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  1. Naming the chunks is not a problem. I just overtype the default "from 1:50k GB" or whatever it is, when exporting. I normally just call it by the name of whichever town is in the middle. eg, Telford area, Birmingham area but this way I must be getting lots of overlapping and it's still a pain when trying to decide which map to load when stitting at home trying to plan a raid Mark
  2. The whole of the UK requires about 3.5 Gb The version I have is whole of uk (regions 1-6 if I remember rigtly) but they are not listed on the disc like that, it's just one big lump.
  3. At the moment I transfer visible portion of map from PC memory map software to the Mio for an area we intend visiting. This means I have an increasing number of sections on the mio probably overlap a lot. I'm considering creating a more organised set of chunks but I would like to make a sort of reference page (a bit like the sort of think you get inside a road atlas) to enable me to identify easily which chunk of map I need to load Is this possible? Thanks Mark (part of Delta68)
  4. Wow! I didn't even know wap.geocaching.com existed! We've looked up details on the normal site using a mobile phone and it's really tedious... Mark
  5. There is Wi-Fi but it's not available for general use. I thought about using the Mio P550 talking to the mobile phone via Bluetooth but I couldn't even get the webcam image to display on the Mio when it was connected straight to a pc. Plan B was to write a program to do screen grabs at short intervals. (I think JimJinks did something similar) This worked fine on my work pc but kept crashing at home and I didn't want to risk a wasted journey In the end I just asked a colleague (whom I introduced to geocaching and has done a grand total of 1) to do a screen grab and I phoned him up when we were there. I wanted a picture of just the dogs on GZ but it was a bit too busy...
  6. wrighty is the obvious choice for GLOUCESTERSHIRE but if he is not available, we are regulars to Gloucestershire and would be willing to place a cache for that county if there are no other takers. (We are actually on the edge Warwickshire bordering Worcestershire)
  7. Do you cheat at patience? When playing one of the many one-person card games do you make illegal moves in order to win? Yes? No? What would be the point if you're only cheating yourself? By now you are probably thinking, "What on earth is this muppet wittering on about now?" We did our first webcam cache yesterday and when we came to log it I was amazed at how many people logged photos which aren't actually webcam images! Sorry, but I just don't see the point.....
  8. That took me about 30 seconds to crack! Too easy! It's over 50 miles from home so we shan't be doing it anytime soon. Mark
  9. OK. It seems I was too hasty commenting on this and I certainly didn't mean to offend or upset anyone. Sorry if I have
  10. Thanks for all the comments I think I changed my opinion with every post and agreed with each of you in turn Perhaps I ought to just concentrate on setting traditional/multi caches in nice locations. But hang on, I have this really good idea for a puzzle cache....... Mark
  11. What's the general opinion on this? If a puzzle cache is set with, for argument's sake, Difficulty: 4.5 and Terrain 1.5 the challenge is obviously in solving the puzzle; NOT finding the cache. Am I alone in being irritated with teams 'tagging along' etc To me it's as bad as signing the log on someone else's behalf
  12. Thanks for the replies I'll have a play later if I get a chance.
  13. Fact number 1: My wife's Nokia phone connects to the Internet Fact number 2: The phone is Bluetooth enabled Fact number 3: Our P550 is Bluetoothable Question: can I configure the P550 to access the Internet using Buetooth via the Nokia phone (without setting the phone up as a number dialing modem) ? Thanks
  14. Like many others, have a Mio P550 running TomTom 6,Memory Map 5 and Beeline. TomTom is great for getting to a parking location as co-ords can be entered directly. MM is good for seeing where you are but I am still having teething troubles with showing waypoints. We still normally use the good ol' etrex for the final leg as it is rubust, waterproof, clear and batteries last for ages. Not only that, son and/or daughter can run on ahead with the etrex whereas I wouldn't want to risk the mio getting dropped or argued over etc... Being able to set cache locations as tomtom point of interest is really handy and enables us to spot caches which we would otherwise have driven straight past.
  15. I mentioned this in the cache log for GC139AM. We were on top of Cleeve Hill just after visiting this cache and a Lancaster bomber flew past. Yes! One of only two left in the world that can still fly; and it flew past us! We were level with it! We could have reached out and touched the wing tips (nearly ) but the card on our new camera was completely full of spurious shots of tupperware containers so we were unable to take any photos ARRGGH! Never again will we get a chance to see and hear such an awesome spectical from such a great view-point A couple of 2Gb memory cards are now on order!
  16. The plan was to use TomTom to get to parking location and then use MM to get to the cache. We tried this the other night but Memory Map doesn't appear to give real time updates of the distance to cache location. This could just be the way I've got it set up. In the end we resorted to the Etrex for the last 100m or so. I read a thread yesterday where someone says he only uses MM and Beeline. I installed beeline and I'm well impressed! It seems to do every thing that the etrex does and more. So, It would be nice to be able to flick between MM and Beeline. I've downloaded the gpsmeter portsplitter and will give it a go when I get home.... Thanks to everyone for all the help Mark
  17. Thanks I 'll give it a go. We went out caching last night and TomTom & MM both worked fine. Today, I've installed Beeline and TT+MM can no longer get a signal although Beeline works fine! Warum? Pouroui? Why?
  18. Thanks for the reply geoffenator The MM website suggested doing a Hard Reset and that seemd to help I've set th port settings like you said and I actually think I've got it sussed now Thanks
  19. And another thing, when I starts MM (in the mio) it starts minimised in the task bar and I can't find out how to maximise it AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody help me before I put it through the piggin' window!!! Please
  20. How do I get my P550 to talk to memory map 5? How am I supposed to set up the GPS? The help file says select NMEA 0183 but if I do it just thinks for a while then comes up with an error. Life was so simple with the etrex...
  21. Er.. that's as clear as mud. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I'm using TomTom 6 on a Mio P550. How do I do it ? Do I copy straight to the pda or do I need to use the TomTom HOME application? Thanks Mark
  22. I tried this yesterday but I can't see how to import the POI file into TomTom... Thanks
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