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  1. This package is SOLD For sale is a Garmin 60CSX GPS unit with box and original accessories. It is in excellent shape and has had a screen protector on it so there are not scratches on the screen or anywhere else that I see. It comes with the usb cables and the waypoint software, belt clip, box, and manuals. I will include an upgraded 1 gig memory card instead of the original 256mb. This is a great unit and will pick up a signal in crazy places. I just used it this past week on a flight and it was great to be able to actually identify the cities and features on the ground. It makes the time pass quickly. Also I have the MetroGuide (version 8.00) US maps and US topo (version 3.02) maps software. These should work on any PC you would like to load them on. They are original Garmin software. I would like to sell it all as a package for $300 including USPS priority with delivery confirmation. If no one is interested in the package in a few days, I will break it up and sell the components. Fine print: Payment by PayPal or M.O. same price. I would like to keep the sale within the CONUS. Sorry. PM for PayPal details.
  2. The new units have a battery setting for the lithium batteries. There is one for alkaline, NiMh, and lithium. I think it lets the unit calibrate the battery meter to the initial and ending voltages.
  3. It seems, using this logic, that lithium batteries would have higher internal resistance since they can be stored for 10 years. However, I do not believe this is true. It has to do with the construction of the internals of the battery and their construction. Much good information here and here.
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