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  1. Im a newb, am moderately smart, can handle pretty much any physical challenges(except for running a 4.4/40) and am interested. Own a 2person kayak and Jeep. I read the first chapter and was going to give it a go solo, but if theres a small group going I'd be interested. Lemme know. youi guys dont have any weird initiations, do you?
  2. thanks, looks like its off to Best Buy than.
  3. bump, still looking for an answer. Any help here guys?
  4. Is this really what I have to look forward too? :slowly walks backwards out of the room:
  5. will Microsoft Streets and Trip 2006 work almost the same as City Nav on my 60CSX?
  6. OK, so I just ordered a 60CSx to use while hiking, motorcycling, kayaking, ect. I understand that the base map is lacking and that I will eventually need to buy more maps. Living in the northeast USA, what software needs to be added to my must have list? Thanks in advance
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