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  1. When you have it set up like that there will be a button to press once you do find teh cache and it will then log the date and time you did so. This allows you to go back after several days or even weeks and log your finds online without having to have to remember when you found them.
  2. Does anyone know how thick the invisible shield actuall is?
  3. That button works awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This is exactly what was happening. I am used to my map 12 showing me all of my waypoints at once. I'm really liking some of the upgrades the newer units have but the users manuals really suck. My older units have a very thorough manual and you don't have to guess. Thanks for the input. Sorry to scare everyone with another bug. D
  5. Just got my vista HCX yesterday and started playing with it. I entered some waypoints and then went and deleted them individually. They disappeared from then waypoint list but when I go to the map page the icons are still there. Some of them I can bring up when I click on them but others I can't. I can go to the waypoint list and they are still not there. The only way I found to make them disappear from the map page was to go through the reset page and ask that all waypoints be deleted. Has anyone else seen this problem? I just got off the phone with Garmin. The first person I talked to was rather arrogant and told me that couldn't happen. I got to talk with a software person who was very helpful and interested in the problem. He didn't have a fix but was going to submit it to teh engineers to fix. He also asked for the website here so he could read through the HCX threads and make sure Garmin was addressing any issues we are having.
  6. My HCX just showed up at work this morning. Been a long wait listening to you guys talk about playing with yours. I haven't been able to get anything done at work since it arrived. I am definately going to leave the firmware version I have on until they get the new bug worked out. I don't mind turning on teh waas occasionally but I would hate having that compass message everytime I page through. I have one question though. I also have an older Garmin 12 Map. I can go through the pages in either direction but can't figure out how to go about that with this unit. Can it be done?
  7. I thought Garmin actually had two sizes so you could get one for either etrex B/W oe Color?
  8. I'm getting ready to place my order for a new vista HCX and have been considering offroute since they seem to have the best price around. How many of you have ordered from them in the past and what was your experience like? Would you do business with them again. Just trying to check them out before I commit to anything. Thanks for the help. D
  9. Ok, I'm in the process of ordering my Vista HCX. For those of you that have the vista C what cae do you use and why do you like it better than the others? I am looking at the neopreen one Garmin has that has the hourglass shape at the top to expose side buttons and the Gillson case that has the plastic window where the buttons are. Just need some opinions before I place my order. Thanks D
  10. I think he was looking at the Legend HCX.It shows for $226
  11. This is kinda how I was introduced to geocaching. My wife signed my daughter up for a girl scout try-it badge on geocaching. When we go there they explained how the sport originated and what it was all about. They talked about the different types of caches and the types of things you could find in them. They also explained the etiquette and when we went out to find the caches hidden specifically for them they were given a little bag of swag so when they found the cache everyone had things to choose from to trade. Once the event was done they were able to pick an item out of the bag to keep as a souvenir of the day. Good luck.
  12. Thanks. Just wanted to be sure before we get started. This seems like the next best thing to a pet for the kids to watch.
  13. I'm a newbie and just got started with teh kids. If we get a travel bug and give it an initial goal of say getting from Michigan to Montana can I change the goal at that point and ask it to go to Arizona or Alaska or some destination and keep doing this until I want it to work it's way back home? Not sure what teh etiquette is. Thanks for the help. D
  14. Thanks for teh constructive responses. I appreciate them very much. I did try to search and didn't see what I was looking for so I decided to ask the question. I assume there are very few questions that could be asked that have not been covered already. If that bothers people maybe they should just say what a dumb a** under their breath and move on without wasting their precious time responding. My rant.
  15. What exactly do you mean that it won't work just lying there? I'm a little confused. I had just about decided on teh 60 now I'm all up in the air again. Thanks D
  16. Thanks for the replies and links to other threads. If I understand everything I am reading there is basically no functional differences in these units. I just have to decide if I need a 76 that floats or a 60 that doesn't but might feel better ergo wise? Guess I'll just have to go to the store and play with them both before deciding. Thanks for the help D
  17. I just got into this sport this past week with my daughter because of her brownie group. She loves it and we have been out and found our first 2 on our own. Great fun for the family. I currently have an old Garmin 12 map but would like to upgrade to a little better unit with better reception under the canopy. I see lots of folks talking about teh 60 and 76. Can someone give me the differences between these two models along with teh pros and cons of each. I will be using this for Geocaching but am also a serious hunter and it will get as much or more use in that than anything. Thanks for the help. D
  18. lechwe

    Sig Cards?

    Just got started this week with my daughter through her brownie org. Went out afterward and we found our first 2. Lots of family fun. I keep seeing cache descriptions talking about leaving sig card. What exactly are they and how do you go about getting them? Sorry f this is a silly question but I couldn't find the answer through searching. Thanks D
  19. My wife asked me to go with my 8 year old daughter to a brownie event to learn about it. We did that last weekend and she had a blast. We have since gone out as a family and found 2 caches. The kids love it and I'm getting into it since they like it so much. Not sure if they like the hunting or the fact that they can trade an item. Great family sport.
  20. Wallmart has the Garmin Etrex Legend online now for $117. Pretty good price for this unit and it will do everything the kids will want or need to do. Good luck
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