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  1. Oregon 300 in stock here http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/oregon-300.html
  2. The new Garmin Nuvi 500 series are waterproof and can speak (but no street names) and have an internal speaker (unlike the zumo that requires an headphone).
  3. That is interesting, because Garmin has mandated a minimum allowable sale price of $499. Let us know if you get it. It will be interesting to see how long they are allowed to sell Garmin products...... No mailing address... Not the place I'd be sending my credit card info. Minimum of 499 ???? In Quebec, you can buy it at 470$ here https://catalogue.horizonsnordsud.com/produ...422-Oregon_300/ and this store is really reliable!
  4. Cool! But I pre-ordered mine at GPSMart.ca, at 460$ CAN instead of 500$
  5. Now, GPSCity is displaying expected date as August 11th.
  6. But this issue can't be fixed by an update
  7. Everyone here is talking about poor screen visibily of the Oregon. I just pre-ordered one and I want to know if there is a big difference with my Etrex Legend Cx screen (not HCx) ? Also, many of you have previously owned a 60Cx which is very accurate. For me, do you think I will be happy with the new Oregon compared to my Legend Cx (both have similar internal antenna)? I always loved my unit for its compact size but I want a larger screen on a smallest unit as possible. Thank you!
  8. It's why I download every Garmin mapping products!! I love their GPS, but I don't want to buy their EXPENSIVE maps!!
  9. When looking at Garmin.com, the Colorado seems to be compatible with NT only.
  10. Hi apersson850, is it possible to post the PDF manual of the Colorado, I think it's included with the cd-rom. It will be helpful!
  11. One question for you, ibycus You have probably seen the new Garmin Colorado series?? Since this new series can show detailed 3D elevation (DEM), do you know if it could be possible to create a mapset with this new feature?? I found this on web these links. I don't know if it will useful. http://www.ctis.nrcan.gc.ca/cit/servlet/CI...05-002-005.html http://www.geomaticssystems.com/Free/FreeDEM.htm I think this new feature on Colorado could be really interesting, but maybe Garmin will not update Topo Canada this year. Thanks!
  12. But when pre-installed, you can't view them in mapsource. So I prefer buy map software and uplaod maps on SD cards
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