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  1. If a parking place is suggested then the route to the cache should also have been tested. Yes, believe it or not it happens!
  2. A move of that distance required moderator assistance so it's not for us to comment
  3. There's a cache not too far from us which was moved 2822.7 feet to a totally different road and with a new container. I'd have thought that should have been archived and a new one started - it could still have the same name after all. If it was a new cache I would be tempted to go and do it, but finding 'the same' cache twice* would just look silly on the log. *yes, yes, I know you can find YOSM over and over again but that's supposed to be like that
  4. We're still up for it! Just that having got back from hols work gets in the way! (We both have jobs that include working at the weekend -me alternate weekends!) Soon -promise. G If KandG change their minds we'll willingly place a quality cache for Warwickshire
  5. Shouldn't a major series such as this have been offered for adoption?
  6. An album title rather than a song comes to mind when doing many of the Motorway Mayhem caches. Diesel and Dust by Midnight Oil
  7. Mark mentioned he'd posted about my bite/sting on here, I told myself I wasn't going to read the thread ………Well here I am, I've read it and now wishing I hadn't - thankfully my finger is much better this morning ..... apart from the itching Donna
  8. We went to check out a local point of interest today that we used to frequent regularly as muggles but haven't been there for a couple of years, Mrs D worked nearby years ago and had mentioned wanting to set a cache there for a while, it has excellent views but the area was littered with broken bottles and rubbish, obviously an after dark hive of activity, a real pity because it would have made a great cache location but there's no way we were going to set one there. This seems to be a growing problem.
  9. Last night, just as it was getting dark we revisited a local cache to make a note of some bonus co-ords we'd forgotten to get on our first visit. Anyway, as Mrs D replaced the cache in the bush/tree thing she got stung by something. There was no sign of any bee/wasp etc nor stinging nettles. She said that it felt like a bee-sting but the discomfort seems to last a lot longer. I assumed it had been a drowsy wasp or something. Anyway, today she asked on another forum somewhere about stings and someone (from the UK) suggested it might have been a spider! I wasn't aware that any spiders bit people in this country but I remembered that I did see a spider whizz back up its thread when I shone the torch into the bush. Further investigation today (always a bad idea) leads me to think she might have been bitten by a False Widow. The symptoms seem to fit the bill. Anyone else (UK only please) experienced this Thanks edited to add: Oh yes, we're in Warwickshire
  10. A new local cache, for which I should have got notified, was published this morning but there was no email. Mrs D didn't receive an email either (different notification, different email address) Thanks
  11. Planning a 'The Lock' ? Sorry, can't help in your search...
  12. That's wierd! My version of EasyGPS (2.3.8) doesn't have that GeocacheID column.. With regards to the G only being dropped sometimes, we usually pick from the 'nearest' list in the etrex rather than searching through the lists
  13. It's the repeated freeze/thaw that destroys things not just the length of time below freezing
  14. Are you outside? Also, it can take quite a while to find a signal sometimes...
  15. I don't really understand what you mean. I use GSAK for loading data into the Mio, but I use EasyGPS along with my .vbs script for the Etrex. I don't use EasyGPS from anything other than loading data to teh Etrex so just having the waypoint code tweaked is fine for me. Mark
  16. Thanks for the reply FollowMeChaps. We set a cache earlier in the week with we think will be OK and have set the accessible attibute. It's only a cache and dash really.
  17. OK, I've fixed that... I've changed the link to a page on the site with a link
  18. Our Etrex only handles waypoint codes up to 6 chars long. This is a pain as geocache codes are now 7 chars long and the codes get truncated overwriting each other. To combat this problem I wrote a simple .vbs file to remove the leading 'G' from codes with 7 characters and being the nice kind people that we are, we thought others might find it useful Click here to download it Save it to your desktop or somewhere handy and run it by dropping a .gpx or .loc file on to it (or a shortcut to it) It will create a new file with the word 'fixed' inserted into the filename. I'd be pleased to know if anyone else finds it useful... Thanks Mark
  19. Good Point!! There's a cache near us which we've had three attempts at but is fiercely guarded by a bunch of bolshy bovine beasties.
  20. Thanks for that. Shame it's not a physical cache... OK I'll come clean What I want to set is a cache to be called: Not Motorway Mayhem M96 A 35mm film canister somewhere along the M96 motorway I think it would be a great location - looks like a Motorway Mayhem cache but isn't If anyone fancies trying to get permission, go for it!! I've started drafting a letter but the usual "CITO" benefits to land owners etc don't really apply.....
  21. Which one is that? Is it still active? Might be useful to quote when seeking permission... Thanks
  22. Thanks for the replies. To make this a bit clearer, the place I have in mind is within the grounds of a college so it would be accessible to the 500 or so people who attend the college plus relatives and staff. Obviously only a few of these would be geocachers, the rest of the public would probably have to wait until an open day. I don't know this for sure though as I have never visited the place in person, but I have seen their website It might be that the facilities are open to the public at other times but I am imagining a 'worse case' at the moment. I am also currently crafting a grovelling letter seeking permission The location is so unique that it would be too good an opportunity to miss
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