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    Could you please place the souvenirs in our souvenir page in the date received. It would make it so much easier to find them and enjoy them.
  2. I believe until a cacher has found a predetermined number of caches, they should be restricted from hiding any. In to many cases, their hides are done poorly. The coords are bad, in some cases very bad, they place them in inappropriate places, and they often lack the experience to properly determine the difficulty or terrain rating.
  3. I've experienced this too. In fact, I've got it going on right NOW! This is the second time I've had it happen. PQ are also giving me a problem, when I click on "Traditional" caches, my PQ includes event caches and letter boxes. I didn't click those boxes when setting up the PQ but, they've been included anyhow.
  4. Good! I'm glad to know Groundspeak is aware of this. I hope you get it fixed soon.
  5. I'm having the same problem, when I called Garmin, the tech. told the problem is with the Geocaching.com site. I've successfully down loaded the new plug-in (version but I still can't up load the cache to my GPSr. HELP!!!!!!!!!
  6. Red Ryder

    GW5 coins

    Getting the coins/information out to the buyers has been poorly handled(IMHO) If I had your coin and you were waiting for my payment, would you still be patient? I think not. Next time, at least for me, the coin and money will exchange on the spot. It's better that way.
  7. I wasn't criticizing...............just inquiring.
  8. What happened to the "Event Coin" that people paid for (at the Groundspeak tent)and were told it would be mailed within the week? I haven't seen or heard anything since paying for it at the event. Any updates?
  9. I got my United We Cache coins yesterday but, the activation code doesn't work. Now what? Got it fixed, good to go now. I like this coin!
  10. I can't remember if I've placed my order but, if i didn't and if I can, I'd like 2 reg. and 2 L.E. Thanks Red Ryder
  11. I got mine today. They look GREAT! Glad I bought.
  12. I bought 2 of the coins and I was disappointed with them! The sales picture shows the Jeep side in COLOR but, the actual coin has NO COLOR on that side! I didn't get what was advertised. ......other then that it's a nice coin. It's MY fault, I should have read the description better and I would have known the Jeep wasn't in color.[]
  13. I would be interested in 2 coins. Just let me know what I need to do.
  14. March 6th, 3:30p/m. Web site Not Responding......AGAIN.
  15. Sorry for all the trouble. The "trick" it seems is on me. Someone placed a dozen or so sheets of paper, printed on one side in a light blue (process blue) color. Even lifting the tray up, the color doesn't "bleed through", so you don't notice it. Mystery solved. Boy do I feel embarrassed.
  16. IMHO, Geocaching.con has gone very negitive on virtual hides and California is only interested in how much money you have so they know what to charge you at the parks, beaches, public lands, etc. which, incidentally is supported by our tax dollar!
  17. No, I live alone,so that is not the problem. Thanks.
  18. Late this afternoon I was printing cache pages of some local hides when all of a sudden the pages start coming out over printed with a checking/saving form from Bank of the West to reconcile your account. (I do not have an account there, or have ANY business dealing with this bank) It only happens with the cache page, NOT map quest, NOT "My Account" page, NOT anything else! Is anyone else having this problem ?, or am I the only one "blessed" with this.
  19. All the new bells and whistles don't mean a hill of beans if you can't access them. "Server to busy" and "Web site not responding" isn't worth a wooden nickel let alone $30. a year for dues, one can get the same crappy service for free!!!!!
  20. Are we not doing this, this year? . I thought it was a fun idea . What do others think?
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