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  1. Just my 2p but if we made it Southern Scotland for example around Peebles in the East / Dumfries in the West would this not make it more accessible to the sassenachs who wish to attend?
  2. Well if you were a rather unscrupulous person of low morals who doesn't mind doing Macromedia out of some well earned wonga I guess you would visit one of the multitude of crack sites out there wouldn't ya ?
  3. quote:If you can get your doctor to approve this type of treatment, and don't mind injections then I would say go for it!! These can be very effective for some people but as far as I know are not available on NHS they are a bit like holiday vaccinations in that you require to pay for them yourself. Still well worth it though if it removes the symptoms. For my part I boost the coffers of Clarityn Corp. throughout the summer months. Non drowsy and work okay for me.
  4. quote:Yeah, teachers are never wrong Doesn't mean you can't be civil in your responses quote:I've found all of jeremyp's replies helpful and constructive. Opinions will always vary....... QUOTE] So, like, why are you bothering to contribute to it at all? Okay point taken will now leave.......
  5. quote: BTW I have done some real PHP scripting Good for you !! must make you the expert on these forums then for all technical matters As stated above the Apache httpd.conf file is where you set up the php requirements. In almost all cases php support is set so that php is no longer required in the tags. This makes it easier for programmers to use PHP if they are familiar with ASP. I'll take your point on the semi-colon as I can't confirm that but I will state in all cases where I have used the above it works fine . ( I should add I am not talking about a server in my kitchen but many servers on many ISP's). quote:Java != Javascript True but my point was that 99% of the people who read this forum won't care. quote: Also I disagree with your foolhardy assertion that there are *no* issues with javascript on anybody's implementation. There may not be any *known* issues with Javascript on browser x. Who are you to comment on someones foolhardiness ? are you suddenly an expert on all computer languages ? This individual teaches the subject I think that entitles his comments to be treated with respect. You can't manipulate users hard drives with Javascript !! full stop. If the popups are annoying you install one of the multitude of kill pop up utilities out there and that will sort it. Take a reality check JP people are only trying to help so get off of the soap box and word your replies constructively and not condescendingly. P.S. Wasn't shouting I just wanted to highlight the text a bit
  6. quote: I can't tell you whether jeremyp was reading from a textbook, but his method follows the php standard. I don't think your method does, so it might work, but there again it might not, depending on how your web space host provider thingy (what's the correct term for that? I can never remember) interprets it. I was going to try and do the decent thing and let this lie but I can't (sorry) the code I showed above is perfectly valid and is what both Wrox Press and SAMS include in their PHP textbooks. Maybe this is because I use PHP4 and you required the other stuff for previous versions I can't comment cause I don't use them. On the subject of the best software if you can get hold of it get a copy of Dreamweaver MX Studio it's all you will ever need and is way better than Hotdog,Notepad! (I can't believe anybody would seriously suggest this) or any others listed above. No contest it's Dreamweaver every time.
  7. Is there anyone else out there who finds the dancing MJ on Pids sig line annoying ? please take him away ........ Pleeeeaaaassssseeee
  8. quote: Could someone please post a summary of where things stand today The answer is 42
  9. quote: You mean <?php phpinfo(); ?> Actually No I meant exactly what I said........Cause it works..........HAVE YOU ACTUALLY TRIED IT OR READING A PAGE FROM A TEXTBOK OF YOURS ? <pedantic mode> quote: Slight rant: The code stuff you see embedded in web page source is not Java.It's a language called javascript </pedantic> Yeh course it was originally called ECMA script but who cares!!!
  10. Hope the weather improves for your visit Jstead At present I am standing in the rain and above the sky is the unique shade of grey only seen in Scotland but if I look to my left about three miles away I can see sunshine.
  11. quote: your hosting service has to support php for it to work. I don't know whether BT does A simple way to test php - support copy the following into notepad and save it as test.php <? phpinfo() ?> Then got the http://www.yourdomain.whatever/test.php If it does have support you will see all of your server variables displayed for your enjoyment. .
  12. I don't think we need worry about anything being imposed on anyone from anywhere. After the last couple of days it's unlikely anyone would even bring up the subject of, or agree to become involved in a proposed association. If however a single region did decide to set up an association locally ......and it was shown to be effective ..... it could be used as a model for others to follow. Wherever they are.
  13. Slogan for Hedgies Good Ole Original Pee Beer. . . . Refreshes the parts you cannae see Alas, Alak it tastes like Pee ! It taks three cans to get ye Foo But sends ye scuddin tae the loo Where you think yer arse will blow asunder Why did I dae it you will wonder And then the answer it is found It's the cheapest beer and it was your round... I'm sorry ...where would we be without this thread Eh! Anyone else got one....?
  14. I usually have a look at this page to see the global coverage of caches.
  15. I was not slagging off G:UK and apologise to all if this was read into my post.
  16. Suspicions as to the real Agenda of G:UK have probably been heightened after the Trigpointing scenario a short time ago where a perfecly good site was replaced and incorporated into G:UK. I guess Mark and Teasel should self-moderate their posts (on both forums)in the future to prevent threads like this. My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.
  17. How many *mad howling kilt wearing loonies* are planning some looting and pillaging in the far South anyway ? If I'm going it will be down and back up same day as Rolf Harris said there's room on my horse for at least another 2 or 3 Could manage more but the pet haggis will take up the boot space Contact via the profile if interested ........
  18. quote:and fangmonster shalt be his name WHY ?? I am adding a frog just for the hel of it....
  19. By Lassitude quote: An rud a nithear gu math, chithear a bhuil. Brisidh an teanga bhog an cneath. Tapadh leibh Okay I give up you will have to tell me what it means quote: BY the way.. Have you noticed that with out moderators how threads tend to start on quite a serious note and go from that to total rubbish.. One man's rubbish is another mans treasure... this thread has been light hearted throughout which makes a pleasant change these days.
  20. Anyone know what this frog is for!! No prizes for best suggestion.....
  21. No need to apologise just thought I had caused offence by sidetracking the thread.
  22. Erh what does this response have to do with the quote which you have included in your post? I don't remember knocking the idea in fact I think if you look at my postings they actually supported the idea ???
  23. quote: Nice one Mudplugger - that's 2 in one day! Keep it up - might lead to some chilling out and the end of Groundhog day. Aha you have seen through my cunning plan.......
  24. Paul, It appears you did not fully understand my point I said ... quote: In order for the association to gain universal acceptance it will have to encompass these *other* websites of which you speak and actively attract on to the committee people from them in order for it to be able to represent caching in the UK. Of course it doesn't *have* to but if it doesn't it cannot purport to represent all cachers in the UK only a proportion of them. Don't need to visit their website I'm sure your right.
  25. Should think so too It isn't though I actually think I made a mistake and it's Nils Lofgren ....anyway I'm sorry this is off topic .
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