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  2. Boy there's some truth to that, although disgruntling bad cache owners wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I'd at least like to know how it's calculated and to what degree certain "activities" effect it.
  3. Of course, you may decide to give a FP (or not) to a cache and it may not mean anything to any one geocoacher if they don't appreciate the same things about a cache that you do. However, you vote isn't the only one that counts. Given any two caches with 100 finds by a PM, some are going to choose to give one or the other at FP for whatever their criteria happens to be. When you count *everyones* vote if cache A has 60 FPs and cache cache B has 20, cache A is probably going to provide a better experience to the maintstream even if the FPs were not all awarded for the same reason.
  4. In the field, the 'depends on your phone' is still a need. The options for online access by the O7xx is wifi or Bluetooth so your phone will need to be on and have service to do anything 'online' while outside.
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  6. Hi All, I'm a new Geocacher and have downloaded a .img map file for my Garmin. I can open it in Basecamp and view the map however the unit claims it cannot authenticate the map. Has anyone had this problem and able to guide me though how to rectify it? Cheers, Dave
  7. Luckily it never happened to me but... you are right. Generally the "abandoned caches" I find belongs to newbies who hide the cache and then immediately give up geocaching ( and often the destroyed cache becomes rubbish ) but there are surely other situations... But let me say that an active geocacher who finds the time for searching a lot of caches and doesn't mantain his own geocaches is not a good owner
  8. How did you come to this understanding?
  9. In my experience the CO often has not given up on geocaching and is in fact very active - but in finding only and not in maintaining their own caches. And as for emailing the CO - some CO's might claim that you're trying to bully them
  10. Maybe I didn't say that I am talking about abandoned and missing or destroyed caches. Obviously i am not meaning active caches belonging to other owners. The only reasons to log a N/A on an abandoned cache in my opinion are: 1) the cache has missed for a long period of time (months after the first N/M log) and the owner has not replaced it yet without a motivation. 2) the cache is still at the place but totally destroyed, and the owner hasn't done mantainance for a long time. in these situations the owner may have given up geocaching, or may be very busy. So I usually email him, asking about the cache. If he doesn't reply, there are two options 1) I perform mantainance to his caches without his permission ( and in my previous answer I explained why this is not a good thing in my opinion) 2) I post a N/A note, writing that the owner has disappeared and hasn't replaced the cache for a long time If the owner replies I explain him the situation about the cache. In these situations many owners archive the cache by themselves or give it in adoption, but there aren't other options, an owner MUST do mantainance. if he doesn't do it, he's only occupying a place with a disappeared cache.
  11. I think the pending Mega will boost numbers a bit again in the coming year
  12. Thank you, niraD. I was trying to do what everyone else suggested to do, but I could not find out how to start a NM log, and later a NA log from the cache page at all. Your link helped out quite a bit. Got the NM posted, and let's hope the cache owners come check the thing out. It is doubtful, because they live four or five hours away from here and placed the cache on a "trip", which I thought was in the guidelines not to do (maybe it slipped passed the reviewer). Anyway, thanks a bunch!
  13. idd. dat zal het probleem geweest zijn, ik wilde net zelf het goede nieuws melden vandaag zijn ze allemaal toegekomen, thx grts Fisty3
  14. Heb je een hotmail/outlook e=mail adres? Dan zou dat het probleem geweest kunnen zijn omdat gisteren voor het grootste deel van de dag geen mail verstuurd werd van/naar deze e-mail adressen in Nederland. Maar als het goed is heb je dan nu inmiddels de mail met PQ link alsnog ontvangen...
  15. Poor Travis didn't have any locals to scrub his route this time, so there are some caches with multiple DNFs. I took a look at the 11 caches with 2+ DNFs, and below are my findings. At least two (46, 59) appear missing for sure, and 15 sounds pretty gnarly, but two (77, 87) had recent CO checks and are good to go. We look forward to hearing the true status of these caches from AndrewRJ and LandRover at Friday dinner. GC1F2ND 015 - Secluded Waterfall Hasn't been found since 5/14 (3+years). 3 DNFs since indicate bushwhacking, a creek crossing, and skunk cabbage. Last DNF was 8/15; didn't find it using hint. GC45NNW 020 - Bear Poo 2 DNFs but no confirmed evidence it's missing. GC68G1J 023 - Springbok Special 3 DNFs in past three months. GC495KA 044 - Come Jam With Me 2 DNFs in past two months. GC4Q1C4 045 - Graffiti in the Park... 4 DNFs since May. GC68JPM 046 - Happy New Year 3 3 DNFs, indications that tree trimming removed hanging cache. Hasn't been found since 8/16. GC5NNDR 059 - Don't Hate the Cache, Hate the CO... 10 DNFs. Hasn't been found since 4/16. Strong suspicions this one's gone. GC679P8 071 - In Here 3 DNFs since July. GC44GG2 077 - To Err Is Human Owner check on 9/18 - good to go. 2 DNFs before that. CO sez "not a typical container." GC4G6YN 087 - Caching the Beyond the Green Machine Owner check on 9/18 - good to go. 3 DNFs before that. GC43DBM 090 - Beach Access #7 2 DNFs this month (one group, tho).
  16. Statystyk nie prowadzę, ale na podstawie osobistych obserwacji takie właśnie wnioski wyciągam. Geokrety są dobrymi zapełniaczami skrytek (np. TB hoteli), W mojej własnej skrytce zresztą było tak samo. Naładowałem kretów i TB. TB zniknęły szybko, a krety pewnie do dziś by tam siedziały, gdybym się w końcu nie wkurzył i sam nie wywiózł gdzieś. O kody pytaj w sklepach geocachingowych. A za darmo można czasem dostać na ciekawszych eventach.
  17. I'd advise some 5-hour energy
  18. I am not sure. Somewhere between 800 and 900. I was caching with someone and we had different numbers and I wasn't going to go back and change them. After the first Power trail I really didn't like it. I kept asking after awhile "are we done yet?". I love the landscape and the cute little lizards under the rock I pick up. But I still don't care for the Power Trails, I may do some with other friends that take a slower pace. You may look at my numbers but most were done before Power Trails. You will also see I slowed down a lot more because I added some other hobbies that I also enjoy just as much.
  19. Giving a favorite point to a FTF probably isn't helpful to others but I often really enjoy running out and getting to be the first to find a new cache. I think it was cool it was placed in a spot and time that I was able to be first. I enjoyed the experience so sometimes I will give them a favorite when I might not have if I had been 10th to find. It still stood out above the average 10 I have found on a fun factor for me. Not that I give all FTF's a favorite but I am sure they have a better chance then others.
  20. You know COs will still not care about the guidelines. They will still screw, drill, dig, vandalize and place on private property. Anything to make an Awesome cache to get lots of favorite points.
  21. There are a lot of details missing that makes helping very difficult. But I will add that this is the very reason I like to keep all my GPX/GGZ files on the uSD card, so while in the field, I can simply remove the card, reboot, install the card, reboot, and viola!
  22. way I do it is create a PQ of the list of caches and drop it in Google Earth
  23. Years ago we found a couple, none recently, some pretty complex. One that may have been the worst (for animation) , bright flashing, dancing strobe-like squares (and by the cache page) made many uncomfortable to look at any length of time to solve. It was annoying enough that we wondered whether it'd be an issue with some epileptics.
  24. I would guess that would be different in different areas or states
  25. Hi All! I am selling the remainder of my older geocoin collection. Most are activated, some are not. I have the following coins available: -Northwest PA geocoin -2006 NYGO New York Geocaching Organization geocoin -Maryland 2005 geocoin -2006 Geocachers of Western Tennesee geocoin -Elk County PA geocoin -Forest County PA geocoin -Jefferson County PA geocoin -Clarion County PA geocoin -Cameron County PA geocoin -Spring Chick geocoin -2005 European Union geocoin -Germany 2005 geocoin -Finland 2005 grocoin -2006 Czech Republic geocoin -Denmark 2005 geocoin -Selective Availability geocoin -Geocaching Club February 2006 geocoin -Geocaching Club March 2006 geocoin -Geocaching Club April 2006 geocoin -Geocaching Club May 2006 geocoin -Geocaching Club June 2006 geocoin -Geocaching Club July 2006 geocoin -Bad Andy geocoin -Definitive Series geocoin 1 of 3 Geocache All coin prices are negotiable. I can accept payment through PayPal. Any already activated coins will have adoption request sent out. Thanks and let me know if interested! - H to the Bizzle!
  26. It's nice that your tastes align that way. Mine don't. 10+ points isn't going to point me to what I want and my FPs aren't likely to point to what the mainstream wants. I am not changing the way I assign my points in order to make them useful for others.
  27. I'm sure its been asked. I can't find it. Happy with O650T except that I cannot communicate wirelessly to update stuff, and hate depending on my phone. Thoughts?
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