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  1. This isn't what I'm asking anyone to do. I'm suggesting that a feature be put into the site where your DNF's can be shown as "Conquered" or Found. Your logs will still be displayed as DNF..but on your "Show - didn't find it" page, there would be an indicator that you had finally found your DNF. Maybe a green check mark, a green line through it...or something like that. Just to keep your DNF's organized, showing that you had conquered your previous DNF.
  2. This would still not help in organizing your DNF's in the "Show - didn't find it" page
  3. Exactly, I would hate to see cachers deleting their DNF logs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a "Conquered" option to keep cachers from wanting to do that?
  4. I thought it would be a good idea to have an option where you can "Conquer" your DNF's instead of deleting all of your DNF logs from a cache page to keep your DNF's true. I like reading back on my DNF's, sometimes they are better than the actual "Found it" logs. I never have deleted a DNF, but my list is getting long and my DNF's that I've actually found are getting mixed in so badly it's hard to keep track. Maybe a check box to the left of each cache you did not find, under the "show - didn't find it" page. Click the check box for the ones you've finally found..or "conquered". This is just an idea to keep things organized a little better.
  5. I Joined the Army in 1997 when I was 19. Went to Knox for basic Fort Benning for Jump School Fort Lee Virginia for AIT (Parachute Rigger) Fort Bragg 82nd Airborne Division for a couple years,.. Moved onto Special Forces work inside Pope Air Force base as a "Test Paratrooper", testing parachutes. Yea, I was a parachute guinea pig. Did some crazy jumps into forests, water, super high altitudes, super low altitudes...I miss that. ETS'd (for a girl) and joined the Reserves in Monteagle, Tennessee Went to 12B school at Camp Grafton , ND Did AT's in Fort McClellan Alabama, and another one near Savanna, Georgia, I forget the name of that post.. Left Tennessee but Joined the Guard in Pennsylvania, and got very bored of that. I ETS'd completely. It was fun while the fun stuff lasted
  6. Definitely a hognose snake. It really looks like a Southern Hognose more than an Eastern, but it's all the same family and there's lots of color variation in this species. They are harmless and rarely bite people. They will actually strike and hit you, but not bite. Everything else is true with the inflating neck, and playing dead..but if you provoke them too much they sometimes regurgitate their food and this is not good for the snake. Very cool find though, I call it a "bonus" day when I find a snake while geocaching!
  7. Yea for sure man, This kind of cache is what I really like. Thanks for coming to NY for my caches too! After all, the "Dendrophobia" one was inspired by you, Woodlit!
  8. Awesome you 2! Surprised I haven't run into you since GeoWoodstock again!
  9. I wrote to Groundspeak with an idea, they told me to post it on the forums to see what you all thought. Here's what I wrote. Thought it would be a cool idea, if at all possible, to have a special day(or week maybe) where all locationless caches were unlocked just so us newer geocachers get a chance to get the Icon. Just an idea I couldn't help to ask. It's worth a try and I'm sure lots of geocachers would be very excited if it went though.
  10. She found it in Vermont at the thanks you beary much cache this past weekend. Good Job!
  11. whoa, thanks! I don't usually check the forums but i ended up coming across this and wow, very cool! thanks!
  12. It's definately a northern watersnake. They usually bite when handled, but are not venomous. yep, i'm 100% sure.
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