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  1. Oh thank you. (That is a workaround, right? How in the world does one find that from the homepage? I am so lost.) edit: I am sure that it wasn't just by clicking on my name last night. sorry. LOL
  2. Oh thank you, that is a helpful suggestion. Trying to wade through everybody else's complaints and suggestions....I still can't figure how to see a list of my DNFs and/or all logs on the profile...am I missing something obvious?
  3. Well now...this development explains to me why the friends to whom I recently introduced Geocaching are having so much trouble. I recently spent two weeks in Florida, going out on twelve of those days with relatives and/or muggle friends, most of whom are above 50 years old. Only about 20% of them had smartphones. Several were really excited about it, and I explained the various ways that they could participate. Last summer I started geocaching using ONLY the website, the non-premium login, and Google Earth (gasp! yep, we found the majority of our first 30 caches without any sort of GPSr OR phone), so I told them they could do that, too. Three of them became frustrated with the website and I couldn't figure out why; now I know. I understand about the marketing aspects of "majority rule" and all that, but I was amazed at all the VERY active (and marketable) older population who have eschewed smartphones and love getting out in nature for new adventures.
  4. Quote: "Allowing an exception to the proximity guideline due to a terrain feature such as a cliff, a river, .... is a slippery slope" Fun (unintentional?) pun!Thanks for the giggle, and the intended point to consider.
  5. I appreciated this thread. I was going to ask about the pros and cons of PMO vs public, and here it all is. :-) I see that for the caches I have placed, I have not thought through about some of the obvious things (multis not being as popular in general, and the fact that the intro app users can't even see the multis). Live and learn!
  6. I really appreciate this thread. I am new, but in my general area there is what I consider to be a dearth of active caches, particularly non-traditionals, so I've been solving that by placing some myself. I had two caches publish yesterday that had a related question. [spoiler alert for the locals...] It's sort of a PNG- type traditional nano at the entrance to a cemetery, and a two-stage multi (both smalls) farther inside. I cache with my Android only (gasp! ah, at least, thus far!) The way I measured the distance from the PNG, it came out to something like 544 feet. The actual terrain would make it farther, but I knew the straight-line coords distance would be what counted. I hoped my measurements were accurate, and told the reviewer so, but I also wondered if this wouldn't be granted some leniency because the cache types were so obviously different. I guess my measurements were OK, though (or else the leniency was granted with no comment), because I got no reviewer feedback and both caches published. And as far as the moving them goes, I will wait to see how many people comment on the accuracy of the coordinates. To me, the maps look like the PNG are in the middle of the road, but I get those coordinates with every check. But maybe they won't comment on it because it's so obvious what IS the right location? If I have to adjust them very far, by my measurements I've only got 15 feet of wiggle-room. (I'd love to read others' opinions about this)
  7. I am a newby and I *still* have a couple of questions about etiquette. 1)If I don't have any trackables in my possession / haven't purchased any yet, can I go to a nearby TB Hotel cache (or any cache that has several) and retrieve all of them? Or is it more polite to, say, only discover one and not retrieve it (leave one in the cache so it won't be empty), or to take only one, or maybe a certain percentage of them, or ....??? 2)I have tried retrieving and placing one TB so far. I took it from a cache that was not for only premium members, and that was an easy find, but not quite a park-and-grab, and within the hour I moved it to the nearest cache which was also a general, not-for-only-premium-members. This cache I placed it in was a small park-and-grab at an interstate rest area. I came home and logged my actions that same day. I feel really bad that the TB seems to have vanished, even though the cache doesn't seem to have been otherwise compromised.(It's been over a month, with plenty more logs of "found".) I suppose it is better to leave them in a more isolated cache -- or, say, a TB hotel (since most of them seem to be muggled less)? Or was this just as likely to be a coincidence of bad luck?
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