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  1. Any thoughts on doing a cache that's underwater. Containers, cache pages. Thanks Karl
  2. I'm a stand alone cacher from my Dad, as I do a lot of caching alone with my friend r.corcoran. We're both 15.
  3. Team Marziapn from North Wales Uk have a great night cache that we did at an event in a large group. To find the cache you have to follow the tacks on each is a number for the coordinates. Once gathered you can find the cache. To make it even more fun there are many forks in the path. To make it even funner do a really crazy cache hide, like his first cache which is a cake box suspended about 15 Feet above your head, then you hunt down the fishing wire to release the cache. I can think of plenty of ideas for caching hanging in trees including ones where four wires must be released to get to the cache, and decoys that simply send down a micro with a message saying wrong wire.
  4. In the UK along the by passes, there are marker posts to tell the emergency services where you are in the event they are needed. Each one has a lid in the top that can be maid lose with your fingernail, removed, plastic bag inserted, then cache dropped in and lid replaced.
  5. Thanks for that the F8 trick is the easiest way to do it.
  6. Using GSAK, how can I get it to export multiple waypoints to one mapsource file. Is there I way I can just get it to export the caches I tick??
  7. Depends on the explosive really, although parts of C4 explosive look very similar to 35mm film canisters.
  8. Depends whether I'm hiding or finding. My hide and maintenance bag has the following inside: 2 - Regular sized caches. 3 - Small sized caches. 10 - Micro caches [More for maintenance and stages of multis, than hiding] 10 - Cache labels. 39 - Stamps for Letterbox Hybrids. 1 - Roll of Duct tape. 1 - Roll of fishing wire. 1 - Box of hooks. 1 - Bag of magnets. 5 - camo bags. A lot of pencils.
  9. Regular Traditional Mystery In a group Finding Webcam Letterbox Garmin Etrex Vista HCX Social(event) FTF'er Podcast listener Layed back? Urban
  10. I've just set up my blog which can be found at here I'll be posting up my finds, some articles on cache placement, and more.
  11. So am I right in saying that I can view cache pages away from a WI-FI hot spot. How do you do this, just save the cache pages?
  12. Well I've just bought a pack of 40 assorted stamps of a well known auction site. So be on the look out for some new LH caches near Wrexham.
  13. I placed a new cache today, on the way to the cache site we found a motorbike that's been dumped.
  14. I've just been looking round my local area and I'm surprised that there's hardly any Letter box caches near me. Why is it people don't seem to place them.
  15. Does the Garmin Etrex H support .LOC files. I can't seem to find any information on it.
  16. After reading this thread, I've been out and placed a .50 cal ammo can cache. There's plenty of room for bugs and coins, there's eleven in there already. (GC1FJC5) Just on the outskirts of Wrexham North Wales.
  17. Well some of you may have visited my three caches placed along the Wrexham Bidston line. I am now faced with a little problem. I wan't to add caches to Neston, Heswall and Bidston stations. Neston will be a large container requiring finding the other two to get the coordinates. Now of you did the other caches would you rather see a micro or a small box. Help.
  18. There is a travel bug hotel near where I live. The latest bug to be put in there has been there for 107 days nearly 4 months the oldest one will have been in there for 5 months as of tommorow. Should I go and move the oldest ones on, or just leave them.
  19. ???????? He hasn't even told us which cache it is.
  20. How do you do a search for archived caches, i'll see if I can pick any up round me and recylce anything salvagable.
  21. Bye the weekend are you trying to sully my reputation One now live and the other just needs a final touch to be published Ignore the 72 hours allowed by the guidelines, if your cache has not been actioned by one of the UK Reviewers after 24 hours, that's when you start moaning that we're taking to long Sorry oh grateful one. *bows* ones been found already, and it's my fault you couldn't do the multi as i forget to post the final coordinates. Have done now though.
  22. It will be tomorrow. It's for a final in a series around Gersylt, Cefynybydd and caergwerle. Two micros and then the final. If your ever in the Wrexham area maybe you could try it Good, Good.... it'll go on my list of caches to do at the weekend then!! Well the caches are placed, and hopefully they will be reviewed by the weekend. By the way Hazels when is TB or not Tb going to be back again? Great cache that is. If there are still tbs in my multi when you find it put them in Tb or not TB as payment for when I took one and left non
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