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  1. While we're on the subject of limited cache numbers... Are certain strings weeded out? This one is tame:gcHECK. Perhaps some others would be rather amusing.
  2. We already have a cache icon for that. It's a giant question mark.
  3. Round coords off to the nearest whole minute. There, privacy problem solved... unless of course a cacher actually lives at N DD MM.000 W DD MM.000.
  4. And I hope that doesn't change. It would be a bit of an atrocity for those who haven't ponied up to be able to filter out member only caches! As another thought... Jeremy, have you considered implementing nag screens? Maybe every 10 searches or so, a non-subscriber would get redirected to a "Sign Up Now!" page. heheh!
  5. Some very good advice. But let's be frank here, do you really need to have the phrase "let's be frank here" repeated so many times? Besides... I thought you were Dave, not Frank.
  6. Something I've run into in from time to time are older caches that were placed prior to separate categories for mystery caches. In cases like these, I've pointed out the need for updating the page, and so far, the cache placers have obliged. While on vacation, I did notice that several caches "traditional" caches along the Oregon Coast had "Letterbox" style directions. Junk like: "from the starting coordinates, walk 30 paces due east to an old tree, then go 50 feet southeast and look behind the old stump." After noticing this on three caches by the same placer, I just ignored the rest of the caches by that individual. (Actually, I rather enjoy those types of caches, but not when pressed for time on vacation.)
  7. I wish people wouldn't do this. Eradicating the old cache description makes it difficult to figure out what the old cache was. Please understand that I'm just reporting on what happened. I don't particularly advocate the way the above example was handled. But, regarding waypoint "recycling" I do have a semi-serious question: Presently the numbering system consists of up to 4 digit numbers in base 36. Unless I've overlooked something, this allows for a possibility of up to 1,679,616 waypoints. So what happens when waypoint numbers have been assigned up through GCZZZZ?
  8. There are instances, such as this one: Tour of Stone Mountain, which started out as a standard traditional. The cache dissapeared one day. So, rather than just replacing that one or archiving it and moving on, the waypoint and cache page were recycled. The cache now has a new name, new type, and new starting location. The only thing similar to the original cache is the waypoint, cache page and general vicinity.
  9. Either I missed it, or no one has yet mentioned the Man in Black! I've Been Everywhere , by Johnny Cash (Cache) Who knew that Johnny was a GeoCacher? Enjoy.
  10. Hey "Buddy" (Flamewing) , It's not all that hard to keep tabs on other cachers as it is. For example, I can easily see what you've been up to by using the caches "found by (username)" option. While we wait patiently for new features to come down the pipe, why not bookmark a few links and check them every day before you log into the forums? That way you can keep tabs to make sure your local rivals haven't out cached you. Okay, so this doesn't send you an email every time they post a log, and you can't see where they only left notes or posted a DNF. How much does that really matter?
  11. You can do this with your own caches by using the Free Cache Rating tool from keenpeople.com.
  12. We use both. I (Boo) have a backpack carrier with an attachable bag that works pretty well. Kitty has several slings similar to maya wraps, for different times of year. I've never tried the sling, and would probably find it a bit awkward. Kitty on the other hand doesn't care for the backpack carrier. This may be one of those male/female comfort things. At any rate, our two kids are 3 years and 21 months. We started caching about a year and a half ago. Have not had any real problems, although the logistics of getting ready to go can sometimes be daunting.
  13. While I would not brand all Letterboxers this way, there are some that deffinately have a real chip on their shoulder. I'm sure they could say the same about us cachers... However, one of the problems that GGA has encountered is that since Letterboxing flys under the radar, Letterboxes have shown up in places that have restrictions on GeoCaches. Here's a link to one of the threads on the GGA board: Letterboxing in State Parks?!?
  14. Will these be similar to the Selector Cache Icons?
  15. So are sizes for WebCam, Locationless, Event, and CITO "other" or "virtual"?
  16. I placed a cache in a park that already contained a letterbox. I thought that some cachers might want to try to find both. So I posted a link to the letterbox's page. FWIW, no cacher has yet mentioned the letterbox in any of my cache's logs.
  17. The way I see it there are two different fields. One field describes the cache container. The other describes the hunt. Therefore, you'd have the container list: Micro, Small, Regular, Large, Virtual, Webcam And then the means of hunting it down: Traditional, Offset (I guess), Multi, Puzzle/Mystery I'm not sure if a Letterbox Hybrid is defined by "a container with a stamp" or by "non-gps related clues", so it's a toss up. Locationless is also somewhat ambiguous. Take you're pick with these.
  18. All this talk reminds me of a story I once read where Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Rabbit set out to find "Small". I didn't realize at the time that they were GeoCaching! Chapter 3 ...in which a search is organdized...
  19. I've logged short messages before. I've logged long, winding diatribes before as well. While, general mood, amount of free time, amount of caffeine, etc. play a factor, I suppose it comes down to whether or not the cache inspired much to say about it.
  20. Mine are batting .667. One AWOL TB was picked up by a noob about 6 months ago. He hadn't done much caching before, and has evidently not done any since. Emailing him resulted in no response. I've got others that are doing okay. However, one of them has been in the hands of the same cacher for quite some time now. They've been traveling around and keep logging the TB into some of the caches they visit, and then grabbing it right back out. Oh well, at least it's active.
  21. That's what one is left with after colon cancer surgery. (With apologies to any colon cancer survivors out there, of course.)
  22. There's a virtual cache at a nature park near me, which is described as nothing more than a "cone shaped hole". I've thought about putting a garden gnome, or some other woodland statuary at it.
  23. Our kids are 3 years (barely) and 20 months. Our first cache find was 17 months ago, and both we had both kids with us. In fact, unless I (Boo) go and find one by myself, which is only about 15% of the time, the kids are there with us. I use a backpack carrier quite a bit, and Kitty has a variety of slings that she uses depending on the time of year. Works out pretty well as terrain limitations have not yet been a factor. (Haven't looked into any hydro or climbing caches yet, however.) Every now and then we find ourselves doing something incredibly ludicrous, however. For example, we once tried to push a double stroller along a mountain bike trail. The kids like going through the SWAG and particularly gravitate to those McToys everyone else complains about. Yes, we do end up leaving McToys sometimes, but I try to keep such trades at a 3 for 1 ratio. Figure if I can't improve the quality, at least I'll add quantity. Needless to say, the kids have no interest in micros or virtuals, so we've avoided those. The exception generally being drive-bys, that I just go and log while the rest of the family waits in the car.
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