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  1. Despite having the Mio for about 18 months I've only just got round to trying to use the wi-fi functionality. So basically how on earth do I get it to talk to my wireless router? Thanks M
  2. Yes, this has been the case on all the tunnel ones we've found as well - easy enough to set using Google Earth etc but not possible to find with a gps alone due to lack of signal
  3. Something I've thought about before is night caches where you follow a fire-tack trail. These are not really pukka geocaches as you don't use a GPSr for the final location; the same goes for caches in tunnels. These would perhaps make good letterbox hybrids M
  4. I confess that I know nothing about Letterboxing but simply based our LBH on the ones we'd found. We decided it would be nice to set a circular walk and incorporate as many different cache types as possible A trad, a multi, a mystery,a virtual (I requested YOSM to move to a trigpoint en route) and of course a Letterbox Hybrid. Basically you have to find a micro using GPS and then walk a certain distance in a certain direction to locate the cache. The path to follow is an old 'death road' which adds a bit of interest to the place. I have no idea if any letterbox only letterboxers have done it... (It was also nice to add an new icon to our caches owned portfolio of course ) M
  5. We've found five and set one. By far the best we've found is GC136H4 Stagecoach Stash It's really well thought out, original and the narrative is excellent. It would be great to see more LBHs especially with this much effort put into them M
  6. Well done from us too Stevo! One day we'll be there! OK maybe not we're currently languishing at 140 something
  7. Yes! My thoughts exactly! Not one to brag is he..... M
  8. Well, it's not everyday that someone tops 6000 so it must deserve its own thread Congrats and all that!
  9. The hint on this cache made us smile: GC1HAPV
  10. I use yahoo mail and the 'filter on body' doesn't seem to work. I presume this is a fault with yahoo.... Oh well.... M
  11. I receive email notifications for several bookmark lists. It would be really handy if the name of the bookmark list could be included in the subject of email notifications so emails can be filtered to different folders. Thanks M
  12. Okey-doke, I'll give it a go Thanks M
  13. How can I configure the Mio P550 so it outputs the GPS signal via bluetooth so the signal is can be used by a laptop? I currently have portsplitter running on the Mio which may or may not need to be taken into consideration Thanks M
  14. Try the postcode search on the GC home page. According to that I live in Ireland and work in Germany That's one heck of a commute Nearest cache: 294.3mi from your home coordinates
  15. The IP map is way out for me as well making it totally pointless! And the post code search is still not fixed
  16. Yeah I thought that might be the case. Thanks M
  17. If a TB is grabbed from somewhere miles away and dropped in a local cache, does that 'grabbed' mileage get added to the TB's mileage? Thanks M
  18. Upload an image to the cache's page When it has uploaded, click on the image so it opens with the full address in the address bar Copy that full address into the 'Background Image URL:' text box Done! M
  19. Yay! That's great news. Hope to get down there and do it sometime
  20. That reminds me... We stopped at the garage in Betws-y-Coed, on the way back from Snowdonia last year and this dude on a motorbike wandered over to me and asked what 'Geocaching' was - he'd spotted the car's window sticker. He said he'd come across an ammo box in the hills somewhere full of tat and had remembered that it said Geocache on it. I explained and he said that he already used a GPSr for paragliding. It would be interesting to know if he ever gave caching a try M
  21. The self driving BMW they had on Top Gear last year must have used pretty accurate GPS detection... link to you tube M
  22. You can still drop a TB in and out of a cache just to show it's been there even if the cache is too small or even a virtual (but not Earthcaches) We had the '?' TB for ages as we wouldn't find a puzzle cache to drop it in so we just logged in in and out of each one we found until we were able to leave it somewhere for good.... M
  23. Did you leave the TB at Birkacre Fish Pass? If not, you could log it in and out (sometimes known as dipping) to add that cache to the TB's history. M
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