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  1. Thanks for that (I don't mean to hijack the post)
  2. I am no expert but I saw else where on these forums this: "To reset the Venture Cx, I pressed "page" "power" and "enter" at the same time." The reset procedure was given by the Garmin helpline. Be careful, as far as I know it will also wipe any of your saved data too, so be ware. One question from a beginner, how do I find out what version firmware I have on my Venture Cx?
  3. Thanks for the reply. When you say you need to use the Spanner utility to convert the Garmin feed to NMEA. How do I get the Garmin feed going? I've tried connecting to the computer via USB and the only option available to me is to use the GPSr as a mass storage device. There is no option to change the feed from mass storage to a "Garmin feed". I'd be pleased if I could get a Garmin feed!
  4. I have read through the manual on the Venture Cx (the manual seems to have a few gaps in it) and I cant see if the unit can provide a live feed of NMEA data (or Garmin text or binary) through the USB to a PC? Does anybody know if its possible? Thank you.
  5. Ah, thats great. For some reason I thought the basemap acted like a "boundary" that limited any purchased maps "overlayed" on to it. But from what you say here, its more of an extra that doesn't limit the receiver at all. It can be sidestepped completely if needed. What does strumble metroguide mean? Sorry, its probably blindingly obvious. I am a total newbie to GPS.
  6. So would it be a mistake to buy a Legend Cx or Venture Cx with a US basemap even though I will mainly use it in Europe?
  7. Does any one know if it is possible to change basemaps on the Ledgend Cx and Venture Cx? Thanks
  8. Does anyone know if there is a website for Garmin like http://rhamphorinkx.newmail.ru/ is for magellan? Thank you.
  9. Wow, thank you guys very much. The web sites mentioned are very helpful. I particularly like gpsreview.net forums and gpsinformation.net (and of course this forum). Having read some more on this forum I have kind of gone off the Magellan 210, or more to the point Magellan. People say their customer service just doesn't cut the mustard. The majority of people, from what I can make out seem to be using Garmins. Someone somewhere likened the two company’s products to PC versus Apple. When put like that I thought there is probably more support (bigger user community) for the Garmin (PC!!) than the Magellan (Apple!). And I was kind of hoping to reap the benefits of a large community of users i.e. open source maps (if they exist) and firmware tweaks etc. I am a bit frustrated at the minute. When I started off, I was going to buy a very simple etrex, then after some research I decided on the explorist 210, and now after more research I am back to square one! Bit of a bummer! Any way, thanks for all your help, I do appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. I am a GPS newbie. I would like to buy a hand held outdoor GPS unit (hiking/geochaching type). I have been trying to get independent advice but its difficult to sift through all the rubbish thats out there on the net (especially without broadband). Does anyone know of a trustworthy, independent and neutral source for reviews and comparisons for GPS units? While I am here, what are people's opinions of the Magellan 210? (thats the kind of level i was looking at) Does anybody know if in the U.S. it is possible to buy the Magellan 210 with the European base map on it instead, of the US base map? (for various reasons I am not buying over the net) Thanks for any input. I do appreciate it.
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