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  1. Where ever I go I look for BMs. Some are in the Data Base, some are not. Some are seen on some version of the USGS topo map. Anyone else out there who (also) needs a 12-step for their BM hunting obsession? Recently I visited WildCat Mountain in Orange County, NY and found "Crusher", I think. Since it's not in the Data Base (USGS)I did not have a description, but if it is a simple drill hole in the outcropping bedrock, then score! I know someone else has recently recovered it as the hole was cleaned out and the foliose moss cleared away. I put a small rock cairn over the hole to keep it from getting covered up. A triple blazed oak tree (now decapitated) was nearby (approx 17'away). I have found similar drill holes that match up to topo map Triangular Sta. on Stahahe and Tuxedo Rock. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_JOo67nEcnWeUtfMXVBcGtPdTg/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_JOo67nEcnWM3dmZ1VmcUFxaTA/view?usp=sharing
  2. Thanks for this information. I checked out some of this websites pages and the info looks good. Nicely presented with images and information.
  3. yes- that look just like it. Thanks for posting the photo. Hope people hunt them. If I can find more, I'll post them.
  4. Congratulations woodstrider on your finds - with bonus points for picking them off a map! It sounds like you found some Aluminum Bronze disks. Did the disks look similiar to this?: (HO0158)
  5. Hi Harry Dolpin That's it! Now, that side walk does run along the FDR all the way to the outer wall of the U.N. Those guys were just over board. I'm just glad they weren't shootin'. By the way, I have a great story that involves BM hunting and a N.Y.P.D. K-9 unit, but I best not tell it on the internet. Maybe BM hunters should have their own Events and we can swap war stories over a cool one. By the way- is harry your name or a descriptive I love your geocache/benchmark mashup, the one in Weehawkin, I think. Very clever. Maybe someday I'll solve it.
  6. What a drag. I had a run in with some guards outside the U.N. in NYC when I was looking for the BM set vertically next to the southbound lane of the FDR and to the left (east) of the entrance to the U.N. garage. The two guards would not allow me to approach the disk and threatened to call the police. I said go ahead- you are violationing my civil rights. Then they got nasty and threatened to call their supervisor. I still got my trophy shot- as they threatened me I snapped away with my camera (and my mouth). As David Crockett said...If you know you are right then go ahead. But then, maybe he isn't the best person to paraphrase...
  7. Thanks to you both, TillaMurphs and Holtie22, for replying to my question on these BMs in Harriman State Park. This last weekend I went to HSP and looked for two of these BMs that are in Orange County. I found both of them using the map location only- I do not have a GPS, so it would be difficult to waymark them. I will try to scale the coordinates at another time. Here is a description of there locations, though you can see it for yourself on the current USGS quads. In Harriman State Park along Route 106 and west of Kanawauke Circle on July 14, 2012, were found two triangulation station BM disks made of yellow metal, placed by the "US Geological Survey cooperation with the state" and both stamped R-1926 and the specific elevation above sea level in feet. The first disk was found on a horizontal area of a boulder located just west of the culvert connecting upper and lower Kanawauke Lake and approx 20' north of 106. The top of the boulder projects approx. 4' above ground, the BM is approx. 1' above the ground and approx 6' below the level of the road. The elevation stamped was 829. The second disk was found approx 20' to the west of the camp road that leads north east to the camps along Lake Stahahes east side. It was located on outcropping bedrock on a small horizontal area approx 2' above the ground and about 4' above the level of the road. The elevation stamped was 811. Both disks were recovered in good condition. I did not look for any Reference or azimuth marks.
  8. Looking at different version of the USGS maps of Harriman State Park I have long noted benchmarks that are not in the NGS data base, but are clearly marked on various versions of these maps. They seem to fall into two distinct catagories: ones along the major roads in Harriman, and triangulation stations on top of peaks (Stewart Mtn and Tuxedo Rock are two examples). Does anyone have any ideas about these benchmarks?- know what they look like (disks verses chisled marks, etc), are they in some data base? And, does anyone hunt them?
  9. Last weekend I was hiking on the SBM in Harriman SP looking for geocaches and minding my own business when I came across a strange and unexpected BM on Panther Mountain. I found the geocache and this BM was an added bonus. I don't see it in the current NGS data sheets. It is a standard type bronze disk cemented into the bedrock of the highest point of the mountain and along the SBM Trail (or maybe a few feet east of the trail) and at a viewpoint. The disk has two names, the first one is unclear to me the second is H.L.Whitehead, and Monsey New York stamped around the rim and an incised cross in the middle. What say you in the BM hunting community? A property monument?
  10. I also live in Manhattan and frequently go up to Bear Mountain using public transportation. Here's how I do it. Take the MetroNorth Train- Hudson Line- to Manitou NY. This is a hikers stop on the weekends only (more or less- though it will stop once on the way south in the AM and once on the way north PM M-F for commuters). On the weekends it will stop on the way north in the morning at two different times and on the run south twice in the PM. Check their webpage for the exact hours. You then walk south about 3/4 of a mile and walk across the Bear Mountain Bridge (great views). Turn left and there you are. I know you have kids and this might be too much of a hike for the family. You can also take the train to Peekskill and take a taxi to the Park. There is a bus- gotten from Port Authority Bus Terminal that will go up there. I often backpack across the park starting from the west side and one of the towns on Route 17 (like Tuxedo or Sloatsberg where there are geocaches to be found!) and take the train home form Manitou, or vis-versa. Good luck.
  11. Are you kidding me! I never refuse to log a find. I work solely for the smileys Though- sometimes I forget.
  12. a women by the name of Malia P. She contacted me through the websight and said she was interested in doing a piece on geocaching for her journalism course. Originally I said that I would take her on a short geocaching trip, but I pulled out when I found out that she had planned to filme the meeting. I had two reservations- one that she did not tell me she planned from the beginning to film our meeting- I like to remain anonomous and two I would not want to have the location of any caches filmed for the obivious reasons. Were you contacted ?
  13. I know most of those shelters that were mentioned by brian b and walkin' ed- except one. The shelter above Kannewauke Circle gets regular and hard use. This is one that I was thinking of. ... as does the one on Pleasant Valley Road (which as Ed rightly states is really an old single car garage- a left over from the days of the Moore Estate I believe. On one of the older versions of the TC map it is shown as a shelter. I don't count it as a shelter myself. And it has never looked appealing to me. I have yet to visit the one on the road connecting twin and summit lakes, this was my second mystery shelter. Though I have visited this area many times. My third mystery shelter no one has mentioned. And neither will I in this venue. But, It is not a mystery to some and gets alot of use, too, especially if one is to go by all the broken beer bottles.
  14. I have seen some listings that are very extreme- and challenging- and not in the sense that they are very well hidden or camoed. I know of two that requires a boat to get to the middle of the Hudson River (and one is an earthcache at that!) Several require climbing gear for scaling cliffs or trees. One requires scuba gear. Some are very long approach hikes. All say that in the listing.
  15. I have several micro sized hides that I have had to make a small log for. I used the mint dental floss (wax coated) as binding (sewing the pages of the log together) and as a way to remove the log from the container. . I used the mint because it's green. It is more visible so people can see the short thread and pull out the log. So far no problems. . I also use red thread. But I like the minty fresh smell .
  16. Thank you to jwahl and Z15 for the expert comments.
  17. I have just archived my hide , Trivium, because it was muggled twice and the TBs and geocoins stolen. I think that I met the guy who did it. He was homeless and/or insane and the cache was hidden in a rather isolated area of Central Park. I no longer feel good sending people there, nor do I wish to feel responsible for the loss of other's property. So the cache is permanently archived. But, still- I think that that homeless guy took the goods. I was so mad that I even confronted him alone and in the dark last night. Oh, well. I guess this is the risk we all all take in this sport- I mean the loss of caches and TBs and geocoins-not the insanity of confronting crazies. Thanks for listening.
  18. So, about 2 years ago while hiking up to the summit of Mt. Taylor, NM, I came across one of these...I was actually looking to find a BM bearing tree that was on the USGS map nearer to the Gooseberry Springs Trail, but came across one on a bushwhack miles away. Very interesting and very little information on the subject when I googled it. I took a photo- but not on a digital camera. There was a mark on the tree, a disk in the ground and a sign. Who else finds this of interest? They seem to be a specialtity of the west, I've seen them on a few western quads, but not on the eastern ones (though I am hardly an expert). They seem to have been used to mark property lines. So I throw it out to the experts. Bearing Trees as bench marks.
  19. OK- so maybe a million people start a thread like this one....found a bench mark and can't find it listed. So, here's another one... While walking in Central Park, NYC, NY in a place I've been to like a million times I see something new... a nice chiseled square. Elev. also chiseled in stone next to it. It looks old and going by the structure it was on I'd say the 19th century. Or maybe it is an elaborate and very destructive "prank". Don't know. So, what do I do? Also... I am a geocacher who does not own a GPS...I kick it old school, using mapped coordinates to find the hides. Maybe a local hunter would like to go with me to ID this square? I live in Manhattan.
  20. At one time, I had a "Shelters of Harriman" series (Stone Memorial) that brought hikers to each of the stone shelters within the park system. What about the "Secret Shelters of Harriman State Park"? How many do you know? I can count three.
  21. well- there goes another oppurtunity lost! I have seen a number of caches archived due to the high risk factor. One of my hides was denied because it was across the street from the UN in NYC and the NYAdmin thought that it was placed in too sensitive an area, though it was in a tiny urban park. I was very disappointed. Well, It's their call- their websight.
  22. I have learned... more about map reading since I hide and seek by map and not GPS. to trust my instincts. to perservere. to be patient. to be bold. to not care if non-players think that the person thrashing about in the bushes or lurking at odd spots is just a little bit crazy. that yes, my inner child is alive and well. more in the last year about the city, and indeed the world, that I live in then I did the previous 50 years.
  23. OK, I don't own an earthcache, but I have found a few. Being a bit tech-challanged and working this game on a low tech basis anyway (no GPS- maps only), when I have looked for this type of "cache" I have had to explain to the owner that I can not upload photos. But I answer the questions and offer, gladly, to send a hard copy of the photos. So far, only one owner insisted that I do this. Other owners have let the find stand. I am happy that they do. But I am just as happy to have found GZ and learned something new about this wonderful planet! I think earthcaches are the most fun and I am constantly pleased by them. Thanks to all the earthcache owners- you rock!
  24. was it this cache? oh here is my obligatory post YES, That is the one!
  25. I'm sure that this topic has been trotted out before, but I will put it up anyway. You reply will totally depend on how you define "Extreme". I will leave it up to you! I would have to say any one in a series of "Phobia" caches by Riptoshreds. I haven't done one yet...maybe never will
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