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  1. How can you do a mass delete of all waypoints in the 60? I just realized I am always cleaning up my "Master Map" that has all of my waypoints after I rename them. But every time I transfer the old ones come back out of the GPS. Am I the only one an@l about keeping my waypoints properly named and sorted? Sure hope I do not have to do it one at a time! Gwagg
  2. I too am interested in your plans.
  3. I too am looking for the best software combination to use with my 60. Easygps does not support USB and using a beta version of expertgps I was not able to upload description of cache. Is it possible to go paperless with a 60 and no PDA?
  4. What tools support the USB capabilities of the 60C? ExpertGPS does but it didn't tranfers enough information for me?
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