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  1. I think you mean a defunct night cache in Warwickshire which needs archiving. I emailed the owner a month or so ago asking if it was still possible but got no reply (although he has since logged onto geocaching.com)
  2. Yup! That's the one Or at least get a good reason why it can't be done!
  3. I just noticed this has been asked before and has failed to get a satisfactory response...
  4. Why aren't the search options on the 'advanced search options' page available on the pocket query page? I was trying to set up a pocket query which automatically* lists all caches hidden by a specific cacher but this doesn't appear to be possible *using a bookmark list would not be 'automatic'
  5. Can anyone recommend a wifi hotspot sniffer for Mio p550? Preferably free or donateware etc Thanks
  6. Looks a bit like the TimeSliceII virtual cache which uses mobile phone tracking... OK maybe it's nothing like it
  7. A decent puzzle cache will sometimes attract us to an area we wouldn't otherwise have gone to and we'd make a day of it doing nearby trad/multis while we're there. We find 'just google for it' type of puzzles somewhat tedious but do do them eventually. We've set a few puzzle caches and each one is different. I have lots of ideas for puzzles but it sometimes ends up feeling like a waste of a location One of our puzzles (and accompanying bonus cache ) is in a lovely spot but seems to be a lot tougher than we first thought which is a shame really...
  8. It sounded familiar but I just had to google it to refresh my memory...
  9. Minor point If the original setter used an alias it can start to get a bit odd For example: Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter GC14CWJ Was originally set by PopUpPirate under the alias 'Metal Eddie' to keep it themed and the setter's link would go through PuP's profile page. No problem there, but it now says: A cache by Metal Eddie (Adopted by ayepee) as it should be (to maintain the Iron Maiden theme but there is no indication who the original setter is. Do you see what I'm saying? But if it said: A cache by PopUpPirate (Adopted by ayepee) it would spoil it.
  10. I say don't bother! I thought about setting a cache using a sound file of notes as a clues but I then came across R J's Wood (GCXCWX) by Hillhappy1 and realised these sort of things are nigh on impossible to solve anyway and gave up on the idea.
  11. Here's the text from my original post which didn't post correctly: I'm creating something for my own use and need a high quality image at least A4 size. Preferably with a plain white background I've scanned in a TB but it will take forever to clean up the image once it's been enlarged Can anyone help? Thanks Mark Perhaps I should add that it is for use as a travel bug, just larger!
  12. Perhaps I'm missing something here... What's the point in a cacher re-visiting a previously found cache to move a TB on if the TB owner isn't even asking it to be moved?
  13. Noooooo the phone is connecting to the internet using GPRS not dial up a/c. The phone connects OK but it's just the settings to get the Mio to talk to it that I'm having a problem with. The link in my first post describes the sort of thing that I need but it's for a different phone/PDA/ISP. Thanks
  14. I never got round to setting this up with the old phone (which went AWOL when out caching). How do I set this up? I've looked at the link that dino_irl posted last time I asked about this sort of thing but I'm not getting very far. Step by step instructions for connecting via bluetooth using THIS phone and THIS pda and THIS mobile network provider will be much appreciated Thanks!
  15. I read this on a recent "Found cache" log: " GC.com cant tell who got here first so everyone that logs it for this date will be accredited with a FTF on their stats" What's he going on about? What are GC.com stats? I thought the geocaching.com stats only showed finds and hides....
  16. Couldn't agree more! We know of cachers who ONLY EVER use film canisters and it makes it so booooooooooring especially when you've got kids in tow or trackables to move. We might go back to retry a DNF if it's a reasonable sized tub, but micro DNFs usually end up on our ignore list Seems like film canisters hidden in trees go missing more often as well.... No room for your 26 TBs either!!
  17. Just how bad was the spelling before it was edited?
  18. Hope everyone had a great day yesterday! Best wishes for the New Year Donna & Mark
  19. YAY we spotted you'd done our new seasonal offering Didn't think we'd find time to do one today but there was an unknown which we had a DNF on back in October and it's also our closest to home, it's been nagging at us ever since so we decided to walk off our Christmas dinner, so glad we did as it was a lovely afternoon, got back to the car for sunset. So just the one for us today. Merry Christmas everyone! Mark & Donna
  20. The inlaws live near Sutton Park and the last couples of times we visited them they came for a walk with us in the park to do some of the caches. They're seen our Garmin and our Mio. They've seen print-outs with the cache details on. They've stood nearby while we've signed logbooks etc and they STILL don't understand it It's not like they're senile or anything... they just don't seem to grasp the idea that people hide things for others to find I think we'll be doing caches on the way to their house in future...
  21. GE0 4 FUN was on ebay a couple of months back
  22. I shouldn't laugh but... That's sooo funny! Max mentioned this when we met him at the Brum Flashmob event. He said he was going to to go an event in Cannock Chase in January... I never twigged! Sorry for laughing
  23. I think it might be time for a tidy up I've just noticed that 15 of the 291 caches on our watchlist are now archived! We have 31 trackables on there as well These are usually ones with an interesting mission. When I/we solve a puzzle we tend to add it to the watch list just in case it gets disabled before we get round to doing it. We currently have about 25-30 puzzle caches in this state of limbo Other notable caches get added as and when we notice them in someone's signature or on the forum
  24. Reporting TB18ZC1 Katie the Camel to have been successfully rescued from GC12B74 Operation in the Jungle TUK,TUK Stage two of this three stage multi appears to have gone awol meaning that stage three was also unreachable. Luckily, we managed to find the final with just the partial coordinates from the first stage. I don't know why it hadn't been visited for so long as it's a nice enough location etc...
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