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  1. If I haven't went up with my friend who claims he really wants to go but won't commit to a date by then, I'll join you as well.
  2. What's the headcount on this attempt? Mulling it over.
  3. I'm only getting a one day leave slip, and I anticipate getting lost in the woods for at least two days and an ankle injury taking another two days when I try French Peak.
  4. I think you should go check on your Mt. Ellinor cache so I know it's there when I look for it next weekend.
  5. Thanks for posting that. It'll come in handy when I attempt Muir in the next few weeks. I used your route on Mt. St. Helens, and it really saved me when I got a little confused on one of the boulder field. I just had the GPS guide me back to the route.
  6. I know which one I'd rather have been doing.
  7. Well, once was in a pretty heavy snow, so I have an excuse for that one. Next time I go up, it's going to be just me and Chewie, and we'll take that mountain apart if we have to.
  8. Well, I missed Spring Fling because of finals, so I'm going to have to make an effort to get to this one, especially since Little Moose will probably be old enough to partake in some of the kids events. D'oh. That IS the weekend that I tentatively scheduled my Mt. Adams climb. (Now to flip back to Outlook calender to look for a better Adams weekend.)
  9. I'm interested. I've found 2, hid 1. Oh, and DNF Mt. Ellinor. Twice.
  10. Great cache! What? I only have 1 of the 33 done?! Well, I'm planning a hike to Camp Muir in the next few weeks, so I'll have two then.
  11. I recently got the pictures developed from the camera in one of my caches. I just uploaded the pictures and started assigning names, but I thought we could make it a community project. (OK, I need help, I have a tough time at relating 2-D pictures to 3-D faces.) Go here to see if you can identify your fellow cacher.
  12. So, did you do Mulkey? Or something else? EDIT: Nevermind, see your log at Mulkey now. Still, cfm (below) is right.
  13. Well, I decided to do the Upper Big Creek Trail, get the cache there after swinging a mile up the 812 to get the Half Way tp Ellinor TC. Six miles total. Snow shoes needed for the middle two and a half or so right now. I had a good time despite being alone. I'll have to try to make a HOTM one of these days.
  14. Looks good. I plan on attending.
  15. I'm kind of balking at the 3 hour drive to Colonel Bob trailhead. Six hours in the car is six hours I'm not studying or sleeping, two things which I really need to do on weekends. Three Lakes still looks interesting, but I'm thinking about something closer to home, like putting a Geocache on South Mountain, where there also happens to be an unfound Terracache. Or even just staying in Kitsap and cleaning up Green Mountain.
  16. Well, I got through my Tuesday meetings with my Saturday intact, so it's looking good so far. Doesn't look like weather is better at one place or the other.
  17. I'll have to see how the week pans out with work and school, but I was thinking I really should try to hit a trail on Saturday, if only to get the dog some exercise. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
  18. That's hilarious. How dare you be on PUBLIC property. I would have asked him what the hell he was doing on public property. Congratulations on handling that situation well.
  19. I'd love to do this, and might even get that .45 I've been eying up, but I'll be out of town that particular weekend. I'll keep an eye on this thread, though.
  20. Congratulations on the milestone, Dick. It sure is great that a simple geocache can bring up such a great memory. Thanks for sharing. (But the story would be slightly better if you had been from Wisconsin. Oh well, no one's perfect.)
  21. Contact the owner and make him aware of the situation. He or she should be the one that deals with it.
  22. I'm surprised she said anything for fear she might provoke a violent confrontation in the wrong person. As for doing the right thing if you didn't see any signs, you didn't see any signs. As far as I'm concerend this whole state has a problem with proper signage.
  23. I was having the same problems. I just tried again and it worked fine. Maybe the glitch was fixed.
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