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  1. Bump to make operators happy, but this post mentions other coins that I no longer have. But it mentions roulette geocoin, so that makes it the same.... Right. Well I have a few roulette geocoins. Email me if you want some. Prices are somewhere in this post. Or loom for the post that was locked.
  2. I few OTT roulette geocoins to sell. $9 plus $1.50 for shipping in USA. $2.50 for anywhere else. Just PM me if interested. Thank you.
  3. Trade: 2010 Skullduggery Geocoins Looking: Trying to find an Astro Geocoin Compass Rose 2007 Cache is King Cache is Queen Cache is Ace Compass Rose 2008
  4. If they wanted it, you would be respecting their wishes. I don't think you would be making light of a tragic event. I lost my mom earlier this year. Although my mom would have loved to travel the world, I would never think of taking part of her body and dropping it in a cache. But I will probably dedicate a coin to her and let it travel in her memory. Yes, it is making light of a tragedy. "Gee, so and so is dead. Wouldn't it be fun to make their ashes into a travelbug?" Not my first thoughts when I lose someone I love. Sorry for your loss. My wife lost her mother last month.... At no point did I say "Wouldn't it be fun". The idea was that for people that love to Geocache.....People that love to Geocache.... one more time. The idea was that for people that love to Geocache... could continue doing just that even after their time has passed. Don't get all personal with it. lol It is just an idea up for discussion. So you are saying you want two coins? Somebody get on making these.
  5. If they wanted it, you would be respecting their wishes. I don't think you would be making light of a tragic event.
  6. No Kathy's Coin icon? okay, I was bored tonight. I also counted 4 my pinz icons...I know, it's sad. Ok... I just spent the last five minutes looking through this. And I CAN'T find Waldo! lol
  7. Would you do that to your relatives? I don't know.... If I had a relative that showed me geocaching and we spent hours bonding and talking about life while we walked aimlessly in the woods for hours, I am pretty sure I would at least think about it. I'm pretty sure a lot of us have moments just like that. At this point, I'm siding with the idea of not putting human remains in a coin, but instead just having a coin that was designed with a symbol on it. You could just get a coin and name it after that person and send it on its way. It would be like lighting a candle for someone. Would anyone like to submit an idea for that geocoin?
  8. I like this one... What if there is water damage in the cache? You could end up spreading Uncle Frank all over. This would definitely go on the Cons List.
  9. I agree with the fact that the person would have to make it known that is what they wanted. I would hope that people wouldn't just start sticking random people in there. As far as the game part goes, some people don't see geocaching as a game. To them it is a sport, or even a way of life.... Why stop there? We send out travel bugs and geocoins with missions to go places we have or haven't been. See things we may never have seen or never will get to in this life. You say disrespect.... I say honor! Honor them in a way that they can be remembered for what they loved, and devoted time to. Honor them in a way that will render them immortal. Just thought I'd argue that the other way.
  10. Email Sent. Let me know if you need anything.
  11. Oh... Don't worry about disrespect, it is a Forum. I don't plan on making the coin. lol I just want to get a general opinion of the idea. On a good note, the coins would have a better chance of never getting muggled do to the fact someone probably wouldn't keep it knowing someone was in it.
  12. But just think about it.... Interesting....
  13. I got one for you. Recently we had a death in the family, and we were faced with a decision concerning cremation. It turns out that now you can have portions of your ashes put inside a charm or key chain. Has anybody ever considered making a coin with a compartment for such purpose. Imagine if you will a chance to travel in the the afterlife, seeing the world one cache at a time. We would have to work out whether or not it would be allowed, and then something would have to be done about selling the coins as a pair. The coins wouldn't have names on them, just a design and a tracking number. You could use the info on the coin to put pictures and sayings. It sounds a little crazy. But if you got the coin and all you had to do was solder it shut or work out a twist in cap. I favor the soldering, just to avoid any spills. What do you think. Our group has mixed thoughts.
  14. Ok, are these being sold? How much, and can I order one?
  15. Sorry... You could PM me or just contact us at geo_skull_coins@yahoo.com
  16. Well, I have 2 Roulettes and and 1 of each color of the Sprocket Geocoins left. I have a goal to get clear out the 2010 Skullduggery Geocoins before 2010 even begins. I have a handful left, and they can be yours for a $8.50 a coin. This is less than what it costs to make them, but I am willing to sell them to accomplish my goal of getting them out into the world. Recap 2010 Skullduggery Geocoin LE - $8.50 Roulette Geocoin - $8.00 Sprocket Geocoin - $5.00 Shipping for outside US is $3.50 Shipping for inside the US is $2.00 Additional coins to an order will be an extra $0.50
  17. I hand a hand full of coins that I just want to clear out. Roulette Geocoins $8.00 2010 Skullduggery LE $10.00 Shipping for outside US is $3.50 Shipping for inside the US is $2.00 Additional coins to an order will be an extra $0.50 Just let me know if you are interested. I can sent invoices through paypal.
  18. I'm glad you you liked the coin. And for anyone else, I only have 10 left, so I thinks that says enough. lol Thanks for the support and I hope that everyone who got one enjoys them in their collection.
  19. Does anyone have a Spacegate Geocoin they are willing to trade.
  20. Sales pitch aside I was happy with my original version for $10. What's that thick stuff oozing out the coin box?? I'm not sure I see what you see.
  21. The coin is 1.75 diameter. It also has a hard glitter enamel. Just like any geocoin out there that is appealing, the price only goes up as the years go by. Imagine being the person 3 years from now trying to start a collection and paying double the price for a coin that is now rare because it 1 out of 100, not 300 or 400. I think a good portion of us out that have done just that to own a coin we admired at some point or another. The price maybe a little steep, but I am sure that those who have already claimed their 2010 Skullduggery Geocoin are quite happy with their purchase. It is a wonderful coin for any collection. All I can say is get them while they last.
  22. Thank you everyone for your interest in the geocoins.
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