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  1. Ok here goes... Along with geocaching, I have a 2nd hobby: I am a polymer clay artist (Fimo is a polymer clay, though not my brand of choice). There are 2 clay techniques that we have 'stolen'. One is a Japanese metalworking technique, the name translates as 'wood eye metal', and the other is an Italian glassmaking technique. The name of this one translates as 'thousands of flowers'. What are the correct names for these techniques? Anyone who watches Antiques Roadshow regularly will probably get the Italian one pretty quickly...
  2. Wasn't sure if anyone would get that without googling, but well done. Correct answer. Just bought a Grand Illusion myself. Great ball. a. I have a Columbia u300 (not pretty, but it's a nice ball) and a Storm. Haven't been bowling for ages though, as I got tennis elbow thanks to my old job! They're starting up a ladies league on Weds nights at the new job so I'm thinking I might try again and see how the elbow holds up. Definitely won't be using the u300 for a while as it's a 15lb ball, fingertip drilled. I hate that a lot of the alleys here in the UK have no clue about lane maintenance. I throw a mean hook and on a dry lane that means instant gutters (I'm American but have been living in Scotland for 7 years). Okay, so now I have to think of a question... hmmmm....
  3. Hi Robin, thanks for the offer, was hoping for someone a bit closer to home so we could pick up and drop off around the date of the away day. But I'll let you know if I get in a bind and can't find anything else! Ananda (Valerie)
  4. Ok, so the boss's boss asked me to help her organise our Department's next 'away day'. Since they all know about this 'geocaching thing' that I do, she's asked me to place a cache for them to find. Problem is, I want to split them up into two teams and make it a bit of a competition thing, but we only have one GPS unit. I'd like them to have the same unit, so I'm wondering if someone would let me borrow a yellow eTrex for a day? The 'away day' is the 22nd of October, and we work at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow. Here's hoping someone can help so I don't have to purchase another GPS! TIA, Ananda
  5. Oh... hello! Ok, we're not really new we just don't post very often. Actually, we don't come to the forum very often. And no, we didn't start caching because of the Garmin promotion, we started in April of 2007. We started out letterboxing a couple years before but there just weren't enough of them in Scotland to keep us interested. Geocaches on the other hand... It took us a while to decide to buy a GPS but we were so glad when we finally did it and found our first caches (which are just a couple miles away from the house). Thanks for the welcome anyway! Chananda P.S. for those wondering about our kinda strange name - it's a combination of our internet nicks - my husband is Chandy and I am Ananda.
  6. As of 12pm today, Millets in Paisley finally have some coins!! They only have about eight, and they say they are all Humber Bridge , err, Clifton Suspension Bridge coins, but go get em!!
  7. For those in Scotland: Blacks in Glasgow on Sauchiehall street had coins today. The one at the Fort does not. Millets in Paisley definitely does not. Millets and Blacks in Ayr both said they had them when I phoned. The guy at Millets asked which one I was looking for and said they had all 5. When you go to the shops, if one member of staff tells you they don't have them, ask to speak to a manager because some of the staff may not have been working when the coins arrived and don't know about them. When we went to Blacks in Ayr to pick one up, the woman at the till told us they didn't have them but the manager was standing nearby and heard us and told her 'yes we do'. He was keeping them in his office and would only give us one, but he asked us which one we would like.
  8. - I understand from my various discussions with geocachers that it is against the rules to set a cache in an area which you would need to pay for to gain entry to. One of our objectives for this is to not only open up the River Wey to a new audience but also to help to link Dapdune Wharf to the rest of the Wey and unify the property. With this in mind I was hoping to have the final cache on the wharf but as you have to pay for entry to the wharf (unless you are an NT member) it seems that this idea is out - has anyone got a creative solution to this problem? Hi Caroline, there is no rule against setting up a cache in an area where you have to pay to gain entry. In fact, one of the icons available when you are setting up a cache is an icon that tells the cacher they have to pay to gain entry. When setting up the description for this cache, it is helpful to note in the description that you have to pay and exactly how much. People do tend to steer clear of this type of cache however if you're going to be visiting the place anyway, you'd take the opportunity to do the cache there as well! HTH, Valerie
  9. I have an LG Viewty and I've been paperless caching ever since I got it. Don't need any special software, it's already made to read PDF's. I just save the PDF onto my PC and upload it to my phone via a bluetooth dongle. It's great to be able to pull up cache details when out on the trail and having problems finding that elusive box. And we don't have to tote around a bag of paper anymore, love it!
  10. Hi, I recently released my first two TBs. They have just been picked up and the cachers send me notes to say that when they logged them, the wrong ones came up. Somehow I must have attached the wrong tags as compared to how I registered them on the site. Is there any way to change their tracking numbers on the site or am I just going to have to rename and change the descriptions on both TBs? Thanks, Chananda
  11. <snips double post/> Oops, how do you delete on this thing?!?
  12. Someone (NinjaPete) saw one of my photos and said I should post it here, so here it is! It was taken at Highland Cache, Glencoe Scotland with a really crap camera from Tesco so the sky is a bit overexposed - hope to get some nicer pics with my new Digital SLR I got for Christmas Ananda (the better part of Chananda LOL)
  13. Chananda

    date format

    I'm a programmer myself and I know just how easy it is to use the locale features of the programming language that the site is built in - i.e., easy! It really should be changed to be locale-specific or just set by the user's profile, and I can't see the whole process taking longer that an hour to do. Having US-style dates force fed to me is an annoyance..especially when it makes me think a six month old cache is a new one! I.e., 01/06/07 - oh goody, a new cache says I..wait..there's logs for january..grrrrr!!!
  14. I love to leave things I've made. My 'other' hobby is Polymer Clay so I make a lot of Butterfly necklaces and leave them in most of the caches we find/hide. I also make pens but they are a lot more work for me so I have only left them as FTF prizes in the 4 caches we've hidden so far. As far as fave things to find? Don't really have any yet, we've only done 31 caches so far so right now we just have a collection of useless trinkets ~Ananda
  15. Chananda


    Hi, It would be great to see non-US formatted dates everywhere. Those of us outside the US get kinda confused and have to re-think every time. The number of times I've seen a cache placed on something like 1/7/2007 and thought 'oh, look, a new one' then found logs for January is just silly. If you are recording the locale, which I think you are?, then please use it and give me DD/MM/YYYY for dates. Thanks, Chananda
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