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  1. If it was possible it would be pretty nifty. Afterall, our Etrex knows when sunset is depending on where you are and the time of year....
  2. Mainly because I'd like a virtual in our portfolio Oh well, it was worth a try...
  3. The current owner hasn't logged on since last August...
  4. OK, this sort of question gets asked now and again, but this traditional was hidden September 23 2005 which I understand means it COULD have been a virtual originally. The cache I have in mind is at a small monument of historical interest and a reminder our industrial heritage. Or there would be one if it hadn't been muggled thus making currently unavailable. It's not one of ours but I would be keen to adopt it if it could become a virtual Thanks
  5. The Bus Stop series would be pretty good actually if they are all shelters of architectural interest. A quick Google revealed one in Dunchurch (Warwickshire but nowhere near us ) which is a Grade 2 listed building... any takers?
  6. Being able to pick up the required kit relatively cheaply, we found that equipping the yellow Labrador and letting her run off the lead a short way off, enabled even better triangulation when coupled with our own set-up. Unfortunately the Black lab wandered out of range of the wireless connection too regularly to be of any use...
  7. Hmm... We've got two sorry looking former geocaches in our garage which we picked up after the caches were archived by the owners. In both cases the owners assumed they had gone missing after a few DNFs. I logged a note each time saying we'd collected the caches and received a nice thanks email from the owner in response to one of them
  8. Sorry, I missed that thread... this one can be deleted/locked/binned
  9. Correct! Countries not counties Has this been discussed before then?
  10. You may remember a time when England was a country and not just a football team... Anyway, this is probably a question for the main GC forum rather than here, but why are Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England all grouped together as United Kingdom on the cache listing pages when many other countries have their caches listed at a regional level? eg: West-Vlaanderen, Belgium Edit: to add a comma
  11. The 'ruler' feature on Google earth can be way out as well. We recently set a letterbox hybrid specifying starting co-ords where a micro stated direction and (straight-line) distance to go to find the cache. This was about 520ft using the gps Google Earth measured it at about 300ft! Quite a difference! Yes, this did mean an early morning dash out to the cache to recheck
  12. Does CacheMate do anything that GSAK html exports doesn't do?
  13. Sounds like a good reason for any cache setter to put their own contact details most prominently on/in a cache so that any queries can be raised with the setter first rather than going straight to the head honcho
  14. Is anyone in the Midlands (South of Birmingham ish) working on developing one of these? We're keen to try out someone else's but the nearest one is about an 80 mile drive Just wondering whether to wait for some closer to home to be published...
  15. That's no help really because all the events have been stripped out
  16. That .lua file is corrupt. Have you got a .bkup file you can give us? I think you might have missed Easter now as well
  17. You could create a messagebox in the 'else' part which is identical to the secondary messagebox in the 'if' part. In this code, if variable var equals "something" msgbox1 will be displayed followed by msgbox2 if var is not equal to "something" just the 'copy of msgbox2' is displayed: function zonezone2:OnEnter() -- #GroupDescription=enterzone -- -- #Comment=enterzone Comment -- if Wherigo.NoCaseEquals(var,"something") then Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[msgbox1]],Callback=cartlua.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB1} else Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[copy of msgbox2 ]],} end end ------End Builder Generated functions, Do not Edit, this will be overwritten------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Builder Generated callbacks, Do not Edit, this will be overwritten------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --#LASTCALLBACKKEY=1#-- cartlua.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB1 = function(action) if action ~= nil then -- #GroupDescription=oinclick -- -- #Comment=oinclick Comment -- Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[msgbox2]],} end end
  18. It's not a bug. It is just the style of the language and has been explained in other threads: like here
  19. Delta68

    Naming commands

    I thought this was normal for most programming languages...
  20. At a guess, I'd say put them into the .lua file between these two lines: -- #Author Functions Go Here# -- -- #End Author Functions# -- The builder might put quotes around the function names at the point at which they are called though so they would have to be edited before a final compile....
  21. Are you trying to encrypt it or are you doing a straight plain-text comparison?
  22. Add the second message box into the 'Script to run when button click' on the first message box
  23. THAT'S a whole new can of worms in itself! Being paperless, it's a real pain getting to GZ and then noticing the hint says 'See spoiler photo in gallery' Yes it has happened and unless there's a VERY good reason (Grinnin' from 'ere to 'ere for example) this method should be avoided.
  24. I give up. Nothing seemed to work. I copied the .qct file straight to teh memory card using a usb adapter and it complained that it wasn't valid. I think I'll just stick to exporting chunks as and when required....
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