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  1. We were holding off doing them until the loop was closed. Any recommendations where the safest place to park would be to do the whole loop?
  2. Does anyone know of a GSAK Macro which creates YOSM stats? Thanks
  3. I've been playing with the FindStatGen3 macro and it appears to need an entire list of finders loaded to gsak for the 'Owned Caches Statistics' section. What's the easiest way of getting hold of that data? Thanks
  4. Being well within the top 500 worldwide is pretty impressive! Well done! Top 200 before the end of the year maybe...
  5. There's nothing in particular that I need to know at the moment, it's just nice to browse these sort of things Thanks
  6. Cows are our number 1 fear/hate. They are inexplicably drawn to the dogs. Mrs D was bitten by a spider while out caching though. During a recent trip to Germany/Holland we were very wary of ticks though. I don't know just how how bad the risk is but an awful lot a caches have the tick warning attribute...
  7. I think I've found the answer actually! %hint
  8. When doing a GSAK export for MM, is it possible to get the decrypted hint into the 'Notes' section of an MM waypoint's properties? Does that make sense?
  9. We've texted the show, not heard anything yet..... hope some are read out. D
  10. Is there a limit to the number of caches in a bookmark list?
  11. Hmm.... It would be handy to be able to find out if a cache had previously existed somewhere before setting a new one to avoid reams of logs saying 'oh a touch of deja vu again' etc...
  12. I thought this had been asked before but I couldn't find anything. Is it possible to search for archived caches? How many archived physical caches are there in the UK?
  13. He's doing a cracking job! Our latest series was published the morning after we submitted them: less than 12 hours!
  14. Some time ago were on our way to a cache site and came upon a crop field with no evidence whatsoever of a path despite MM showing that the path cut diagonally across it. We decided to 'play it safe' and went round the edge. Within minutes a gamekeeper appeared on a quad-bike on the other side of the hedge and told us in no uncertain terms that that footpath did NOT go round the edge and we would be disturbing nesting game birds You just can't win!
  15. I do that already and get notifications for caches I have no interest in.
  16. OK, we can have notifications of new caches etc based on a central point and we can have PQs for along a route. What would be handy would be if we could have notifications along a route (such as a mile each side of a daily commute)
  17. To create a zone you need to set co-ordinates for the original point and then click 'Generate points' to create a zone based on that point. Once this has been done, the 'edit online' button will become active and you will should be able to adjust the zone to how you really want it
  18. Thanks for that! The .lua I was trying to open has the line: cartBruetonPark.BuilderVersion="2.0.4927.3981" Any idea which builder release date that would be? Thanks
  19. Where can I get a working (older) version of the builder from?
  20. I've just downloaded and installed the current builder and I am getting the ZoneEngine.dll error I can't even build the simple cartridge using the wizard. All previous versions of the builder have worked fine on this PC (XP Pro SP2) Any ideas? Yes I did uninstall the previous version first
  21. But not for Letterbox Hybrids - which frequently resemble Multis.
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