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  1. the stock geocaching app is next to worthless for offline caching and GETTING TO caches. check out others like cgeo, locus, etc it's much, much easier to geocache with a phone than a standalone. I have a Garmin 64 coming since a standalone gps is very helpful. As far as good apps for offline check out Cachly (www.cach.ly) it has a lot of features for offline caching and logging. While I really like the app a standalone will always be more reliable for a lot of circumstances.
  2. There is an app called Cachly that has this feature built in. It may be worth checking out. http://www.cach.ly
  3. thanks for the info...i actually live in harrisonburg so i know about the wealth of caches...thanks again for the help.
  4. I will be camping on loft or lewis mountain this weekend and I want to go geocacghing, bu i cannot figure out the best way to get the caches that will be near where i am camping..any help is definitely appreciated.
  5. You must put the waypoints into the explorist using a different utility. I used mapsend when i had my explorist, but gsak should work as well.
  6. You can run parallels on your mac so that you dont have to use bootcamp to have both installed. Also the newest version of parallels (79.99) offers a coherence mode form 2000, XP, and vista where you can run the windows programs without ever having ot actually be in windows. Yes garmin needs to give us mac users some love, but the parallels program is quite robust and works VERY well for all of this.
  7. I use the energizer lithium ion batteries in mine....i have had them in for over a month and my battery meter hasn't even dropped. It still shows full and i have kept my GPS on for 4-6 hours at a time each use of the gps which is a lot.
  8. there is some software that only supports Win 2000/XP
  9. Providing your proposed cache didnt take more than about 4 hours and there wasn't a load of other caches in the area. But also, when we travel to an area we like to hit as many caches as we can, we usually don't bother with puzzle caches as they usually consume too much time. We often travel a few hundred Km from home, and hit a specific area. Last year I had the opportunity to travelled 1500Km from home to visit my grandparents and managed to go and hit 10 caches with both my 80+ yo grandparents. They loved it, going from one to another, We left at daylight and even took stuff and had a Barbeque lunch, and got home just after dark! A cache of this nature wouldn't be for you...you seem more into finding as many caches as you can in a certain period of time. The point of the cache that i am devising is to enjoy your surroundings and take you places you may not have ever been. Its about spending time in nature and learning about the river. If finding as many caches as you can in x amount of time is your thing thats great, but that is not why i geocache. I geocache because the adventure of it is wonderful and the areas it takes you are great. Plus this puzzle cache would not be hard get the coordinates from the other cahces then bam you are at the end with a great place to swim and spend quality time with your family/geocaching partner.
  10. I'm willing to give it a try. And, yes, I AM running WM 2003 SE. Can you give me some guidance on installing? Tomboy i already detailed how to install it for you
  11. All you should need to do is install the mobi software on your main computer then connect your axim to your computer using the doc or cable (make sure to have active sync installed). Open mobi when your axim is connected and it should prompt you to install the software on your axim. The link for the download of the desktop version is here: http://www.mobipocket.com/en/DownloadSoft/...tailsReader.asp
  12. Well the purpose really inst to be complicated. The main thing i was thinking is it would take you to some really nice areas. Some that people have probably been to before and some that people probably have never heard of. Also the caches would have other activities you could do once you have found the cache such as golf at a near by course, fish, hike, swim, bike, etc. The reason i want to make it the way i am thinking is because a family or a single person could make a full day out of each location and when they finally found the last cache they would have some nice swag and a great place to swim and be with the family. There isn't a single place that i would put that an out doorsy person wouldn't appreciate. Some of these places are wonderful fishing spots that you rarely see any one at. My friend is a fishing magnet and he has taking me to some of these places and they are beautiful and a lot of fun. Also it would help you to learn about a specific river in my area and find many points that some might not know was part of the same river. So all around it would be a great experience i think.
  13. Again, thanks Brian for your input.
  14. thank you miragee thats a great example i will definitely have to work hard on this to make it as good as i know it can be.
  15. how would i post a mystery/puzzle cache on gc.com? Edit: Let me clarify that a bit...since its a puzzle and i wouldn't want to give the coordinates out in that cache how to i submit it for review and such?
  16. Brian thats a great idea thanks for the advice.... BW...each location would have a micro cache to log your visit and give you the coordinates of the next location. So actually it seems like i was sort of thinking of it like Brian suggested, but he took it a step further.
  17. http://www.palmblvd.com/software/pc/graphi...datesort-1.html not free but some are really cheap
  18. I have an idea for a multi cache that would take people around to some of my favorite places in the area i live. It will probably be a 20-30 mile route to hit all the locations, but you would end up at a beautiful swimming hole where you could take a dip at the end. The final cache would have some good swag in it and the locations alone would be well worth the visit. How many of you would enjoy something like this?
  19. one thing mac users can do ( i am a mac user myself) is use parallels for geocaching. Just boot up into windows using parallels and you have all the software you need at your fingertips.
  20. I honestly don't understand how a company can charge 400+ for some GPSrs that have only a base map...then charge 110.00 + for a mapping program and then say...Oh sorry you can only use it on one GPSr. Garmin makes A LOT of money from word of mouth referrals. This kind of move only sends people to different GPS companies and as others have said it could easily make garmin lose their market share. Also in regards to the hacking the unlock.... Most GPS users are VERY computer savy. It will only be a matter of time before someone figures out how to obliterate the unit lock downs. There is no such thing as hack proof software.
  21. Sometimes they are VERY tricky here is a micro that took me a while to find It's magnetic and it was on the end of some metal overhang that was the same diameter. It blended in perfectly. You cant give up you will find it eventually.
  22. This will do well for you http://www.amazon.com/Sandisk-Micro-SD-2-G...0355&sr=8-2
  23. i have left lures myself...the kind i left though was asoft lure that you provide your own jig head for.
  24. yeah they all would be new...you can get all of that stuff at your local wally world for about 75-90 cents each.
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