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  1. The provision of OpenStreetMap for use in the proximity display might be great in some areas, but significant detail is missing from the areas we frequent. The opportunity to switch between OpenStreetMap and another reputable mapping system would be greatly appreciated please.
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    Thanks for that link - we hadn't been aware of it. Only thing is it list ALL souvenirs ever produced with a big green tick for those an account has found. Do like the classification arrangement though.
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    Our Geocaching account now has 149 souvenir badges - but they are all over the place as far as arrangement/organisation goes - as we say in Australia, a bit like a dogs breakfast. They are actually in alphabetical order, but souvenirs associated with activities are interspersed with those associated with a geographical location we have visited. Even those that are associated with a particular form of activity - CITO, International Geocaching Day, Years of Geocaching, etc. are scattered throughout the souvenirs. For example we have two souvenirs for the '3 Million Active Geocaches' promotion. One is found between ' 2015 Geocaching Block Party ' and ' 31 Days of Geocaching 01 of 31 ' - ('3 million active geocaches: Thank you!') whilst the other (' Celebrating 3 million active geocaches ') is located between 'Canada' and 'Česká Republika' As the number of souvenirs increase there is a growing need to be able to marshal like with like please. For example, we would like to list/display all our Mega Event souvenirs in the one spot, likewise those obtained for annual events and likewise countries/states we have visited. Could some consideration be given to providing a facility to be able to arrange awarded souvenirs in user defined/selected order please.
  4. A few years ago we found a cache in Cambodia that was 25km from the listed co-ords! We were on a tour and thought we would be going near this particular cache. As we headed down the road and were nearing the cache the bus we were traveling in turned off and headed in the opposite direction, so we dismissed the possibility of that particular find. On arrival at our destination (ruins of former summer palace in the highlands) and alighting from the bus, we noticed three very unusual chimney structures in the distance. They were the same as in a picture on the cache page we had recently dismissed. We checked with our tour guide as to whether there were any others of this design and we were told they were unique. Cache page was again accessed and details checked - including hint. After a short search and a bit of geo-nouse, the cache was found!! Wow . . . . . .First to Find (FTF) in what for us was a foreign country and 25km from listed co-ords, so we were very chuffed. CO had indicated on the cache page that they "weren't sure the co-ords were accurate" - what an understatement! CO was advised of the correct co-ords.
  5. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether multiple articles with the one trackable number are legitimate please? See :- Polyvinyl Chloride to the 5th Power (TB2A34K) GeoHolden Mobile Travel Bug (TB4ZNAZ)
  6. Given that Groundspeak have announced that they are going to "retire" Challenges, does that mean they are going to facilitate the return Virtual (and perhaps Locationless)caches?
  7. We had the same problem - no "United States" in the PQ list of countries. This post provides an answer but as this would seem to be an exception (are there any other countries left off the pull down list?) then perhaps a note on the PQ page adjacent to the country selection menu might be helpful.
  8. Hi Guys, Without wanting to detract from this Groundspeak site, the majority of blog discussion (99%) regarding Geocaching in Australia, Victoria and Melbourne (as well as other States, cities and townes in Australia) goes on on the following site: http://geocaching.com.au/ If you go to that site you will get all your queries and questions answered very quickly.
  9. You can make a PQ of the newest in your area and create a shortcut to view that list anytime you want to. Thanks for that - I'm new to this and to some extent IT illiterate!! PQ = ????
  10. Is there any chance of having the distance and direction, as displayed in normal search results screens, included on the screen that comes up when you select "List Newest in ............" off the "My Account" screen? Thanks in anticipation - Pete
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