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  1. Got Mine in the mail today. First off I want to know what brand of tape did you use. My razor sharp knife just kept skimming on the surface and would not cut, could not stab it either, I had to break out mu trauma shears to cut into the package. When I got in, WOW!!! beautiful coins, nice weight to them. Great Job and thank you. Colorado Bear Jay
  2. Do you have a waypoint selected to navigate to? Select a geocache to go to and then see if you have the red arrow. I suspect the red arrow you are referring to on the compass page is actually the bearing pointer. Check you owners manual for the compass and course pointers. Jay Colorado Bear
  3. Sapper 1-6: I think you owe the Reviewers an apology! I am hoping that you calling the Reviewer lazy was just an unfortunate choice of words on your part: and if you really feel that way, I suggest you get off your lazy behind, and become a volunteer for anything, and work hard hours without pay and for the benefit of others. This is just my opinion but your message was lost in the arrogance of your grammar. In today’s language this was an epic fail!. Colorado Bear Jay W0GBS Volunteer
  4. This is such a bad idea on many levels, those at the top of my list are national and financial security.
  5. Colorado South Park GeoTour. Web site is here http://www.southparkheritage.org/south-park-geotour Colorado Bear
  6. I am in for a set, I sent you a email via your profile. Jay
  7. Trucking, The first thought that comes to me is that when you are lost stop running, sit down and think. Not sure what you mean by geocache does not have your location. I am assuming from the comment of airplane mode is not on is that you are using a phone., and therefore the geocache app. So take a breath answer the question below and let us help you 1. What kind of equipment are you using 2. Where are you what part of the world? Indoors or outdoors? 3. If you are using a cell phone are you in range of cell towers? 4. Are you connecting to the net via cell or Wi-Fi 5. If Wi-Fi did you have a signal? 6. If a cell phone under settings is Location turned on 7. If a cell phone is use cellular data turned on? Jay Colorado Bear
  8. Colorado Bear


    It looks like someone is creating accounts so they post in the forum. To me it seems that in the last week this activity it has picked up.
  9. Try taking a sharpie pen with a contrasting color, and lightly go over the numbers, then wipe off the excess with a tissue, I find that this will some time highlight lightly engraved numbers. Then I use the other methods mentioned here, magnifying glass, macrophotography Colorado Bear Jay
  10. How about an infrared sensor camera! FLIR has one that works with your smartphone. Jay
  11. My first lamp post skirt find was in Littleton Colorado, in a gorgeous little park, It was a hot spring day, and the area partly shaded by pine and aspen trees, flowers in bloom the area cool and inviting. My wife and I searched, and searched, almost giving up; sat on the bench and gave it more thought. One of the clues was to be strong, I wonder if the lamppost next to the bench was real and I tried to pick up. Not able to move it on the first try, I grabbed for a better handhold and pulled up the skirt. We never knew the skirt could be move that easily, and we found the cache. While GCTE8T has been archive it is still one of my favorite cache memories. Everyone have a great weekend Jay Colorado Bear
  12. If you are planning to sell to those of use that will not be attending Geowoodstock. I would like one of each. And, yes, I have spent a few hours in a C-130! Colorado bear Jay
  13. Put me on that list! Jay
  14. In the past I have used Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Cleaner with good results. A web search should help you find some. Colorado Bear
  15. I would do a pocket query search putting in the longitude of E 173 xx.00 and a Latitude something in the area like S 42 00.00 and set the radius to 100 mi, run the search then put the results on Goggle Earth to find the ones in the area of the need Longitude or use GSAK to narrow the field. You may need to change the Latitude to get more area. The other way would to look up a cache in the area, on the cache page scroll down to just above the logs to the map on the right and click on View Larger Map, you can then zoom out and see other caches. Colorado Bear Jay
  16. If Garmin tells you it is a bad idea why go forward? There is a difference in a Lithium AA cell at 1.5 volts output and a Lithium Ion AA cell with a output of 3.2 volts. That means if you put 2 Lithium Ion AA cell in your Colorado you have approximately doubled the voltage. The electrical components of your Colorado probably will not handle the increase voltage and fail. Some of them may even smoke or catch fire. Colorado Bear Jay
  17. To me this seems redundant. All you have to do is use the link to take you to the cache page and you will have access to the name of the cache owner and by following that you can get to their profile. Jay
  18. Patience grasshopper DNF’s are part of the game you may not be able to find it, or it may not be there. My worse one to date was Mondo Goes To Market , it took me at least 20 tries, and two hints from the cache owner. It was near a restaurant my wife and I like to go to so I kept going back until I found it.
  19. Fairy tales and scary tales, let the imagination run free. It was only a short while ago some folks thought there was a better more accurate way to find yourself on the third rock from the Sun, with their imagination they brought forth a system of satellites. Then the thought of using that system to find a cache emerged. Now we have a game. A long time ago when mankind was in its infancy, jealousy became an emotion, and in some individuals the need to destroy what they do not like, or do not understand has become their way of life. Fortunately most of us have learned not to act upon this, but to use our imagination for the greater good. Occasionally we must endure the minority of wrong doers with their evilness, their destruction of fruits of our labor. This evil comes from very small deeds like burning a cache, to the horrific crimes against humanity. Encourage, Inspire and embolden the imagination and don’t let a muggled cache ruin your day. Put out another one. Enjoy the game, and imagine how we can make the world better. Look around it is easy to see evil and ugliness, but it is not on every block, nor in every house. Look around you and embrace the goodness in our culture, dwell on what is working, celebrate the kindness you see, and experience. In know that goodness far out weights the evil. I can imagine a better place, and I work every day to help bring kindness, compassion to my little piece of life. Imagine if we all did that! Jay Colorado Bear
  20. It was a young couple out for a hike. They got caught in a sudden rainfall getting wet and cold; they hike back to their car but found that it would not start because they had left the lights on. Just before night fall with the temperature dropping; faced with certain hypothermia they found your cache, and used it to start a fire, and stay warm. In the morning the sun came up and presented them with a gorgeous sunrise, and a warm day. They got dress the clothes they had dried by the fire, and hike back to their car. When they got there they found a group of people preparing to hike to a geocache, the group helped the young couple get their car started. Once the couple was on the road they talked about the night they had spent together, they were grateful someone had left the fire starting materials, and they were able to keep warm all night. They discover that they could rely on each other, and felt a bond between them; they were in love. Later that week they got married, and are expecting their first child, and of course… will live happily ever after. Your geocache save their lives and brought them together. The glass is half full. Replace your cache. Maybe rethink the location. Be happy that your cache brought some warmth into someones life. Move on with your own life, and may if be as close to a fairy taleas it can. Colorado Bear Jay Just an alternate theory
  21. Got mine out of the mailbox today all great lloking coins. Thank You Jay
  22. Little Hiawatha; Come back on topic; this is an interesting story, and the flaming from others is distracting. The young girl that had already found it did you give her something special? What? How many other of your student have found it, and how?
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