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  1. Hello, fellow geocachers. I love geocaching and have take. A break for several years but now my kids are wanting to start doing it they are 9,7,5 so perfect ages now. I have a few questions for you all. First My old Gps is ancient. I thing it was the first garmen ever made. I have an iPhone. What is the best compass or app to manually enter and see lat and long coordinates (that will actually take you there also) so i can enter and also start new Caches that I will create? So I need a way of seeing my last and long coordinate in real time so I can create a new cache for users. Second). What is new in geocaching? It's been about 5 years since I actively hunted. 3rd). My old caches were archived due to muggles/ and maintenance issues. If I wanted to restart the old caches and have them up and running is there a way to do that? Or do I have to restart everything? 4th. I never had a paid membership, and it seams that it may be more important now than ever, as the new intro app is getting a lot of new cachers that don't care much about the sport? So can someone sell me on the idea of having a paid membership as I never have but am interested. Thanks. I'm looking forward to contributing and creating some great caches for my fellow geocachers!
  2. Hello, I am a veterin geocacher, have done this for several years with an old Magellan gps, that is about the size of the first 1990s cell phone. I have not cached for about 1 year now and tryd yesterday to take my kids, for the first time. My boys are 6 and 4!!!! I talked it up bigtime. told them we are going on a tresure hunt and that I promised we would find tresure. I was also exxcited becase I felt like this being in the 21st century I finally have the best tecknology available. I was using a droid app I downloaded from my phone called (CGEO). long story short every cache I went to was off by atleast 100 feet or more, I new this becase after 3 missed finds I went to a cache that I have done before and new exactly where It was. It was the only one that my kids foud, and It was a Micro. No tresure. I promised them Icecream as a treasure if we could find 4 micros, but that was before I realized the gps was off, so bad. So 1 micro in 3 hours in a well populated city, then I folded and took them to icecream anyway. I tryed to salvage this at the icecream shop as they had WIFI, I dowloaded the IPAD app from geocaching.com, alos dowloaded GEOBUCKET. Problem is as soon as you get away from the WIFI location the GEOCACNG APP, AND geobucket app do not let you pic up the geocaching signal. I tyed the generic compass app on my Droid. NOTHING WORKED!!!!!!! I felt like I took my kids to Disney World and Micky Mouse was not There!!!!!! Please Help Me. I have a Droid. My wife has an IPHONE. What Program app will acutally, ACURATLY, work everytime for paperless, caching, that I can relly on? Desperate for a good answer, Thank you. -mrbeachroach
  3. What are they, how do you get them how do you recive them, and whre do you view them? Than
  4. Going try this again Here is MY BEST Hilton Head Island. Let me know if you Want these Cords to go there, This is Sunrise.
  5. Been doing this for a year and still dont understand how to get a picure to pop up with a post the ones I put on show up as a link but not until you click on it. The url for my pics are on myspace. I need help Please thanks.
  6. These are from a sunrise next to a cache on Hilton Head Island South Carolina. If anyone wants the cords let me know. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13144996 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13145333 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13145532
  7. IF you have a picture post it to. Also whats the most money, or estimate you have spent on making a cache?
  8. My member caches are better (better trade items, scenic locations). My member only caches last longer, and retain the quality of trade items longer too. You own eight cache listings, and you've found over 100 caches. These cache pages don't run for free, someone has to pay for the bandwith. Since I started in 04, i've seen dozens of solid improvements in the game. I remember when: There wasn't an ignore list. There wasn't a bookmark list. There were no attributes. There was no Geocaching Google maps. There was no new cache notification emails (we used to search the nearest caches multiple times per day looking for new listings.) I could go on and on. I'm glad i've been a premium member since 2004. Premium memberships used to be the primary support for the website (aside from buying stuff in the Groundspeak store.) Travel bugs and geocoins have to be a good part of this sites income today. Nice Body Slam!!!!!!!! Im convenced. Will Join Soon, Good Power Play!!!!
  9. List your top 2 favorite caches, they can even be yours, and tell why, so we can go get them, also If you have a great DNF experiance list it,. Mine was just recent, I went to find Cache of Fortune in Tennessee, and came up with a DNF, but on the way back I was going under a big tree and just happened to look up and 17 feet in the air was a Handmade Hamock webbing in the tree 2 of them!!!! I climbed the tree and just chilled out up the tree top for 20 minuits, this is the best place in town and I would of never know about it had I not TRIED the Cache of Fortune.
  10. Just wanted to konw why I should upgrade from a members perspective, also are the member caches better? Why? Thanks.
  11. What do I do with my new coin? Seams kinda pointless for me to activate it and then just hold on to it for others to discover. Should I give it a mission and send it on its way? If so what is a good way to make sure it dosent get taken? Please help. If you think I should hold on to it thats cool to. Thanks.
  12. With all this great info, where do I go to get a STUFFED animal? OR molded over? Thanks
  13. Anyone come across any old dead animals from hunting that have been embalmed and turned into cache containers? Is this againsed the rules for a container or Do you think it is kinda unique? Im thinking of starting a cache called animal kingdom and want to use them for camo caches what do you think? Funny or just plain Weird?
  14. Can someone please tell me the proper way to submit a multi cache and explain it to the cache publisher without giving to much info to the people who are looking at the cache page to actually find the cache? I know how to start a regular cache but the submittion form for a multi looked a little more difficult. I want to give the publisher as much info as possible to get it started but do not want to spoil anything for the rest. Thanks
  15. I never owned a Meridian, but I have owned a SportTrak Color and an eXplorist 600. I just upgraded to a Triton 500 and, despite the "bad press" it has been getting I am very satisfied with it. The graphics resolution is much better than the old units, and I have been able to transfer both Magellan maps and NatGeo TOPO! images. The modus operandi is different than the older Magellans, but once you set it up properly it's fine. is the compass any better? and what bad press?
  16. This has only worked with one of my caches, so Im not sure what I did differently, can someone please tell me the proper way to get a background picture on the new cache lising page?
  17. I cant seam to figure out how to get the picture to pop up without lising a link ot another web page!!!!
  18. When I went to Hilton Head Island, all I did was sunrise and sunset caching on this vacation here you go!!! http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13144996 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13145333 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/indhttp://...mageID=13145532 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13145596 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13145708 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13145763 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=13147146
  19. I have a Meridian Color that I like alot its easy to use a little old but nice for me, but I have an opportunity to get a Triton 500 gpsr and don't know if it would be worth it. Whats your vote?
  20. Can you syinc to the computer with just a wireless card in the top, and without a cable? Any other great features of this please let me know I have just got one and don't know anything about it. Thanks Jason.
  21. Can someone please explain to me what the minimum requirements for submitting a mystery cache are? Do you have to have more that 1 set of cords? If so how does this work. Can you make a mystery cache where the only mystery is solving what the heck the name of the cache is before you go out there to 1 location to find it? I have one Im trying to do where the cache is the scientific name of an animail, and if they find out which animal it is they know what kind of cache container to look for. Would this qualify for a mystery cache? When I tryed to submit it the 2nd page said I needed to add another set of waypoints, please explain.
  22. I have one that "TAKES THE CAKE", I recently did on in Missouri and it was the best that I have ever seen. I wont give you the name of it to not spoil the surprise for someone else but this guy took a 12 foot tree that was hollowed out by termites and broke a fishing pole in half and bolted it to the dead tree. The line went straight up 5 feet then atached to a caribeaner and then dogleged left 20 ft to another tree. When you traced the line to the other tree the camoflodged container was suspended 10 ft up the 2nd tree just 1 foot above the 2nd caribeaner on the 2nd tree. You had to drop the line on the pole to release the cache, sigh the log book, trade swag then reel up the line again. Amazing, this owner was the most creative iv ever seen. -mrbeachroach
  23. I recently had a Sprint treo 700wx palm passed down to me and I was wondering if anyone else uses these for paperless caching, and how well it works, also with the g.p.s. do you use it as one and if so does the compass work. Any other cool features of this palm I would love to know since I know nothing about it yet and am staring at it in awe!!!!! -mrbeachroach.
  24. I recently posted a note about "Whats up with paperless caching" , and I was convinced that this is the way to go. So trying to save a little I went on freecycle.com and asked people in my area that I was looking for a palm pilot or p.d.a. of any brand even if ancient. I got a responce withen 3 days a lady said she has had one a while back that she found in the back of a cab, that she never knew if it worked, but she would drop it off if I was interested. She did and I had no idea when it was in a brown envelope what it would be. Could of been from 1980s. When I opened it up to my surprise it was a sprint treo 700wx palm!!!! I went down to the sprint store and got a charger for it and it came right up. I told myself that if the last calls were made withen 3 or 4 months, even though I paid 20 dollars for a charger and a uploading/downloading cord, I would try to contact the owner and get it back to him or her. Once it was fully charged, I looked at the last calls maid and they were over 1 year ago!!!!! From what I could tell the phone had no major buisness information that was important in it or media files and it looked like a company issued phone so I guess thats it. Sence the lady that gave it to me CLEARLY stated that she even ran an add in a local paper about the phone being gone, I feel my concence is releaved. I think im convenced im going to keep the Palm and reformat it, but what do you think just to doulble check, what would you do?
  25. I recently tryed to start a cache '"Frankenstein" that has not yet been aproved. The publisher e-mailed me back stating he would like more information about the area the cache is in. I think he was worried that it was in a cemitary. I e-mailed him back letting him know that the cache was near a cemitary 140ft behind it hanging in a tree. He then posted a reviewr note on the cache page saying: Owner states that the cache is behind the cemitary 140ft hanging on a tree behind a P-O-Pty. I got a copy of the e-mail because they said im the owner of the listing (Groundspeak said). What does this mean? Is he consolting other reviewers to see if it sould be denied or approved? I do not want to keep bugging him but when do I know when it is not aproved for good? Will they send me a note saying this won't work or will they archive it? Please help. MRbeachroach.
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