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  2. My scoring and souvenirs are now PERFECT! Thanks for quick resolution to issues during this promotion.
  3. I use "electronic paper chase" when asked what geocaching is, then explain further.
  4. Yes, I think you can. Would it be possible for you to make a copy of the tag, laminate it and then send it on its way. The copy of the tag is the only proof you have that you are the owner.
  5. mmmmmmm.... multiple sauces
  6. I hear ya. I assumed I read it right when they didn't correct me. Usually when I'm wrong I get correct immediately and by multiple sources. I just think it's a good thing when people are willing to stick up for others regardless of the personal consequences. It sounded like Hitman9956 was trying to do just that.
  7. To be honest I was just trying, for starters, to comprehend what he was trying to tell us.
  8. I read it as a group of cachers Hitman9956 knows of that are particularly rude to other cachers. If that's true than context isn't important here. There's no reason to be rude and disrespectful to anyone especially when were talking about Geocaching. Do you have any reason not to believe Hitman9956 when they say these are lovely people who don't deserve the treatment they're getting?
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  10. I'm confused by the above - who is contacting who and who is abusing who here? It seems to read that the fellow cachers in the first sentence, the ones who have experienced gunk being thrown their way are also the ones being rude to the folks who you consider the most loveliest and friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. In the third sentence you seem to be referring to one person rather than a group. If the fellow cachers first referenced are the ones being rude to the folks who you consider the most loveliest and friendliest people you could ever hope to meet I'm not massively surprised that the are getting gunk thrown their way.
  11. You can also try ExpertGPS, the pay version (it's very inexpensive) of EasyGPS. I haven't used it in years but if I recall one can load different base maps. This page has map downloads for many countries ( GSAK has a bit of a learning curve but it's arguably the best waypoint manager and more tion one can get for a PC for GPS use.
  12. True. I was going to mention that the geocaching list of countries/regions does not exactly match other authoritative country lists (the UN Geopolitical ontology or the ISO-3166 standard). It's close enough but which ever list is used it's more than 190 countries, and for the purposes of the research project indicating that there are over 1 million geocaches in the world and that every country has at least one is probably sufficient. It wasn't that long ago that there were a handful of countries which did not have a cache. After the top 5 or so countries the number of caches per country drop off. Number 6 on the list (Sweden) has around 116K, and by the time it gets to #48 (UAE) it's below 1000.
  13. For both I get a blank map in Firefox 59.0.1 on Windows 10, apart from the +/- buttons in the top corner:
  14. Just a simple question from a beginner! We had a trackable that was place quite a distance away from us and have been informed that it is lost. can we replace it with our copie that we have at home and restart its journey?
  15. Both currently load for me in Firefox and Edge.
  16. In short, yes. More specifically, it depends on what you want to do. The easiest way to have a custom trackable is to buy one and then put the code on whatever you want. I've seen them on license plates, shirts, tattoos, even big metal vases that travel to events. The key is not to have more than one item out there at a time with the code on it -- if you try to release two or more items with the same trackable code, it just creates confusion when multiple people try to log it as being in more places than one. Travel bugs are always going to have the same icon. If you wanted something different but didn't want to pay to create your own custom icon, you can shop around for a coin or tag with a different icon and use that. Or, if you're getting a tattoo, Groundspeak can apply a TB code to a tattoo icon - but you have to ask. If you want your own custom icon, that costs $150, and that's just for the icon; you would still have to pay for tracking codes as well. We had hzoi coins made back when we first started. The smallest order we could place was for 250, and that cost $1400 total (icon + 250 codes + die cost + 250 coins). We love the coins, but our initial idea of having a new hzoi coin made every couple years quickly turned into being happy with just the one. Which is good, because we still have quite a few!
  17. cachemaat +/- 60 met e-bike gezocht om af en toe eens samen een dagje te geocachen ergens in Belgie, regio Antwerpen(oost) / vlaams brabant(oost) / Limburg. Zelf woon ik in Landen dus die omgeving heb ik al grotendeels gelogd.
  18. I dropped some my own TBs in a cache but haven't received any points.. Is this a bug?
  19. To clear up confusion, it might be good to include in that box that "The maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 15 points".
  20. The FAQ is OK, but the brief scoring table in the friend league is a bit different which most likely lead to lison55's confusion. He actually should have earned 35 points according that since he qualified for: + 5 + 15 + 15 = + 35
  21. "placed it" c'est ce qui se passe quand quelqu'un a déposé (drop) le TB. Tu pourras aussi parfois voir "grabbed it" quand un TB est pris des mains d'un autre géocacheur (sans passer par le dépôt dans une cache). Et plus rarement peut-être encore tu verras "marked missing" quand le propriétaire du TB ou le propriétaire de la cache où le TB est sensé se trouver actent le fait qu'il a disparu.
  22. Yeah. TBscan immediately confused me. I think I get the idea now. Maybe. A couple of years ago at an Event, I saw someone scanning TBs using the iPhone version of this App and it seemed to work pretty well. I recently noticed this App is available for Android. I now have a smartphone with data subscription, and can use "online" Apps in the field. So I thought I might as well install this. I was especially interested in how adept the App might be at helping to unscramble particularly messed up TB logs. It would need to do much more than "typing a tracking number", which I can easily do myself with no App. The App's site integration, instructional material, and troubleshooting tree would need to be pretty impressive, to help even a novice understand what to do next if there's a problem with making the desired log. But the App is pretty basic, very slooow at "scanning", and it wipes away any scanned or typed data once a log is "posted", regardless of whether or not the log arrived on the web site. That's no good. What if I had scanned a lot of TBs, and there was a site glitch when I "posted" them? It took me forever to figure out what I was doing wrong with the first TB I tried to log using TBscan by itself, without accessing the web site to do any of that log. This was my own TB, so that situation is something to keep in mind when using TB scan. And I'd bet there is more than just one gotcha. On the web site, in this situation, the TB "Owner" can make a "Note" log on his TB, but "Discover" is not in the list. The “Discover” log should not be available within the App, in cases when the App can't cause that log to happen. No only was “Discover” an option to me, the whole process seemed to go smoothly, and there was a sort of confirmation, "Log got posted", all of which should not have occurred, because the result was no saved log. There should have been a prompt at some point about a problem with that log type, like, "In this case you can't make a Discover log". I "posted" several "Discover logs" before I realized why the App wasn't creating the logs. I also tried this on my iPhone with the exact same results. The iPhone has a slightly different look, better prompts, and a "Log got posted" notice that's easier to notice, than the Droid version has. I can't think of a reason why by design a TB Owner couldn't always "Discover" his own TB, but I'm sure there's a great reason. I instead made a Note log (a log which the TB Owner is allowed to make), and that worked OK.
  23. Just checking in - we haven't done much caching since the promo started, but the scoring on what we have done has been accurate: 3/19/18 - 1 Traditional - 5 points - souvenir awarded 3/20/18 - 1 Traditional w/ 10+ fav points (and we added a couple more - it was a very ingenuious hide!) - 15 points and 2 additional souvenirs awarded 3 Traditionals - 5 points each - total points at 35 as expected Tomorrow we will find at least one, giving us 5 more points and the next souvenir. We are also on a personal challenge to find and log at least one cache every day in 2018. With some travel planned during this Planetary Pursuit, we should be able to easily get enough points and variety of caches, plus meet our daily challenge. Without even really changing our caching habits, we'll get the whole thing. Although today's cache with the fav points was choen with the PP in mind!
  24. Is there a way to make trackables personalized? Like could I make my own trackable or buy a trackable and add the code to an object I create?
  25. Sorry; max 15 points per find. I forget where I read this.
  26. Yesterday
  27. I thought it was two retired ladies out having fun geocaching.
  28. I'm too dense to figure out how to use this app. I can scan the TBs, but have no clue how to get them to log to the website!
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