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    No... I mean do a log on your own geocoin, selecting the option 'grab it from somewhere else'. When I look at your geocoin that is one of the logtype options I have.


    Riiiight I see now!


    Yes that worked. Thanks B) B)



  2. Can you do a 'grab it from somewhere else' log to pull it back into your universe?


    Nope! The only options are 'recalculate distance' and 'move to last location'





    My Wherigo coin (link)is stuck in limbo

    It is in Unknown Location and the 'move to last location' option doesn't work


    Please can someone give it a kick?






    Some of the best "converted" red phone boxes I've come across are book exchanges - in such, we're not furtling, we're browsing.




    Also, I've found a cache in one that was converted to tourist information thingy, another was a display of poetry written by locals


    Far more interesting and cleaner than grotty old BT phone boxes :)



  5. When I started caching in 2007 there used to be a static (or it might have been random) map on the home page show some caches.

    This was changed in about 2008 (I'm guessing here) to use the user's location grabbed from the web browser but it was so inaccurate it was soon scrapped


    For me it was about 100 miles out. Totally pointless :unsure:




  6. ...Hide caches that conform with the guidelines. Then you wouldn't have a row with your reviewer in the first place.


    If ONLY that were true!!!






  7. All Wherigo caches are field puzzles of a sort by nature, so an attribute would be redundant. The games must be played in the field to find the final location of the cache.


    OK, I see what you mean.

    However, most Wherigos are 'go there, now go there, now go there' sort of thing until the final location is reached. Admittedly it has to be done 'in the field', but not exactly puzzling


    I'm currently developing a Wherigo which requires far more thinking in order to get to the final location. Hence the desire to put a Field Puzzle attribute in order to distinguish it from the more common type...






    Good point. I just did some quick PQ previews, and there are 10 PMO ECs in Canada, and 126 in the US. What reason might someone have for doing this? Audit log?


    This has very quickly gone off topic but since you're asking, we have three EarthCaches and they are PMO.

    When we first changed all our physical caches to PMO we left the EarthCaches but then got a stupid TFTC log from a non-premium member. Deleted the log and set them all PMO

    (Before you ask, the person didn't answer any of the questions)



  9. Depends....


    If I view a cache before going out to find it then I'll look at the attributes. But mostly I just go out and use the GPSr (Oregon/Colorado)....which has been mentioned don't support attributes (gpx 1.0.1?)


    It's not a 'depends' then is it? It's a 'no'!

    I wasn't asking if anyone uses Attributes

    I was asking if anyone uses them while out caching


    eg reach GZ and then have a look at the attributes








    if the cache is at the published coordinates but involves some sort of puzzle element to open it then it's a traditional with the Field Puzzle Attribute.

    If a puzzle has to be solved in order to derive the location of the cahe then it's an Unkown.


    This matches what's happening with caches round here that have recently been published.


    Have a look at this one GC3ANDR

    It's listed as a Trad with field puzzle but the 'puzzle' part is having to visit several other caches in the series first :blink:


    It's got a combination lock on it and the parts of the code are in other caches even though there is no mention of this anywhere


    How can this NOT be a Puzzle?



  11. ...but have tge special local knowledge needed for their region, which is why they all review in their own areas.


    Here in the UK they reviewers specifically do NOT review their own areas!





  12. It IS possible anyway, just select a different region when you send the cache for review. Chances are, the reviewer for that region will deal with it but just say that the region is wrong and correct it.





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