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  2. Hidden Creatures - progress thread

    It seems like a lot of cachers couldn't understand the "variety of tasks" in previous years' promotions, so maybe this year was about keeping things simple. I'd also assume that keeping things simple, based only on find count, minimizes how many developer resources were used to support the promotion - whereas the "variety of tasks" required more development to manage the scoring and especially when the Friend League was incorporated. And let's not forget the complaints about developer resources being used to support summer promos, instead of applying those resources to other issues with the website/apps/etc. With the simple promo format for this summer, then hopefully the devs have more time to spend on fixing bugs.
  3. Hidden Creatures - progress thread

    I'm not criticising them for the marketing/sales side of the promotions, it's not something that interests me so I've never bought any of the products and don't ever expect to. My criticism is that this particular "challenge" is tedious and boring compared to previous years, which have involved some variety of tasks to undertake (Planetary Pursuits, Mary Hyde, Geocaching Road trip, etc.) so I would like to encourage HQ to go back to the creative ideas rather than just "find 100 caches". However having said that, by creating 13 souvenirs this year that gives them 13 sales opportunities, which might have been difficult to achieve with the previous promos, which had fewer souvenirs up for grabs; so I hope it's not the marketing/sales opportunities that drove them towards this model.
  4. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    Look at it from the perspective of a US-based business. What's the upside of allowing EU IPs to access the site? You're unlikely to get additional customers, so the upside is fairly nebulous. Perhaps EU visitors will refer US visitors who might actually become customers. Perhaps not. What's the downside of allowing EU IPs to access the site? Apparently, even though your business isn't in the EU, their GDPR law (whatever that is) allows their citizens to sue you. It seems a fairly reasonable decision to just avoid the EU entanglement entirely.
  5. Disappointed by Groundspeaks attitude.

    Gardening: OK Geocaching: OK Playing in manure piles: Really ? For the record I have a couple of horses, and down at the stables there's a HUGE manure pile, and always plenty of kids about, but the idea that a manure pile is a good "child friendly" place for them to play is just bizarre. BTW the site referred to in the OP wasn't a pile of nice fresh manure, it was one of those rotten stinking piles sitting in a couple of inches of brown oily ooze - definitely not a child friendly spot irrespective of your upbringing.
  6. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    I'm sure you are all right about that. The CO locking the log probably only prevents the log from being edited. Thanks for clarifying (I think more than one of you have stated this).
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  8. Which do you think will happen first?

    In some parts of Australia that might mean there would be no caches to find. However in the example I mentioned there are another 41 caches (of all types) within a 100km radius by other COs to find.
  9. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    I don't think COs have ever had the ability to prevent logs being deleted on their caches. I've seen cases in the past when GCHQ deleted logs on locked caches on request, and I expect that would be the case if someone made such a request using the magic word please GDPR.
  10. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    Yes, it was on news sites here a while ago that (US) newssites were blocking EU IP's because of GDPR. This was mainly because they were caught by surprise when GDPR went into effect and they weren't sure how to act.
  11. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    Yes and Yes (at least assuming it's the same small US newspaper I was trying to look at to look up the report of the "bomb" in another thread on here). I did consider going via a proxy/vpn in another country but wasn't interested enough. Interestingly the URL works this morning from work which definitely uses a proxy, but a couple of geolocation sites map that proxy to the UK so I'm not sure how the paper is deciding where in the world we are coming from.
  12. Souvenir for International Geocaching Day 2018

    If you haven't already, then you may want to accept emails from geocaching.com - which is where souvenirs are typically announced. Settings -> Email Preferences ... Newsletter and Educational and Promotional
  13. U.S.A might get two more new states.

    Looks like it won't be on the November ballot after all. womp womp
  14. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    Did the site show a message saying that EU was the reason you were blocked? Assuming the identification is based on IP address, then I suppose it's possible to get around that with spoofed IP's. Just wondering if it was really EU-specific, because I find that interesting. But I have been blocked from some newspaper websites by a "soft paywall", where they don't show me anything because I have ad blockers running, but then they do show me the website content after I whitelist their site. Not too surprising, as it's not unusual that the outcomes of policies do not match the intentions of those policies. Policy writers need to anticipate the possible outcomes and try to craft their policies to address those possibilities and close any loopholes before implementation. Some of those outcomes should be obvious, but some are harder to recognize ahead of time.
  15. Spory, żale i inne niczego nie wnoszące dyskusje...

    Proponuję akcję #stoplogomzbiorczym połączoną z petycją do PGC w sprawie zniesienia odznaki za długość logów. A dla @bacza zakaz dostępu do komputera na rok za ułatwianie procederu ;-) PS. @sernikk, przepisy już w logach bywały ;-)
  16. Premium -- is it worth it?

    In some countries are there high numbers of non-premium members? From my experience in Australia, most people have paid their membership. There are very few who aren't premium members. I am surprised that even when a cacher with very few finds (maybe even in single figures) logs my cache, they are nearly all paid up members already. I was a rare exception to this, as I found 180 caches before I joined. (No phone in those days, so by printouts of the map and checking for signs of where others had walked and then following that.) I joined when I bought my Garmin. I was beginning to feel guilty though for taking so long to join, because organisations such as geocaching do need funds to exist. Without paying members, there would likely be no geocaching to enjoy.
  17. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    Some sites are blocking all EU users from access - I tried to access some small US newspaper site yesterday and it totally refused me access. It's partly an over-reaction to GDPR, which I'm finding is being used in a variety of hilarious ways and is very poorly understood - even by the people who are supposed to be implementing it. It's also partly laziness in terms of not allowing users to opt out of cookies and the like. It's also being used incredibly poorly by a whole range of institutions to allow them to implement a range of "policies" which favour them rather than the user, which is the opposite of the intention of GDPR as far as I can see. Groundspeak seems to be adopting a generally sensible approach to the issue on the whole as far as I can see. I can see how opting to allow users to delete threads they start on the forums isn't ideal, but it seems a pragmatic approach to the issue - thread starters are, perhaps, more likely to share information that they may later wish they had not for example.
  18. Which do you think will happen first?

    I'd delete the CO by placing his/her caches on my ignore list.
  19. Send to Garmin Button

    As noted in kunarion's image, you need to go to your My Lists page and click on the "..." button to get the list of action options.
  20. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    1) I didn't know that logs were currently locked such that cachers can't delete their own logs. If so, then I think HQ should still be able to lock logs, but would have to delete those locked logs if the cacher submitted a request. Although I'm not sure if that's really how GDPR works. 2) I don't think someone should be able to remove the physical log. They could go back and redact their entry, like using a marker or pen to cover up their name/date, but if they remove the entire physical log then they are affecting other people's "personal data" as well - unless their entry is on its own page and they can just tear that page out without affecting any other signatures. --------------------- I wonder if websites, that don't want to deal with the legal issues of GDPR and/or don't have legal resources to comfortably understand the regulations would just block service to users from the EU. It's probably impractical to block EU folks from visiting their website, but at least block EU folks from creating user accounts. Now, I'm not saying that would happen at geocaching.com, since a the EU is a huge user base - but it does make me wonder about the occasional posts that say Groundspeak isn't doing anything that someone else couldn't easily replicate with a competitive site. Someone wanting to create a competing site would have to learn and abide by the GDPR regulations.
  21. Disappointed by Groundspeaks attitude.

    So no gardening or geocaching or playing in manure piles. Or we could all get tetanus shots...
  22. Don't open! Can of worms inside.

    Thank you both for your helpful responses!
  23. My favrit log what I wrote

    In the midst of a "streak" (day #201) of a cache a day in 2018, this hits home. Love it! Hubby is tiring of the streak, I'm not ready to call it quits. It's been fun together, it may be much more difficult if he quits and I want to continue. We'll see how it goes ...
  24. Duke here from Palm Desert Ca.

    Hi. Welcome to the game! If you have any questions, just ask. People here are friendly; it's a good crowd. We have fun.
  25. Which do you think will happen first?

    Exactly. Well said. That gravestone could then become a virtual waypoint in a multi, where the numerals in the find count get unscrambled to become the coordinates. Someone will need to bump him off at just the right find count though... And this ... too funny!
  26. What Irks you most?

    My current irk is people who don't read cache descriptions. I own a challenge cache with a requirement for 20 finds having the "takes more than 1 hour" attribute, with bold text in the description emphasising that you must both sign the logbook in the physical cache and qualify for the challenge before logging a find online. Nup, I just had someone log a find with only 3 qualifying caches under their belt. They're a PM with close to 400 finds over several years, including mysteries and an EC, and have 21 hides of their own, so hardly a raw beginner. I've messaged them explaining what challenge caches are and asking that they change their log to a note until they've qualified, so we'll see if I get any response.
  27. Hidden Creatures - progress thread

    I think it's absolutely great that GS is trying to create and promote their own internally created product. This one's not a marketing tie in, it's tied to themed promotional material for people who'd like to memorialize their experience by buying in to it, and supporting the company by doing so. Excellent idea. Even though it seems like some people want to criticize them for marketing partnership products through the hobby, and want to criticize them for marketing their own products through the hobby. All power to them, I say. As long as I'm not compelled to purchase but can choose to if I wish. Personally I loved the planetary pursuit geocoin set idea, and if I had the $ I'd grab at least a full set.
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