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  2. I am in NZ at this time and will get the info needed for the WI cache monday(sunday for the States). If anyone wants to link up I have until THURSDAY to be able to get my final here. Thanks in advance if anyone can help! Bobz42 (a.k.a. Eric)
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  4. Oh good. Cathy and I won't have to pass the hat to get everyone to pitch in an additional $20 on top of their dinner cost.
  5. Place the GPX files into a folder named "Garmin/GPX" on your SD card. The same directory structure as the internal GPX folder. And either put the same files into the internal memory and keep the SD card out until needed, or just load all files onto the SD card and remove it temporarily when the database fails. If the database gets corrupted in the field, take the SD card out, turn the GPSr off then on, confirm all caches are gone. Then turn it off, install the SD card, turn it on. Now all caches are back. Return to a computer, backup and then delete everything in the Garmin/GPX folder from internal memory. Place new files. That's the basic plan, and it seems to work most of the time, based on Forum posts. Good luck! [EDIT: You'd also make and load a Garmin/GGZ folder if you're using GGZ files.]
  6. Make a new log on your TB, "Grab from somewhere else". This removes it from "Unknown Location" and returns it to your Inventory.
  7. The "0,0" coordinate off the shore of Guinea is so depressingly common in GIS that it has a name: Null Island. The is actually weather buoy at this location but there isn't land. It's become a running joke with those of us that have to deal with GPSes that write "0,0" and a "coordinates are valid" flag that goes through software that ignores the flag and then (stupidly) just uses the 0,0. Devotees of Nil have created and
  8. From your recent round of questions, you seem to looking for something beyond a typical geocaching GPS. If you're looking for the ability to log a bazillion points at a second aparts (or even sub-second) you probably want to explore the niche of GPS data loggers. Various members of that family have mechanical sensors to know if you're moving (lower power than GPS itself, using vibration), the ability to write to huge SD cards in a more compact format than GPX, and so on, you're looking for GPS Loggers. My first stop when researching members in this family is . They've been helpful with nerdy questions developing GPSBabel. Logging the performance of a race car or litter in a park or movement of a shipping container have different GPS needs than geocaching. This tidbit may not be what you're looking for. The 60Cx models - which are a 2006 rev of a 2004 product, which is eternity in tech - handles mass storage and GPX pretty funky in a "bolted on" kind of way. They were amongst Garmin's first receivers to do either GPX or Mass storage at all - and they didn't do it at launch. It looks like an afterthought in those models because it was.
  9. I don't think the system needs tweaking; in fact, some have recommended doing away with "favorites" - but it is interesting to read the logs and see why fav points were awarded to some of the highly favorited caches. I do take those fav points into account when looking for caches in a new area. I've only placed a few caches, and a couple are generating favorite points, and that's nice. But that's NOT why they were created as they are - they were created and placed to bring people to a specific place, and find a cache in good shape, unmuggled, safe to place trackables, and where I don't have to do a lot of OM to replace damaged or muggled containers. FAV points are a side game, and are fine as they are. Just my thoughts....
  10. How can you reactivate a Trackable that has been marked missing
  11. > What's the purpose of the Foretrex series? Traditionally, Foretrex has targeted outdoor sports where size and battery life are key. They target hunters, campers, hikers, runners and cyclists (with the latter two moved more to Forerunner). As a geocacher, you'd probably trade a big color screen with cache info vs. a week of track logs from a single charge. Garmin (as the market leader) can afford to divide the market into many niches with specialized hardware. Re: the Amazon reviews, this won't help you in the field, but once you get back to a Real Computer, GPSBabel's track filter can "fix" those tracks if they really are stored that way and not just displayed that way. (Which seems dumb, but I really do think that an artifact of that "conquer ALL THE NICHES" strategy, they start over from scratch way more than they should and forget the lessons of the market every few years...) As for the original question, most of Garmin's recent devices have used MediaTek GPS receivers and several of their chips have had support for Galelio, Glonass, and others for some time. Intelligence. Of course, even once the chips support it, it takes a while to make it into Garmin's products and then into the firmware. As to the meta question on whether that'd make a noticeable difference in your geocaching experience: probably not.
  12. Moderator note: Please use good subject lines to better attract the attention of appropriate experts from the overview screen. Thanx!
  13. Thanks everyone. While asking of the forum group had also sent a help message into Geocaching HQ, response - "At this time we don't offer that functionality, but I agree that it would be useful. We appreciate that you took the time to let us know your feedback, and I've passed it on to our developers and designers." Seems to me to be (in my innocent non technical view) a fairly easy sub routine script to add to the trackable page. Alongside where it has 'Upload Photo' have another button which opens up your galley page. Click on the appropriate photo to be selected which closes the galley page and creates a link to the file name of the photo. Hay presto photo added (linked to) to log entry. But not being a programmer / code writer I guess it'll be more difficult than that. Happy Geocaching everyone and stay safe on the trails.
  14. I've had my 650 for several years so I'm used to the random freezing issues and the occasional but always inconvenient "stuck on the loading screen" problem. This weekend I had a brand new glitch. A friend was sending a cache from her 650 to mine and it failed, but then ALL of the other caches I had loaded disappeared too. I tried several restarts and they never came back. When I was back home I was able to load my field notes from the earlier caches with no problem and the GPX and GGZ files were still showing as being in the GPS. I didn't have an sd card in at the time and the GPS had been working fine right up until the transfer. Has anyone else had this happen and if so have you come up with a solution that can bring them back while in the field?
  15. Yes, African country flags, please!
  16. I recently acuired a Garmin GPSMAP 64st. Garmin says for this to use Garmin express to send caches to the unit. But it says first to creat a list then send that list. The communicator is not used at all here. Will this work for you? Unknown! But if it does then any geocaching list currently in your unit may be overwritten and replaced by the new list. This method works with all browsers.
  17. Great tool to add to a caching kit. I also used a compass to find a magnetic hidden under the top fence plastic guard on a baseball field fence.
  18. I don't even know what those two words mean. That shows what my 5 year hiatus did to me. I just get scared to ask round these parts (this board) because people can be mean. I never know. I dip a toe.... So thanks, cerberus1. I really appreciate your response. Its my Friday silly night. I will try to enjoy it responsibly, on this board, and hopefully not get tore up. But I would like to know those words, even though I have guesses
  19. There's a couple similar somewhere, but since this thread has only one entry back in '12, what do you think ? Anything's possible I guess. I didn't know there was such a thing as bronies or furries until someone asked if there were others here ... There's a few threads around where folks met at events and eventually married. One couple is in my area.
  20. I'm also on a Windows 64-bit machine and was trying everything on all the browsers you mentioned. It finally worked for me when I opened Garmin Express first, then I hit the button to send to Garmin, using plain Internet Explorer (not Edge), and it worked!
  21. Check the warning at > Oregon > Oregon 6x0 > Firmware before updating to this latest release!
  22. While mining the site for "information," I found this thread. Is this a topic that still gets...well, talked about? Asking :::for a friend::::
  23. One important factor is the geochecker. Nobody is resposible to update constantly changing authoritative regions. Groundspeak has own country map which does not correspond to real countries but the information is available from cache descriptions and available to geocheckers.
  24. At the end of the day it's the checker writers and their underlying databases that would have to be across all the different grid systems. You mentioned Australia, but even here we have AGD84 which is still used enough to be bothersome, GDA94, the current grid system, and the about-to-be-released GDA2020 which will be adjusted to compensate for the continent's drift since 1994. As my former boss was fond of saying, "the beauty of standards is that there are so many of them".
  25. Catching up on a couple caches that qualify: GC6WZJK - Crane Mtn. Lookout Site - Area 1 GC6XJV3 - Jumpoff Joe Mtn. - Area 2
  26. Can you clarify "where we were in 2014"? Is the problem multiple map sources? Is the problem authoritative map sources vs not-so-authoritative map sources? Is the problem something else? I understand that the overarching issue was the time required of volunteer reviewers and Groundspeak staff to deal with Challenge Caches, but I don't understand why authoritative regions like USGS quadrangles (or the equivalent for the Czech Republic, Australia, Uzbekistan, etc.) would be a problem in that regard.
  27. This is very logical explanation, but it does not explain why contour lines are accepted as allowed criteria and why DeLorme was mentioned when this matter was questioned. I understand that there may be different explanations and opinions even inside HQ and everything can change without warning.
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