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  1. Yeah, god help you if you are from out of state and try to get an FTF in that area of Iowa. Even if you get one, you'll get viciously attacked and cursed at. I stopped bothering to try to get FTF after that, pretty much anywhere. I generally try to avoid the area altogether, I groaned when I heard MOGA would be there next year. Somehow doubt I'll go. Oh, and my personal record for FTF in one day is 2... but they were both 300 miles from home. Sure had me fooled. I'd love to know who really holds the world record and where it took place.
  2. 1047,that's fantastic. Where was that at?
  3. My 'record' is 288 in one day. Obviously on the ET highway. My wife and I had a blast. Anytime I go caching I have a good time. Even the so-called lame ones are fun because I'm outdoors and there is always something new to see. Cache on.
  4. ScubaSonics stats show that he has 9 FTF's in a day. Well actually if you look at my profile in "GSAK" under "Some Numbers" towards the bottom you will see "most FTFs in a day" for me is 38 Scubasonic Sorry for getting that wrong. I saw it in your stats where you state that your best is 9. I guess it was a old set of stats that I was looking at. Cache on.
  5. ScubaSonics stats show that he has 9 FTF's in a day.
  6. What is the record for FTF's in one day?
  7. Never mind. I just sent for the original order and received it right away. Thanks.
  8. <EDIT> OK never mind. I finally found where you could do a query and they(Smittyware) would send you the original order number. So I think I am good to go now. Thanks again to all. Drag-racer, I'm in the same boat. Was using cache mate on the Palm and just purchased a IPAQ hx2950B. Having trouble with GPXSonar and tought I might try Cache mate for PPC. Lost my reg code. How/where did you go about getting the original order? Thanks.
  9. I just purchased a 60CSX for $399.99 from Dickssportinggoods.com. You will need this online code (DSPCIRC20) to get the 20% discount. The coupon does say that it does not apply to Electronics, but my unit is in shipment and I should get it tomorrow. A friend of mine is getting his today. This is for real. Valid through 2/18/06.
  10. I guess that explains why it took me 14 hours to do a 1/1 two miles from the house. Had a hell of a time explaining to my wife where I was.
  11. I have mounted my GPS on my shoulder to the strap of a camelpack (hydration system) while hiking to lay down a track. It worked very well for me.
  12. My vote goes to the greatest. None other then Glenn Nash from StLouis,Mo. Bernie
  13. HELP PLEASE--I'm totally confused now. Which program is the better way to go? Do I need to use Plucker/gpx2html or GPXView to put the GPX files into my Sony SJ22 PDA. I have all 3 programs on my laptop, but don't know how to use any of them. I'm out here in Wa. on vacation from St.Louis and sure would like to get the PDX files into my PDA. Thanks Bernie Bernie
  14. If you can't find it on the internet, then you won't find it anywhere. And you normally safe a bunch of money.
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