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  1. SquareD22, That is so cool. I made jewelry in a high school class years ago in the same manner. Your halibut looks great! 3 Happy Campers
  2. How is this nickel produced? Is it handpainted or professionally printed? It looks great. Our first wooden nickel was pretty basic, nothing special and we're looking to do something a little nicer this time. Thanks, 3 Happy Campers
  3. Love it, have to have it!! Would be interested in 3 when available.
  4. I placed my first 2003 USA Geocoin in a cache. It was in a coin holder with a goal attached. That didn't stop the first person who nabbed it from keeping it for going on 3 years now. I haven't released any of my other 2003 coins from my inventory because of that one. Oh well I guess.
  5. Emailed for 4, hope I'm not too late. Thank You, 3 Happy Campers
  6. PP'd for 4 Bronze. Thank You, 3 Happy Campers:D
  7. I have an Alaska coin that I would like to trade for a Tennessee coin. Thank You, 3 Happy Campers
  8. The coin design is beautiful! Just ordered 10 via pay pal. Thanks! 3 Happy Campers
  9. Yikes, just saw the post about ordering being closed, of course after I ordered via paypal 6 coins. Please advise. I wouldn't mind waiting on a list. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused you. 3 Happy Campers
  10. Thanks Sissy for the coins. We received ours on Saturday, June 4th to zip code 99801, Juneau Alaska. The coins were packaged very well! Thanks Again! 3 Happy Campers
  11. We occasionally have that problem up here in Alaska. I've seen rubbermaids completely destroyed by bears chewing on them. Recently I replaced a rubbermaid that had been chewed all around the lid by some kind of small critter. I'm using brand new containers that have never had food in them, I think they are attracted to the plastic. Unfortunately cachers sometimes forget and will leave items in the cache that attract animals (food, candy, flavored lip balm etc...)
  12. I can drop my order to 2 if that helps. Thanks again!! 3 Happy Campers
  13. We would love to purchase 4 coins when they are available. Please email us with the details. Thank You, 3 Happy Campers
  14. I suppose that works!! I'm not lost, I know exactly where I'm not.
  15. Our son is 12 and he really enjoys the hunt, but I think his favorite part are the goodies in the cache! I like the idea of hiding the gifts and the kids finding them with the GPS. Might have to give that a try! Misty (3 Happy Campers) I'm not lost, I know exactly where I'm not.
  16. Here in Alaska we don't have to worry about snakes but we do have to watch out for bears. See Cache Mendenhall Treasure Trove GC15DC. Check out the photos taken last summer when the trail was closed due to Brown Bear activity on the trail. Happy Caching
  17. To expect a "newbie" to log 15 finds before placing a cache is unrealistic. There are less than 15 caches available in our area and only 22 within 100 miles of where we are. We found 2 before placing our cache, now we're hooked!
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