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  1. No more Montenegro this year. It just got too complicated. At least I could cancel everything at no costs. I've just booked a last minute package deal to western mainland Greece though. Covid infections look low and there's ample opportunity for hiking without getting too close to other people. No new country though. Oh well...
  2. I have no idea. I did realize recently that I have a traditional that's been hidden, and never gone missing for 10 years. In a village. It never gotten a favourite point, but it's got something to see that most people don't get to see, and it just keeps on going.
  3. Thanks a lot guys. Yes, it's Silver Sable, and it's fantastic to see. I think I'll use Murals for it. Hmm.. it's interesting that there are neither cartoon, nor feminism categories. And no, I don't have time to do this.. maybe.
  4. Yes, here's a link. I'm kind of looking for a category a bit closer to comic books, or something like that. :
  5. I saw a fantastic mozaic/mural of female superheroes at Reykjavik airport. This really needs a waymark. I'm trying to find a useful category for it but can't. Inside Airports is just boring. Murals? Hmm.. I'm looking for something a bit more out of the box related to cartoons or female strength. Any ideas?
  6. It's one of the super touristy things, on Snaefellsness, at Kirkjufell. I was lucky that the weather was so bad that nobody else was there. Otherwise there might have been masses of people.
  7. I just returned from a fantastic trip to Iceland, involving active volcano watching, glorious sunshine and fantastic landscapes, and dense, superwet fog. Fab caching overall. I can't upload photos because this *kitten* system doesn't tell me how small the images have to be, or whatever else is wrong other than throwing a -200 error at me. thus here a link: https://imgur.com/a/oLuDHjS
  8. I was logging about 12 earthcaches and virtuals yesterday. Somewhere from number 5 onwards the message this owner button didn't work. Message center would come up, but without the name and cache name pre-filled. I could search for the cacheowner name, and it selected, but I could still not message them this way. I noticed this intermittently the previous few days, but it quickly resolved itself. Now nothing works anymore.
  9. Iceland, from this evening! At least if my proof of vaccination gets accepted (yellow book, it should). Thanks government for making a massive mess out of things. Plan is to stay in Grindavik for three nights, wait for end of quarantine sometime the next day and hopefully visit the active volcano along one of the hiking paths. Next day explore area and a second volcano visit on the second path (https://safetravel.is/eruption-in-reykjanes), part of golden circle and from then on hotel in Reykjavik, Thingvellir NP and whatever's left, Reykjavik and home. Lets see how this goes. Focus of course will be on EarthCaches.
  10. A new souvenir: Belize https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/06/new-country-souvenir-belize-with-geocache-of-the-week-the-blue-hole-half-moon-caye/
  11. Or you stand on a pile of rocks and you drop the pen into the pile, out of reach. Yeah. Done that. Many times.
  12. I've been caching for 15 years, and am slowly (very slowly) nearing 5000 finds. Thus.. not a super busy cacher, but I'm still not bored. Sub-games for me really are caching in different countries and EarthCaches. And hiking multies. I absolutely have no idea what my 5000th cache will be, but considering it's customary that my milestones are random garbage bin caches or similar I'm not planning anything but just let 'it' happen.
  13. Know what you mean. Some certain not quite so young minister is really making a mess of things, starting by not providing a proof of vaccination. My vaccinations are registered in the yellow book, and my travel plans so far this year accept it.
  14. And cut out the soles to remain barefoot
  15. Oh, China! I totally forgot that one as well. Oh well... maybe one day.
  16. I'm with you guys. The souvenirs are cool, and I do collect them (meaning: I hide all other souvenirs), but I'm sure more will be released eventually. Not worried. There are a few countries that I visited before, and even while caching where I didn't go to search for a cache. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are two. And Andorra, Bahamas. I think I caught up with all others by now. Oh well.. one day.
  17. Actually, with regards to the repetitive logs: if this gets logged by an app, and depending on the app it might kind of remember parts of sentences. Just type 1-2 letters and two commonly used words might show up, etc. I don't log caches with an app, but do for waymarks and see this all the time.
  18. I have two new locations planned for this year, both in Europe and both not EU. Not sure though if it will work out. All booking is flexible, and I got the shots and them registered in any way possible (not sure if someone followed the yellow vaccination book drama in the Netherlands) The first is quickly coming closer and is cold, yet hot The second is likely rather hot, yet also cold
  19. New country souvenir: Cabo Verde https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/05/new-country-souvenir-cabo-verde-with-geocache-of-the-week-pico-grande-ilha-do-fogo/
  20. I’ve not gotten that email in ages, and I’m premium. to, have a look at project-gc.com. Yes, some stats are also premium, but pretty much everything that gc offers to premium is available there. They are an official api partner, btw.
  21. Well, we all know that geocaching is a totally local game. No need to go to other states or countries. Seriously, this is a huge step backwards. Especially with Covid, and being close to borders that we can't cross this would be fairly useful information to have.
  22. Yay, I got the first vaccination, a lot earlier due to volunteering to vaccinate people. There will be travels again. Currently looking at Iceland for the active fissure eruption there ?
  23. Feel free to ask questions. But we do need some more information to help you: there's an app for iOS and for android, and a website, there's different things at different places, etc. With this info we can help you quicker.
  24. That's funny! So close, yet so far Nothing happening here. Basically I'm mopping up Dutch municipalities per bike or on foot. I have enough trips from 14-100km planned to cover most good weather for the rest of the year. And this way you get to see interesting things as well.
  25. Probably this one here: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5R7BJ it's just a fantastic little outcrop with so much to see that really, really needed an EC. I still think it's a bit too difficult (maybe I should up D), but change of depositional environment is not easy. Oops, I just see that an image is missing! Need to fix that. Good that I looked. And my favourite find is this one, just for the location and not for the quality of the listing: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC685VY_baatara-pit-cave-three-bridges-chasm
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