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  1. *Bump* No one? Did I mention you get to keep some of the new GPS' we send you to review?
  2. In the process of building a new website that reviews handheld GPS units. We are looking for someone that has a Magellan Explorist (510, 610, 710 doesn't matter), to write a complete review, and take pics of it as well. We will pick the person with the best review and high quality pics, and use it on the website. Also the person we use, will also be able to review others GPS units that we mail to them in the future to review and compare. If interested contact me first via PM and we will go from there. Pics must be taken on a solid white back drop, high resolution. Also need a review from someone with a newer Lowrance handheld. Thanks!
  3. I will be traveling to the USA the second week of September from Czech Republic. Are there any travel bugs in the Brno area that would like to go the the USA? I also will be coming back from the the USA in November, if you have one that wants to travel to Czech. I will be staying in Missouri and Kansas around Kansas City all the way down to Joplin, MO., Tulsa, OK.
  4. I will be traveling to the USA the second week of September. Are there any travel bugs in the Brno area that would like to go the the USA? I also will be coming back from the the USA in November, if you have one that wants to come back. I will be staying in Missouri and Kansas around Kansas City.
  5. I like the features that Garmin has put on the Beta 3.71, mostly the Search Filter, that will come in handy if I don't have time to do a multistage or a mystery cache, or maybe I am looking somewhere to put a travel bug, I can look for either a small or large cache instead of a micro etc. Very nice. I also like the Automatic Shaded relief. looking forward for more to be added. The topic reads 3.61 but I meant 3.71. Didn't proof read too well.
  6. Have you found someone to take care of this? If not I will be heading that way in about a week or so from today.
  7. When you go to "Where To?" does it ask to "Stop Navigation" of the cache before you can search for the waypoint in Where To?
  8. My 450T has been doing the same thing the past couple days, today I opened the file and there was a blank line at the top, so I moved the lines up one so there is no blank line and it worked, I think the problem might be, for me at least, is that I am deleting the text inside the file and not the whole file, I will delete the whole file this time and see.
  9. Been lurking in here since 2003. Oh I think I have posted here and there.
  10. Doh! I didn't think to look there, even though when I was looking on that same page before I bought it, I didn't pay attention to that. I did a search on here and Garmin's website but it didn't give me anything. Thanks for the quick reply.
  11. I just bought a Garmin 60CSx from Amazon and paid only $236.00 with free shipping and I got it in 5 days! I just got back from caching with it and I love it! It blows away my old Maggie. it's light and seems durable and has a TON of features.
  12. How many waypoints (and/or geocaches) can a 60CSx store?
  13. Thanks guy's! After reading what you all said and I also contacted 'Mopar' and he said the same thing plus some more, and I have decided to go with the 60CSx and I even just ordered it online. It's a shame that Magellan kind of dropped out of the race, I sure did love my Maggie! Their customer support back then was bad as well. Thanks again! Roadster
  14. Since I haven't kept track of what is good/new out there in the way of Magellan GPS units, I was wondering what some of you think is the best one to buy nowadays. I like Magellan and my price range is $500.00 and less, BUT I could be talked into a Garmin... I was looking at the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx and it looks like a good one. A friend of mine had an eTrex and in the car he would have to hold it up by the windshield or lose the sat's, but my Magellan wouldn't lose the signal anywhere in the car, and I noticed out caching if the trees was thick he would lose sats where I would not. I went out with another friend that just bought an eTrex and his did the same. Now does the 60CSx have a better antenna then the eTrex?
  15. Thanks for the caches and How to info. Also thanks for the postal code! I do have that for my hotel. I should have known thats what that was. Thanks again for all your help, can't wait to go visit your country!!!
  16. WOW! I see things haven't changed since the last time I was here.
  17. I'm going to be traveling to London in a couple weeks and I will be staying across the street from Hyde park and I would like to do some caching while there. My question: Are there any caches in Hyde park? If so please post the url for one, from there I can do a search for surrounding caches. I tried to do a search but it returned 30,000 hits or so for the United Kingdom. Thanks!
  18. This is the tommy gun that Warren Beatty used in the movie Bonnie and Clyde, Warren offered the city of Springfield MO, $12,000 for it but they wouldn't sell it and that was back in 1967, I wonder what it would be worth now.
  19. Is that a Tommy gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
  20. Hey opey how have ya been? I was talking to br on irc and he said that family has been staying at his house for a while now but leaving tomorrow so he probably will be back to posting on here soon.
  21. I'll give you this GPS for a "get out of jail free" card!
  22. It has been a while (March) since I have been on the forums. Feels good to be back. Just wanted to say hi to everyone I use to know (dboggny, Mopar, brdad, lapaglia, just to name a few). I see brdad is still a women in a Lumberjacks body. brdad's old Avatar Has anyone seen any of them out caching or are they in here all the time?
  23. Is this a He or a she? Oh well doesn't matter. The person was way off base for telling others NOT to go there, should have said "don't go there with a dog" The big bad man hurt the fragile little feelings....ahhhhh
  24. I live pretty much in the middle of where all the tornados touched down last Sunday (05/04/03) there is a lot of damage from them, overall that day 80+ tornados were spotted in 8 states. Within a 45 mile radius of my home there were 7 spotted, 1 was an F4, 1 a F3, 1 a F2 and the others were F0 to F1. So what does a GPS has to do with tornados? 2 reasons. This is a storm chaser account of trying to track down one: "We ended up chasing in SE Kansas on May 4th and were able to watch as a supercell developed while heading east along in southern Kansas. Eventually we ended up in Cherokee County Kansas. Monitoring weather radio (we couldn't find any skywarn networks operating on the ham radio), we heard about a tornado in the county due west of Cherokee and we began heading west(aided by our GPS unit and delorme street atlas) we came up over a small hill and saw a large tornado (maybe a quarter mile wide) a couple miles to our south. amazingly we had good back lighting of the tornado. It turns out this was the Columbus Kansas tornado, I saw on CNN. we took several minutes of video and about a dozen pictures of the tornado as it was heading east and eventually getting rain wrapped. We found the damage path of it seeing a roof torn off a house, and numerous trees completely uprooted. we were like 3 miles from the tornado as it was occurring." The second reason: I work for a Insurance pool which what we do is pick up wrecked cars for the insurance companies after they have settled with their clients and bring them to our lot and auction them off to rebuilders or salvage yards. There were a lot of torn up cars around here (over 120 "totaled" in just one town) and so one lady that works for a certain insurance company uses a GPSr to mark where the insured vehicles are because a lot of the houses were destroyed and there are no street signs left and she can't exactly give us an address where to pick the cars up but she happened to mention to me that she used a GPS to mark them in case we can't find one she can go right back to it, I told her I have a GPS and if she would when she faxes in the "Pick Up" request to put the coords on there too. I can now go right to them with no problems. Below are a couple pictures of vehicles I have picked up. http://www.mokancachers.com -Does anyone have some cache on them?-
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