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  2. Iedereen bedankt voor suggesties. Bleek een instelling van filter zijn in de GPS. Mvg
  3. Una vez encontrado el nuevo organizador, elimino el hilo de la parte fija y lo cierro ya que no tiene ningún sentido.
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  5. I think the D and T ratings should genuinely reflect the difficulty & terrain, I don't think they should be deliberately wrong in order to circumvent the system. However having said that one man's D2.5 is another man's D1.5, so why not leave it to see whether the next few finders think D1.5 is correct or not?
  6. As Keystone already mentioned, all Basic Members can still play if a cache is listed with difficulty greater than 1.5 (assuming the cache is not marked as PMO), they just can't do it with the official app. There are other apps they can use, or they can use the website (on a computer or their phone) to get the cache info and then use a map/GPS app to locate it. Please don't fudge difficulty or terrain ratings. They have a meaning and cache seekers should be able to rely on them to accurately reflect the experience they'll get at that cache. A couple suggestions I'd make based on the cache page and video: increase the difficulty and change the size from 'large' to 'regular'. It's good that you added the field puzzle attribute to this trad listing. It looks like a great cache and I commend you on the craftiness. I'd like to be able to create gadget caches and to find a safe spot to place them. Congrats!
  7. Buenas soy miembro Basic y me gustaria saber si puedo coger rastreables y moverlos de un sitio a otro, y como? ya que el icono de mi smartfone esta desactivado, solo esta activado el escribir nota. un saludo y gracias a todos
  8. This thread has been dormant for more than a year! My husband and I are finally visiting Hawaii. It will be our 50th state. Pretty excited! We're going during our 22nd anniversary, mid December, for 2 weeks. We will be visiting The Big Island, and Oahu.
  9. I just took the caches that are currently active, and viewed their logs. Anything more sounds complex and I doubt it would give a significantly different result.
  10. I 'm very excited to start with geocach, but I don't understand how I can open one on this page and how I need to get started, where can I find the questions I need to solve?. Can someone please explain it in a simple way to me :-)
  11. With caches getting archived and unarchived all the time, I am curious to know how you calculated the number of active caches in previous years? (I used to record the number of active caches every few months, but lost all of it in a recent disk crash.)
  12. Kwestią jest nie tylko odległość od przystanku, ale też dostępność owego transportu. Jak autobus gdzieś dojeżdża dwa razy na dobę, to nie dałbym atrybutu, nawet gdyby kesz był 10m od przystanku. Chyba, że kesz byłby ukryty na samym przystanku i chciałbym zwrócić na to uwagę graczy. Przykładowo, dla swojej serii eventów "Bilety to nie śmieci" dodaję ten atrybut, ponieważ jest to centrum dużego miasta i dojazd komunikacją publiczną jest rzeczą naturalną, mimo że od przystanku do miejsca spotkania jest coś koło pół kilometra. Dodaję ten atrybut również dlatego, że w waypoincie podaję współrzędne przystanku i numery linii, którymi można dojechać. Dlatego właśnie pisałem, że atrybut uważam za mało użyteczny. W mieście niemal wszędzie można znaleźć dla niego uzasadnienie. Poza miastem już niekoniecznie.
  13. In my opinion, the sentence about the poles is associated with extra poles that the cache owner has brought in and buried partially.
  14. I liked it better "Not to create a spot/space for a cache" like I mentioned above. Drilling a hole in a pole, tree, fence or anything that was already there. The word I use is Vandalism!!!
  15. "Buried caches" guideline is better now. One paragraph is difficult to understand what it really means.: "Caches that are mounted on a pole which is partially underground (no matter if the pole was driven into the ground or fixed into the ground with cement). " How this underground pole relates to buried caches? No fence or light pole caches without the explicit permission?
  16. My favorite is the mouse stamp With lanyard it is always with you. It pops open with one hand and self inks. Small enough not to take up a lot of space on a logsheet. I can even stamp a nano log. edit: And the price is perfect $10
  17. That is really good news. The new text is a great improvement. Thanks to the folk at HQ for listening to our feedback
  18. Many OM to me seems like they care about their cache enough to keep it up to date, make sure the logsheet isn't full, making sure it is still there. etc. Haven't I seen it written that COs should check their caches on a regular basis? And in doing so post an OM log stating the cache has been checked? On many of my evil ones I get DNFs but it doesn't mean it's not there. Just means I did a good job hiding it.
  19. Where?
  20. Nicely done. You are a true romantic.
  21. Most I found usually rip on the sides. Also cachers sometimes put pencils or other sharp objects in them and they get holes. Depending on the container you could try something like a 35mm or test strip container inside your cache.
  22. Yeah it should have been a note. DID NOT FIND! means that. DNF when you didn't even try it doesn't make sense. If it were me I would either contact the cacher and ask them to change it to a note or delete it as it is not a Found message, you can.
  23. I've been thinking about this problem (keeping logs dry) for awhile. I'm not familiar with the particular kind of bag in the OP. The best idea I've come up with so far is flat freezer containers. There are different types, so they'd have to be field tested.
  24. MUCH better, IMO.
  25. Are the zipper seals on these bags designed to remain secure even after being opened, closed, opened, closed, open, closed, etc. many times?
  26. Thank you to everyone who has asked good questions and provided constructive feedback about the new Geocache Hiding Guidelines. Geocaching HQ is taking feedback into account, so stay tuned for some updates to the actual guidelines text. In the meantime, specific to the issue of "Buried Caches," please see this newly updated Help Center article.
  27. You are likely referring to "Advanced" caches in the official Geocaching Apps, rather than caches available to Premium Members only. So long as you don't mark your cache as being available to Premium Members only, any member (basic or premium) can view it on the website and find it with a GPS or smartphone. Basic members just miss the convenience of opening the cache details in the Official App, if the D or T is above 1.5 stars. Your local reviewer can help you in defining the distinction between "mystery cache" and "traditional cache with the field puzzle attribute," which can be a challenging choice when it comes to gadget caches. Local practices vary, and either choice is acceptable.
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