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  1. Ours arrived today Thanks to the Cryptik Souls Crew
  2. Just wondered. It would make a good talking point in an interview...
  3. A pair Labradors, but the don't 'alf complain when we try and squeeze them in the rucksack Seriously though (just in case anyone didn't realise I was joking ) the dogs are great cover. You'd be amazed how long we have to spend searching in the undergrowth for that lost tennis ball
  4. One of the things we DO like finding in caches is foreign coins. These have very little value but son and daughter like to argue over collect them. This poses a problem when deciding what to leave in their place. Would trading up mean we have to leave a foreign coin of a higher value? We normally swap them for one of the many high quality items we buy in specially for the purpose
  5. I know several geocachers have car number plates which reflect their hobby. Last Friday evening I was driving along the A34 by Oxford behind a car whose number plate was K4 GEO, and wondered it was a fellow cacher.... Mark
  6. This caught my eye as I've had a similar problem with foot pain. Had knee surgery about 5 years ago and this has had a knock on effect to other parts of the body with various muscle imbalances, the foot problem was very painful. Having lost faith in my GP I went to a podiatrist, had a bio-mechanical assessment and had custom orthotics/inserts made, I use them in all my shoes now, not cheap but worth every penny, tend to only wear walking/running shoes now but along with exercises the problem did go away. Donna
  7. The deafening response suggests that no-one else cares....
  8. I was just looking at caches on the map in North Belgium. They seem to like puzzles and multis there but unfortunately my knowledge of Dutch is very limited. Some caches have an English translation in the description but (unless I'm wrong) the only way to find which ones these are is to view each one in turn. Being able to specify language in a PQ would be great! Thanks
  9. and down again I've changed our cache listings to use nmgeocaching.com instead now. No audit log, but at least it works Thanks for the replies
  10. We have an unpublished (never to be published) cache set at our home co-ords to hold our collection of geocoins which we don't intend to let loose into the world(yet). That sort of thing would make a good point to log back to after each trip... We don't bother keeping a track of mileage - it's just a reminder of how much derv we've wasted on this hobby/habit
  11. Could do with adding GCR48A "Ghostly Tunnel Vision" to that list as well. It's do-able in the daylight (as we did last week) but I reckon it would be much creepier at night (and probably easier)
  12. We haven't done many serieseseses but S.O.M is our current favourite as well. Rather than just a string of micros at random locations, each one is at a location which is interesting in its own right. Cats-eyes' C.O.D series is pretty good as well
  13. Geochecker.com appears to be out of action. Bit of a blow really as a couple of our very good puzzles rely on it... Can anyone shed any light on the problem?
  14. Not php, but here's a javascript one I've used on occasions Might be of use to you/someone...
  15. We would have changed it if it had been possible when we first started, but with 400+ finds and 12 hides, I think we're past the point of no return now...
  16. "Due to a recent feature change to our website, we now have the ability to grant username changes under qualifying circumstances." What are qualifying circumstances?
  17. Oh, so it IS possible now? This thread can now be closed
  18. How come jim_h has changed his name to TheCluehunter3 ? See thread 'Easy cache needed in Langley Mill' and click on Topic Starter Edited to add: The sub title should, of course, have read 'I thought name changes were not possible!'
  19. Relax... It will move eventually... ... unless some muggle sets fire to it
  20. We tend to log our finds in the evening whilst relaxing with a glass of wine or two. Last night it took us nearly 2½ hours to log 10 finds!
  21. The two caches I mentioned originally were just two that I had happened upon that week. I could have post other examples. This one for example has only had two visits and I wouldn't be suprised if this was partly due to that fact that it's listed as a puzzle rather than a multi. We quite often go to an area with two or three caches in mind and then see what else it in the area when we get there. Looking at the icons on MemoryMap, we'd more than likely skip over an unknown and do a multi or traditional instead I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with them - just that they more often than not require prior planning.
  22. Just trying to plan a trip to France and trying to see where any clusters of caches are; with the new google map it just isn't possible
  23. Er... no... You have an 'unknown' cache of your own that doesn't involve working anything out at home
  24. Surely this one is a multi not an unknown. and I've seen several others like it whereas ones like this should be an unknown rather than a multi. and there's quite a few more like this as well. When we set our first cache we erroneously called it a traditional when it was infact an offset/multi. We later changed the clues so it was a trad after comments from other cachers... I would have thought it quite important to get it right as cache type is the only thing that cannot be changed at a later date. Mark
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