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  1. Spaces used to be allowed. Why and when was it changed?
  2. Which is what I was asking. Is a space still allowed?
  3. On a number of occasions, I have attempted to change a username and been told it's not available despite there not being an existing user by that name. Why would that be? Thanks
  4. Using Urwigo, is it possible to include other .lua files? A quick Google suggests this should be possible: dofile("filename.lua") but when I tried (with the .lua file in the same directory as the .urwigo file), I got a linker error on compilation. Thanks
  5. Wow that's quite a reply! All I needed to know really was if a decimal comma is used instead of a decimal point. The reason I ask, is that I intent to make some of my Wherigos play-anywhere and reusable. The plan is the player (person) will go to their planned final location and request a code. The code will be the current location encrypted in some way but with the decimal point replaced with a letter. Obviously, I'd need to ensure that the correct decimal separator is used when converting back. Thanks
  6. Do Player.ObjectLocation.latitude and Player.ObjectLocation.longitude use a decimal comma in countries where a decimal comma is normally used instead of a decimal point? Thanks
  7. My latest Wherigo creation has an item in the inventory which has a 'power level'. When the item is open, the power goes down. When it is not open the power builds back up again. I do this by having a 'close' button on the item which sets a 'recharging=true' flag and then shows to the main screen. An interval timer then checks the state of the of the recharging flag and incrments a counter This does, of course, work fine because I wrote it and I tested it. However, if someone were to click the back button or home button (depending on the device), the recharging=true flag won't get set. So, my question is: Is there a way of detecting when the main screen is being displayed or when an item is no longer being displayed? I thought maybe the item.opened flag might indicate if an item is open but doesn't look like it I'm using Urwigo builder and it's possible there is an un-implemented attribute I need to access in code Thanks
  8. I'm using Urwigo. Is it possible to order the items in the inventory? I have PAF and Hint items in the player's inventory which I would like to stay at the top of the list after picking up other items. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the explanation. The cache I could see greyed-out was indeed a non-pmo higher difficulty. We've only stopped being paying members this year (after fifteen years), so it's taking a bit of getting used to. Our own owned caches are still PMO so not even visible to us.
  10. I've just noticed that non-premium members can no longer see pmo icons on maps. I presume this due to this latest change as I was able to see them a couple of weeks ago. M
  11. I wasn't aware of this change until yesterday. Although it's something I thought I wanted (after receiving nasty comments in a private message from some idiot who had only just discovered caching), I'm not sure I like it Someone with 60K+ finds published a couple of events in my notification area yesterday, well outside their usual area. They are not a team I know of, and having everything locked down seems very unfriendly. M
  12. I suspect it's to make it harder for the code to be read if it is decompiled.
  13. Yay! Setting 'Identifier" to 'targetzone' as well fixed it! Thanks
  14. I have a zone called targetzone I can display its name in a message box OK but if I try and use a function I get an error The function is just: function test() return targetzone.Name end Thanks
  15. Surely 'zone' is the variable passed as a parameter to the function.
  16. I can't get it to work either. Passing a zone to a function or referencing a zone in a funtion always errors
  17. I've copied day1976's example above, but I keep getting an error when I test it Says: attempt to index global value 'zone' (a nil value) any ideas? Thanks
  18. How do I convert a pair of lon and lat values into a point so I can get the bearing between two points? Thanks
  19. I had a set of urls for shortcuts to various searches etc and I wrote a Tampermonkey script to change the main menu links to something useful. Unfortunately, the recent change to the way the menu works has completely screwed-up my script! I don't know what was to be gained changing the menu so it is all written dynamically
  20. Is it possible to disable Markdown interpretation when editing a cache page? I included [U] in a cache description and it got converted to <u> the text instead of just displaying it Even using &#91;U&#93; got converted to a <u> tag I've change it to [ U ] now, which will suffice but I'd prefer it if the editor actually did as it was asked! Thanks
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