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  1. Hmm... I'll have another play with it later. There just didn't seem to be any appropriate settings options...
  2. Yay! That's it! Thanks BlueDeuce, I'll try not to lose it this time
  3. Erm... no! There's a url provided by www.geocaching.com to which you add your TB's guid for including in webpages and it produces a little rectangle with your TB's picture on it, current location and distance traveled. I came across it by accident in one of these threads a few months ago but I can't find it now
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ever heard the saying "Quality not Quantity"? Edit: typo
  5. It woke us all up, Mrs D thought someone was trying to get in to the house ... we're in S.Warks.
  6. Hmm... OK thanks It's easy with the Etrex - just plug it in!
  7. My next idea is to connect the P550 to my laptop to provide dynamic positional information to MemoryMap and GSAK. Any idea how to set this up Moote? (or anyone else)
  8. Can someone please post the url for creating the TB summary for use on other web sites please? Is it actually listed anywhere? Thanks
  9. We tend to set our tougher puzzles 'premium member only' for the first few weeks; it's interesting to see how many people look at the cache listing and give an indication if they are actually do-able. All the serious cachers in our area are premium members anyway so it makes no difference to anyone looking at the details....
  10. Do you bother to contact the cacher if a DNF is logged on one of your caches? We do, as it just seems good manners (not that we have many on our high quality hides ) .
  11. Have never found needles but it's always in the back of our minds having been to a cache where previous logs have mentioned it being a problem, also after being bitten by a spider at the end of last summer I'm always very cautious where I stick my hand and will always use a 'pokey stick'. We're always very wary about letting the kids hunt for a cache, so will assess the area carefully on arrival at GZ. Donna
  12. We placed a cache a few months ago in a location featured on national TV but have not published it yet
  13. I just got an email from them admitting that they are HC What a waste of time that was!!
  14. Drifting off topic slightly, we were second to find on a cache once where the FTF had had extensive help from the cacher owner because he couldn't find it. What's on earth was the point in that! It's almost as pointless as logging finds on your own caches!
  15. OK, so I bought a 4GB card non HC and it doesn't work in the Mio It came with a USB adapter and it seems to work in the PC ok. This one It says HC right down the bottom but I emailed them first and they confirmed that it wasn't.
  16. Couldn't agree more! Our logging sessions can take a several hours (and quite a few glasses of wine ) in the evening when we get home. We normally use a sticker with the date+time if suitable for the size of the logbook. We mention trackables in-out and swaps in the logbook but usually only mention trackables on the website If it's a micro log then we just write name and date as a minimum. With regards to stickers, we did a new series last weekend and decided to go 'the wrong way' round to see if we would meet other cachers. We did, and two sets of cachers recogised us by our Labradors! (who feature on the stickers).
  17. I'd have to agree there but it does take a couple of hours or so which might be too much of a chunk out of your trip...
  18. I did this just the other day and found one I'd missed off our list: Request a 'My Finds' file from the PQ page, open the gpx file in a decent text editor and just do a 'find' for FTF etc
  19. I think it's a bloomin' cheek leaving a replacement cache. Mind you, we would go and check on a cache after a DNF so perhaps the owner is partly to blame...
  20. Just enter the tracking code into Trackables page then click 'Track'. That should tell you where the coin thinks it is at the moment.
  21. Oh come on PuP! If I had to rely on public transport and SideTracked ones were the only possibilities, I think I would have died of boredom long ago
  22. Used the new script over the last couple of days. It's great! Thanks
  23. We frequently come across finds logged by cachers who haven't been anywhere near the cache but someone else logs it on their behalf. Personally I wouldn't claim a webcam cache by posting a photo taken near by either but people do do this. Irritating yes, but to me it's like playing patience at cards - if you cheat, who are you fooling?
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