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  1. quote:
    Originally posted by Team Shibby:

    Just a side note on the prisoner roadside cleanup crew: They are either trusted prisoners with no reason for escape or they are working off there community service sentence...you did'nt really think those were murderers working on the side of the road did you? icon_smile.gif


    But what happens when you put a knife in their hands? Or worse yet a McD-Toy!?


    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  2. Why don't we just do Drive-By (DB Caching)caches, don't have to get out of the car or even stop, just look at it and then come back on line and log it as a find!


    Wait! That's no good, you might get into a wreck while looking at the DB-Cache (DB Cooper?)and then we will be wanting to ban them too.




    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by TeamSJ1:

    Also there was Mr. Snazz's post about knives. Dangerous things can easily get tossed in a cache. What if a prisoner working found a cache? He could use the pencil or pen in the cache to stab someone. There are just too many risks in physical caches.


    Well Mr Snazz also wants to get rid of Ammo Boxes too, he doesn't know what world he is in half the time including all the "lost in the head" people that meet in the mIRC chat room. They all sell Tupperware. So if you try and get all the regular caches archived they will go against you because their Tupperware sales will decline!


    Now back to your regularly scheduled program




    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  4. quote:
    Originally posted by joefrog:

    Originally posted by Roadster:

    Team360... Why did you delete your posts?


    Does anyone have some cache on them?


    Speaking of avatars, Roadster -- yours is freakin' hilarious!


    Joel (joefrog)


    "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for ye are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!"


    Thank you.


    I like your gc.com color schemes on the little froggy...


    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  5. DC, I agree with umc. A pic would spoil it for sure. If they can't find it they need to look better. I'd rather have ones that take a lot of time or an eye to notice something out of the ordinary. If I found every cache I went to, it wouldn't be as challenging.


    NO PIC


    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  6. Exactly Kodak's4!


    Plus why put a bomb in a ammo can? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a bomb? They are pretty tough and would make the affect of a bomb a lot less.


    I do see that if someone open it up to see what was in it and then it exploded.


    And I do want to hear why they think they can arrest the cache owner for placing the cache.




    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  7. What happens if you carry your GPS in the right hand and then you see someone and change to the other hand to give the sign but in the process of trying to hurry you drop your GPS and it bounces down a cliff?


    I recommend the sign can be displayed by ether right or left hand. (Gun is optional, and only in Texas and other states that allow concealed guns) icon_wink.gif


    Does anyone have some cache on them?

  8. I see my favorite thread at gc.com is still going! But I thought it was 4 (almost 5)pages long??? I guess it lost a lot of posts during the change over, I posted at least 4 times and all of them are gone. What a shame too, a lot of the best replies are gone. Oh well...


    Cache On!

  9. quote:
    Originally posted by Cache Canucks:

    Originally posted by Cincinnati Bearcaches:

    "...Might want to give Homer some eyebrows..."

    Don't you dare ...some things are sacred.


    I had them already on and was about to upload the new image then I refreshed....only if you didn't say "Don't you dare...." hhmmmm Yes Homer is sacred....but in good fun?





    Thanks Marky! Coming from you, it makes my day!




    Cache On!


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