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  1. If I enter my post code on the home page (or the search page which loads when you click on 'Hide & seek a cache' on the left hand side) it comes up with Ireland On the 'advanced search' page it's about two miles out
  2. Just been flicking through the banner archive. Amazing photos! They really make you want to go out there and find something worthwhile. Strangely, there doesn't appear to be any photos of roadside micros... M
  3. We have a list in our profile of cachers we've met while out and about. We decided not to bother adding cachers near to or at events as there would be too many. However, this means that there are quite a few cachers we know well (from events etc) but are not on the list because we have not actually bumped into them while out caching! This post adds nothing to the discussion M
  4. Search by postcode no longer works: putting in my works postcode produces a list of caches in Germany and our home post code produces caches in Ireland. I only work 16 miles from home!!
  5. Has anyone mentioned that the search for by ZIP/Postal Code: produces the wrong results on http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ THIS IS POTENTIALLY VERY EMBARRASSING as it is the first thing a newcomer will search by! Although it seems OK on the advanced search page Advanced search still looses its cache type filter on subsequent pages - I'd have thought that would have been near to the to of the 'to do' list
  6. The 'new' look of the pages looks very old fashioned to me and the profile pages are a mess! But wait! Did anyone notice this: Does this mean that they are no longer adoptable? M
  7. TB19AF5 by any chance? Personally I wouldn't worry about it if I'd placed the TB or if I was the owner TBs can spend ageeeeeeeeees in Multis and Puzzles It's just the luck of the draw If the TB owner is keen to get it moved, they can always ask the cache owner to move it on... M
  8. (s)he seems to have quite a passion for stashing TBs away in the same unpublished cache three TBs and two Geocoins (none belonging to him/her) have gone to the same black hole by the looks of it
  9. This appeared on one of our caches near Stratford upon Avon: This should come as no surprise really as we DO always try and set quality caches
  10. Just re-read what you said. Don't worry about that. 20ft accuracy displayed on the screen. That's pretty good conditions actually and is not nearly as bad as it sounds. My gripe in the earlier post was that even with a claimed 20ft accuracy is still about 40 to 60 foot different to the Mio M
  11. Which Etrex is it? Our original Etrex Yellow we bought March '07 was really good. The replacement one they sent us later in the year is an unusable pile of cack. I have my suspicions that they detuned (or whatever) the lower spec ones to get people to buy the 'H' instead We call it the Aproximator and is only used to feed a signal to the laptop or when raining and to lead us to the approximate location gz at which point we'll switch to the Mio. A few months ago we bumped into a pair of newbe cachers who had just given up looking for their first cache. Their etrex was taking them to the other side of the field whereas we just went straight to it. The didn't log their find and I suspect that they just gave up there and then. Shame really. M
  12. Notices change more rapidly than the gravestones! Means the cache placer has to keep an eye on things... We set a multi last year which involved getting numbers off a notice about max height for gravestones etc. (No walking round and round the graveyard half a dozen times looking for random graves) The notice was dated 1973 so we assumed it would be fairly permanent. Within a couple of weeks it had gone!
  13. Does this thread help? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=185405
  14. You can if you want. Our lad wanted his own ID (drempels) so he could log some caches on his own when he goes to scout camp. He worked b***** hard to find caches with us including clambering through gorse bushes etc for the the odd YOSM with never so much as a complaint. Our daughter will have her own ID shortly but she has already said that she will only retrospectively log virtuals, webcams, earthcaches and a few physical ones which were particularly memorable...
  15. Yes, I always clear the marks before loading new ones. I only load just over 500 marks at a time. I've done nothing different to what I always do It takes 9 minutes for MM to load now. M
  16. Ah! You had me in a panic then! We're contemplating a name change once I've got an id set up for our daughter. Our son has his own ID now so he can log his own finds without us. M
  17. Grrrr! It's dire! We've spent hours trying to log today's finds. It's a joke! M
  18. Thanks for the replies. I left it churning away while we had lunch and then it seemed OK. Unfortunately, by then it seemed too late to bother doing the fifty mile drive to the area we had planned to go to. MM ruined my day! OK, it's my own fault really for not sorting it all out in advance
  19. I removed teh memory card from the Mio to load html files to it using a card reader on the PC. MM was running at the time. I've put the card back in the Mio and now MM just hangs when loading a map. I've reset the mio (three times) reinstalled mm on the Mio (twice) copied over a new map segment Still just hangs when I select a map to load Any ideas? Thanks M
  20. I know this has been debated before, but I think getting clues from gravestones should be prohibited UNLESS it is a grave of an important/famous person even if the final cache itself is located outside the churchyard. We did a multi recently which involved getting dates from random graves and we felt VERY uncomfortable when two obviously recently bereaved members of public arrived to visit a nearby grave. I know the cache setters should use common sense but frankly, some don't!
  21. Well done for getting on the show Geo.Kitten! Luckily you were on early so heard it before I had to go out. D
  22. I've answered my own question - http://www.yosm.co.uk/ Yup! The magical moving trigpoint virtual I've installed the script but how do I run it? (I'm not familiar with greasemonkey scripts ) Thanks
  23. Have you compared your gps reading to anyone else's? Our Etrex is soo bad it's unusable for geocaching (apart from giving a rough approximation as to distance and direction)
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