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  1. When I first started caching in 2005 or 2006, just wondering what kind of goodies I would find in the next cache kept me wanting more !! It used to be fairly nice then, I usually went for the plastic dinosaurs or forest animals and had quite a collection !! I would usually go to the dollar store and find miniature statuettes of gnomes or similar to drop off..... There were gnomes all over Lee and Collier county !! lol Now it seems you find a decent item 10% of the time most of the other times its worn out key rings, broken beads, and I have even seen a single use flossing tool UNWRAPPED just laying in dirt in the bottom of the can. I surely miss the old days when folks took pride in what they left behind...... (rant off)
  2. Ya shoulda been wearin yer aluminum foil hat... I tole ya soooo !!!
  3. Suggestion: I noticed that the page doesn't fit on the screen at 1024x768 resolution. I'd venture a guess that the majority of cachers don't use a resolution higher than that. Perhaps the page could be formatted so that it fits without scrolling from side to side. I second the motion.. scrolling is a pain and my eyes wont work at any resolution above 1024x768
  4. If in fact it isn't waterproof, that could present a major problem. I would never intentionally expose the radio to the rain, but there might ( and probably will be ) times when I have to use the radio in a less than perfect situation. The next step up that I have found would be the yaesu VX-7R which Yaesu claims is submersible... This radio sells for about $115 more than I really wanted to spend right now but I would rather spend the extra $ now as opposed to buying anther radio if mine dies from getting wet. Thanx for the input again !
  5. Thank you for the replies and suggestions.. I have spoken to a local operator here in Ft Myers ( Ft Myers Amateur Radio Club, which is also providing the tech classes and testing) and he also recommended the ft 60r. When I looked at the 60r on Yaesu's website, I didn't notice where it claimed to be weatherproof. That was my only reason for not initially choosing it. After reading Moonpup's post and talking to the local operator, I was convinced that this was the way to go. The reason I want a handheld as a 1st radio is I do a lot of hiking and some caching and cant afford 2 radios at once. My 2nd will most likely be a mobile to be switched from the car to a power supply in the house as needed. My classes start the 1st week of july and after a bit of studying (cramming) , I plan to take the test at my first opportunity which will be July 12. There is 5 2m repeaters and 1 70cm repeater within 10 miles of my home and caching area so I hope a 5 watt HT will do the trick.. Thanx again for the help and hope to talk to some local cacher/operators soon !!
  6. Howdy folks I'm medically retired and have lots of time on my hands and decided I would get back into radio as a hobby, but I am going Ham this time instead of CB.. I have found a local club in Ft Myers that offers free classes and has testing available also. I'm starting classes in July to get my tech license. I have taken a few of the practice tests online and passed it most of the time. (about 80% pass rate). I could probable pass the test without classes, but I want to know I will pass so classes it is for me.. Currently I'm looking at the yaesu vx 170 for a first radio. I chose yaesu as I remember the name from my CBing days back in the 70s.. The reviews on the 170 are pretty good. It is also waterproof to a certain extent which would be good for me as I do a lot of hiking and caching. Does anyone here use the 170 ? and what is your opinion. My decision on the 170 isnt concrete yet and any suggestions on a good 1st radio would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to get one that I wont get th maximum benefit from. My budget is very limited and I would like the best bang for my buck in the under $200 range. Thanx in advance for any help provided and see ya on the air soonish !!
  7. I have found a local club that offers classes and testing... soo it looks like I'm on my way !! Currently Im looking at handhelds and I really like the yaesu vx-170.. Are there any others in the $130 to $180 price range I should consider ? I remember the Yaesu name from my CBing days and always liked them
  8. U.S. Army Aircraft Maint. 68g Sept 70 to June 77 Viet Nam vet
  9. Survey done... Hope we can view results and Luck to ya !!!
  10. I want to thank you all for some very helpful input !! It would seem that the gmrs/frs radios arent that reliable for what I do most.. Hiking in heavy cover and I'm also planning a trip in Sept to hike the Ocala forest trails. I will probably get the middle of the road frs radio for the times that I might be be near another cacher, But I am going to go for the 2 meter ham license for reliable communication in times of need. After reading Alabama Ramblers post I did a little more research on the 2 meter band and was surprised to see that the FCC has dropped the code requirement for the tech license. If it hadn't been for the code part, I would have gone Ham years ago when the CB radios were so popular. Again, Thanx for all the feedback here. It really helped me to make my decision
  11. I started caching recently and have noticed through the forums that a lot of you cachers use 2 way radios. I have looked at quite a few on the store websites but I would appreciate any good or bad feedback from other cachers as to which ones do the job and which one to avoid. Also, is a license required ? I don't mind buying a license to use one if the radio itself is worth having.... Help keep an old man from pulling his hair out !! lol
  12. tap...tap..... testing ... testing 1 2 avatar worked.. but I need a better quality pic to see details..
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