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  1. when I found my first cache it was frozen in ice and I could not get it out. I went home and after pondering for a bit I filled 2 jugs full of hot water and went back! I did finally log my first find that day..... lol
  2. I know that I have been watched but I have never been confronted as to what I was doing.. I have thought to myself too of what I would say... I first think to tell them the truth, and then some people it might be easier to tell them something else like I am doing a special search for a weather balloon that has landed somewhere near here, according to it's last report of co-ordinates... that is something that I have allways thought I would tell people... I think most people would go along with that.... Oakley1975
  3. Come to New Brunswick Canada. It is freezing cold here right now and all of caches are likely buried under snow... that would be a challenge for ya! It is great here in the summer though and there are lots of caches to find here as well, ecspecially after cache placement weekend on Feb 6.
  4. Go to www.goecaching.com. Get the coordinates.. load into gps. hit goto. go to the coordiantes. find container(cache) sign log book inside, take someting leave something. go home. Go to www.geocaching.com again and log the visit on the website. ----- REPEAT ONCE ADDICTED------
  5. I like tahoejoe's response... that is what it will come to someday if things like that get implemented.... must be this size and this visible and contain these things or your cache will not be allowed...... How would we all like that?
  6. I dont like it either.. Just go caching...... sorry but as stated before it is all geocachers duty to keep a cache in decent shape. It allways seems like some people have to nicpic someting to death. Just go caching..... We dont have to have all these special t-shirts and strict rules and structures to follow... It is a simple concept.... Just go caching...... yes your gonna find run down caches and crappy spots... then quit caching if you dont like it... Just go caching...... Sorry to be blunt but sometimes this stuff just gets under my skin......
  7. I myself like to just usually sign the log book and look for travel bugs. Trading material doesnt tickle me much. I do try to leave something when I can, as it is a part of the guidelines. Most likely 80% or more of the current 139502 active caches in 214 countries contain basically worthless trinkets. It's the way of the game I guess. The contents never ruin my hunt for a cache though. I dont imagine that it will get better either unless we all win the lottery or the government decides to eliminate all taxes.....
  8. Here it is... and no that cache under the desk does not have co-ordinates.....
  9. If the electrical box was properly marked with some sort of gocaching related logo it would be better and it was stated in the posting that it is. Its a tricky thing to hide anyways,.. if it was held on with magnet/velcro, someone sooner or later will likely figure it out and it would likely get stolen. It has it's good and bads, lets just hope the hider uses common sense.
  10. CONGRATS Top pin! I guess I will go buy mine now!
  11. I wonder if Will can set his GPS to "stun" or "kill" ?
  12. I think I will hide a cache with no coordinates. Also, there will be no hints to where it is. You will be able to post that you found it but you cant post that you didnt find it. If you have red hair you can post a note for the cache but if your bald you cannot view the hint. IF your a premium member you can email me for the location but I will not answer, unless you know the secret password. You can only post a found it note between 8 am and 8:01 am on the second blue moon after the smurf has been born. I'm going caching..........
  13. If Jeremy re-approves - unarchives the cache, you will all likely complain about him breaking the rules. I dont generally get involved in this stuff but a fun hobby doesnt need to be beat and thrashed like this is. If you dont like where a movie is going, what do you do?.... I love this sport and cant wait to go caching again. As soon as I can afford Premium membership I will be upgrading. Myself, I'm not going to let such a stupid issue ruin this for me, nor should any of you. I guess some people get a "high" out of conflict.
  14. "Just doubled-up tupperware" works well when there arent a great abundance of ammo boxes around.
  15. I have started doubling up containers, One of my caches I have a larger ice cream pail with a lid and then inside it is a plastic container with a screw on lid. The cache keeps super dry this way. I can buy cheap "tupperware" containers at the dollar store, big and small. I buy the smaller ones for the log books and the bigger ones for the actual cache. It may cost a few $ but you can be sure that the cache will be in good shape for a long time. It is discouraging to find a cache that is cracked open and the contents are nearly ruined. This is the result of one of my cheap-o containers....
  16. I dont really see any reason why not.. I mean, not every time a t-bug comes you shouldnt because it will distract others wanting to go if your taking all the booty! I have taken one t-bug from my own caches I think.. just because it was sitting and I wanted to get it moving.. I am sure you will get lots of mixed opinions....
  17. Is the Garmin E-Trex, the yellow one, WAAS enabled? I have the exPlorist 100 and am very happy with it. I find it extremely accurate.. always 3-5 meters. NO maps but I know the roads I am going on anyway. If a cache was hidden on a woodsroad, most likely that road wouldnt be on the basemaps anyway. I print off a mapquest map if I am in doubt. For $139 CAD taxes included I am happy with my explorist 100. If $$$ is not a factor then go get a better one by all means. This is what I could afford 5 days after christmas! There is a small black plug in the battery compartment of it that has 4 contacts on the printed circuit board. Wonder what that is for? Probably the initail programming of the unit. When i opended mine when I first got it that little plug fell out...
  18. I think it is sad that people fight/argue/disagree over such foolish things. Lets take a moment and think about the real problems in this world, the 150,000 people dead from a tragic natural disaster. Terrorism. 9/11. Cancer. Anything like that. I can see everyone's point in this thread. No-one's point is going to be agreed upon by everone else. Someone will post back with disagreements. Disagreements usually lead to anger, for some stupid reason. This is Geocaching. It is fun. Lots of fun things have its bad/disagreeable side. If we waist time arguing over what is right or wrong about anything we do, we are waisting time that we may not have tomorrow.. like the time that run out for the sunami victims. So there you are in spirit, thinking, I wish I had gone geocaching instead of fighting about how to geocache. This may or may not make sense to everyone but it is my opinion. We are all human and react in different ways. This is how I wanted to react to this thread. Thanks for your time! Oakley1975
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