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  1. We were on our third find on this old Castle Air Force Base when we noticed that "yes" indeed we were being followed since arriving in this area...... It was at night around 7:00pm.....Feb 06, 2010... All that plantdude posted and more on his caching log for cache GCZTQV is what took place..... So, I will not go into anymore explanation of our disruption in geocaching on this base......you can go to his post on the geocaching.com website to read more..... I did locate the Nicely Camo-ed Cache Container and was asked by security to show it to him....which I did..... I shared with him that each cacher takes great care in placing a cache for those who take part in this great game...and sometimes go to great lengths to create some awesome containers...... I am not sure if they will remove the container or not.... Since we were told to leave the premises immediately..... In which we did......I called the cache owner who is a friend of mine and shared with him what transpired..... We will see what occurs from all of this.... Hopefully good! Thanks Tom for looking into this.... Call me if you need more info..... Take care,
  2. Why thank you Green Achers Although it was Super Grrl's BD Sleep Over Party....and would of taken me four hours total or more to have to driven from my home up in the Sierra's and back to the Central Valley twice for two days! So, it just made sense to Cache down there, sleep down there, Cache down there, eat down there, Cache down there, drive down there, Cache down there......etc etc....... .... My girls were having a good time, I think I should too! Since it's summer....and I got to make up for all those lost Caches that I would never of gone to if I didn't have this TIME.... I'm Loving It! So, thanks for the approval!
  3. And I happen to know that TWO of their Mommies are camped out in Merced, nice and comfy (and quiet) in a brand new motel. They had to camp out after a hard day of caching and another planned for tomorrow. And the way I heard it, you VOLUNTEERED for this duty (most likely sucking up to your wife, I expect.) But, how are you going to stay ahead of NascarFam when you are now a professional "sitter"? Huh?? Actually he doesn't have to suck up to me (his wife). He was sucking up to his daughter who some day will be in charge of his health care. At the time of your post, those ladies were still out caching. They showed up extremely tired today. No worries he's married to Wolf Grrl he'll stay ahead! Talk about the nicest couple I ever did meet.....uhhhhhhh...that would be The Hubby and Wolf Grrl.....if they still consider me their friend????? My girls had a Blast at the Birthday Sleepover Party.....And, let me tell you....that was some wild and crazy party with all those bunch of girls...... I know my girls said it was the Best Ever! Thank you Guys, for your Love, it just keeps on Giving....... You made my caching weekend happen because you so selfishly gave of your time..... You guys are Amazing.....Thanks again! By the way did you enjoy that bottle of wine that I gave to you to unwind after everyone left???? Remember, Have no wine, before it's time! Now's the Time.......
  4. ONE THOUSAND!!! YES! Way to go BBNIS!!!
  5. You bet there was!! Team Pilot (JPD43, HappyToBeFirst, 2 For the Road, and Photom) departed Merced on 7/5/08 at 03:15 AM and headed south. We started caching near Porterville at 4:45 AM, then headed over to the Yokohl Valley. At the end of the long day, we all had a personal best day ever with 134 finds! [/quote
  6. We love the pics of some of the CVC kids gathered at a Woodstock they will always remember! No Hendrix, but plenty of LOVE......The Geo-Caching Way!
  7. Can't believe I have made it this far.....it's all in fun not the numbers that counts.....right guys? Thanks everyone......
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