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  1. As a licensed surveyor I can tell you that evidence is of the utmost importance in deciding if a corner is obliterated or merely lost. An obliterated monument leaves no trace as to it's original location. If a monument is "lost" there is enough evidence to ascertain it's original location. A drill hole in a rock, or other verifiable evidence of a missing monument should count as a find. Due to the perceived accuracy of our GPS receivers, we tend to give a lot of credence to coordinates. However, coordinates fall far down the list of controlling evidence. "Benchmark" hunting is fun, but to count missing monuments as a find, some hard and fast rules of surveying need to be adhered to. Topo calls to verifiable landmarks outweigh coordinates and measurements. Afterall, anyone reading a chain could mess up, but the "rocky crag" isn't going to move.
  2. I have no doubt that that monument would be quite hard to find. However, as a surveyor in southern Utah, I can attest to the fact that many section corners are witnessed by glass buried under the monument. Also, charcoal was an item used by early surveyors to witness original corners too.
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