder of a 12 pack of beer in the other. He just kind of bounced down the ladder. I figured if he could get down like that, I could get up hanging on for dear life. Without knowing any of the facts, I'll blame this on lawyers. I was kind of surprised that they allowed anyone up there in the first place... And this was way before I started law school. Weird. EDIT: Here's how it looked when I climbed it. Only one branch rung at that time:
  15. Nice cache, Chris. I look forward to putting off attempting it.
  16. Thanks, run. I'll have to get out the topo map from trails book and try to compare the with nearby caches. It seems like there should be something.
  17. Thanks, I'll drop them a line.
  18. I was wondering if any of you that are familiar with hikes in the Ellensburg area can tell me if Umtanum Ridge trail has any caches on it. The semester is finally over, and my wife has picked this as the first hike for my break. I poked around the maps, but I don't precisely know where the trail is, so I can't tell which caches may be on it.
  19. It's not quite that simple. Common law requires an intent to relinquish all rights to property for it to be considered abandoned. It varies per state depending on how/if commonlaw was codified. EDIT: Spaces are good.
  20. Hmm... Good point. Well, I'll let Ray speak for himself, which is maybe what I should have done in the first place.... I do agree that Ray doesn't handle those situations the most diplomatically, to say the least, and I'm sure he'd agree with that statement.
  21. As someone who has found the cache in question, I'll answer for Fledermaus, though perhaps I shouldn't: The cache was at the confluence of tidal land (usually considered public property) and a cit easement that is located adjacent to a park. I'm guessing Fledermaus thought his permit covered placement (and it may have). In fact, I think what the cop said was hogwash. If they didn't want people using a public easement they should post it. People are under that birdge all the time fishing, etc. Even without using the city's easement it is legal and easy to get to the cache location. I think the big group of people and freaked him out. The idea of the Warren Avenue Bridge in Bremerton as a terrorist target is laughable. But that's neither here nor there....
  22. Don't you have to go on the ferry? Nope, you can get over here via the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Or you could take the Seattle-Bremerton ferry or the Faunleroy/Southworth Ferry. On a weekday, I'd ferry, but on Saturday, though, the bridge is usually clear enough where we do that.
  23. Don't blame me, I just remarked I might need back-up. If I knew there were so many people into Wisconsin cheese, I'd have had my father-in-law ship me some fresh stuff for the Fling right from the factory. Next time. You got 2 weeks....... You know, that's what my wife said. With the semester coming to a close, time just seems compressed to me. I'll give pa-in-law a call tonight and send him on a mission.
  24. Don't blame me, I just remarked I might need back-up. If I knew there were so many people into Wisconsin cheese, I'd have had my father-in-law ship me some fresh stuff for the Fling right from the factory. Next time.
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