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  2. coincidences while geocaching

    August 2015 Final Geocaching Block Party week. We were late in requesting our HQ tour tickets and the tour "sold out" during the entire week we would be in Seattle for the block party. We were bummed but we accepted the fate. Mid week while going for GC49HR7 (HQGT: Beneath Aurora) we ran into another goecacher at GZ. After a brief greeting and conversation, we were offered four tickets (the exact amount we needed) to the HQ tour. He explained that his group had extra tickets that they wouldn't be able to use. Do to this coincidence, we ended up being able to do the HQ tour during our Seattle visit. The whole coincidence was pretty awesome and we got to enjoy the HQ tour.
  3. Sending to gps

    HELP We have been sending caches to our garmin 64s without any problems for sometime. Recently we have been met with plug in not detected. We have installed the plug in and the gps is up to date via garmin express. What are we missing? It's very frustrating. Thanks in advance The butterfly seekers
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  5. OREGON 700 - unregistered

    Did you ever sort this issue out ? I have an Oregon 700 and it has played up ever since I purchased it for a small fortune. Fortunately I got our Oregon 500 fixed so now use that. The problem with my useless Oregon 700 is that even though I can load my Wifi address or pair the GPS with my i-phone and I can register the Oregon 700 and pair with geocaching, I can't download pocket queries or lists correctly, for some reason I get about 30 random caches locked in the gps. I have tried the on board reset, I have tried a factory reset, I have tried removing the batteries for a day, but still get the same problem. I have spent hours on line chat to Garmin, I have sent notes to Garmin but still get nowhere. I has got so dire that I even tried to load caches via UB cable as I do with my Oregon 500 but the useless thing wont even do that. The only way I can find a geocache on this Oregon 700 is to type in the co-ordinates ........... I may as well just dig out my very old Garmin E-Trex. Very dissapointed with this device. Has anyone else got the same issues or can anyone help with any other ideas to resolve ??

    The method to change coordinates have been a mystery long before the invention of the corrected coordinates. Beginners with limited experience have never seen a log for coordinate change and can not guess that there is a special log entry for that purpose. It was quite normal that orhet players had to instruct the CO to post new coordinates. Nothing has changed.

    For me the obvious reason is so that the icon on the map can display where the cache is actually hidden. That helps in a number of ways. (It calms my OCD lol) But seriously when looking at the map to find a spot to hide a new cache you can easily see available spaces. Then when out hiding the cache, either with your phone or GPSr you can see the proximity of caches if it is going to be a close fit. The more of your own mystery caches you have, the more helpful this feature becomes. Then the confusion part. When clicking on the Corrected Coordinates feature a box will pop up with the following message. Corrected Coordinates (hidden from others) If you read that sentence, especially the part in the brackets. Not sure how people can think that it will change the coordinates on their cache so that other cachers can see the corrected coordinates.

    "Removing the source of confusion" has already been tried with bad reception. I guess there are many players using the same streamlined workflow.
  9. What should new geocachers know about trackables?

    When entering a tracking code into the app or web site, as soon as you enter the first character, it tells you that the code is invalid. Some cachers might stop there, and not realize that the code will be recognized as valid only after it has been completely entered.
  10. Phone or gps

    I have a Nuvi 500 that I really like but it gave us a ton of trouble on my recent trip because the map is so old!
  11. Phone or gps

    I've only ever heard about those, never seen one in person. Looked it up just now, it originally sold for $700! They can be found on ebay, but you'd have to be very careful. The maps and firmware, and the built-in battery, are all about 10 years old.
  12. Phone or gps

    This one looks good nüvi® 500...

  14. coincidences while geocaching

    Interesting stories y’all. :-) I had had been out of town and was just getting back. I needed to call a friend about dinner plans and since I don’t talk on the phone or text while driving, I pulled into a parking lot to make my call. Made my call and then thought “Well, let me just check and see if there are any nearby caches.” The closest one came up... about 6 feet away! It was an LPC and turns out of allllll the empty parking spaces in the lot, I’d parked right in front of a cache. All I had to do was step out of my car. From reading the listing to find was about 1 min. I have another one buuuut.....it’s kind of embarrassing. I’ll have to think on whether to tell that one or not....
  15. Crop Circles

    I live near the site of the former peace sign series, the WSGA series and the temple series, shaped as their respective names would imply. If you're looking for a lot of examples of geoart, I'd check out São Miguel Island.
  16. Virtual Geocaches

    And then there are Virtual Caches with:
  17. Virtual Geocaches

    Three on the first page are in the U.S. That's just the first page. You can narrow the search to FL or whatever region you choose. My search showed 32 Web cam waymarks in Florida.
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  19. Vancouver (WA) Cache Machine II, June 23, 2018

    I spoke with a previous finder, as I haven't done this one. To get to 80, you have to park at Frenchman's Bar, at the top of the picture. It's not an extremely long walk to the cache, but people would be taking their chances if they choose not to pay. It isn't just a park and grab.

    What I meant was do you use a GPSr or phone app, download a PQ and/or use GSAK, etc.? In short, if you didn't have access to use Corrected Coordinates on your own caches, would it only require a minor change to your workflow? Personally, it seems like the benefits from removing this source of confusion would far outweigh the downsides.
  21. Virtual Geocaches

    But, they are NOT Locationless Caches. Just similar categories. On Locationless Caches, only one cacher could log a particular location. On Waymarking, everyone can log the same location. Completely different concept.
  22. Virtual Geocaches

    Tell me about it! I delete about 30% of the logs on mine!
  23. You can export to KML and import it in GE. It only stopped working because GE changed to a 64-bit program. If you uninstall 64-bit GE and install the still available 32-bit version it works again.
  24. Need help downloading to GPS

    eTrex Legend: Download the GPX file from the cache listing, import it into MapSource or BaseCamp and send them from there to your Legend. You can also use third party software like EasyGPS or GSAK. eTrex 30x: You can also use MapSource/BaseCamp/EasyGPS/GSAK, but you can also save GPX files directly or use lists like stated above. No.

    I access the final (hidden) waypoint and adjust cache coordinates to the waypoint so I can see where it is. I have no use for the bogus.
  26. Virtual Geocaches

    Yep. It says, right in the Help Center ... "Many Locationless Caches were converted into Waymarking categories".

    Can you explain more about your workflow? Why do you need to correct the coordinates when you have access to the waypoints as the owner?
  28. Feedback? - Our First Puzzle Cache

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