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  2. Thanks, msrubble. I think I'll use the first format. That way they can see that it is a URL. The explanation made everything clear. Cheers Tony
  3. My wife and I are going to the mega in Yuma next month. The next day we go to 2 other events including our first event outside the US (Los Algodones Mexico). In May we are going to Maui (Hawaii) for my 50th state. We got Alaska in 2016 and the 6 NE states in May 2017. Caching for 12 years and still have not hit 2000.
  4. I found the first number by going to your profile and hovering over the link "See the Forum Posts for This User." Right after profile/ is a number followed by a dash. That number is your numerical user ID used in the first URL above. The number can be found at the foot of an email you sent another user. Or you can go to . Switch it to "ID to GC code." Enter the numerical ID above. You'll get a GC number that looks like a cache number. Change the "GC" to "PR" and, voila! You have the code to use in a URL.
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  6. Let me guess... That thing that stopped working due to obsolescence and security concerns? Ambiguous question. Download what now? Software? Caches?
  7. This would work: Or:
  8. If you're looking for an official Geocaching app, then no - there isn't a Groundspeak app for Windows. Groundspeak's current official app is only for iOS and Android. There are 3rd party developers that create approved apps. I believe the only one that exists for Windows is Maaloo, but I might be mistaken. Here are a couple recent threads asking a similar question: Best app for Windows Phone? App for Windows Store
  9. I am with you and very impressed that you have not archived a cache! We felt the same way. We didn't archive a cache we placed for the first 5 years. (Well one on accident and then had it published again) That one always bothered me and I asked a reviewer if there was something I could do to not have it on our profile. I hated to look at someones hides and see that there were many archived. Kind of felt like there wasn't much planning put into it. Then after the 5 year mark I started noticing that there were fewer new caches being placed in the area. I have many friends who like to go find new caches and I do as well. I have decided to go ahead and start archiving some as I feel it is needed. Not that I have seen many putting hides near where I archived them but the place is now open for them to do so. I am not going to archive any of my favorite ones but if it is not one of our first hides or one that is favorited a lot I am thinking of archiving them. Again your way of not archiving them is awesome but just something I am starting to do now. Edit: WOW! Looking threw your favorite points you shouldn't archive any of your hides. Well done! I need to take a trip to Finland!
  10. Realize that if you don't engrave "trackable on" on them, a bunch of folks may just assume you left a signature swag item instead of a trackable, and they'll go into a box with other sig items. We have a couple dozen signature wooden nickels and poker chips.
  11. Also I would go here and see if you can get hooked up!
  12. Very cool post!
  13. My goal is to reach 1007 on my birthday (10/07) I’ve been Geocaching for 15 years and finally have the passion back
  14. Or more. You may decide 5000 is too easy from the sounds of it
  15. Is there a download for Windows 10 I have tried and then read it doesn't work for 7 8 10 any help?
  16. Find my 5,000th cache. I'll hit #4545 on my 45th birthday in two weeks, then it should be easy to go for 5,000 by the end of the year. While I'm at it, I'll be working on clearing out as many caches from my nearest to home list as possible. There shouldn't be anything within at least five miles by the end of the year, except for puzzles I can't solve.
  17. Given that my user name contains an "&", I sometimes have problems with my profile not working correctly. For example, clicking on the name next to this post will generate the URL which takes the user to a profile for "Gill" If I want to send someone a link to my profile, what is the best form for the URL, so they get me, not some other profile? Thanks Tony
  18. I don't have any specific goals for 2018, other than to stay alive (and hopefully more so!) during some good adventures. And hopefully finish the year younger than when I started. Somebody mentioned a cache with a beer as a finder's prize? I know of a simple 2-cache series where the prize for finding both of them is a case of whiskey! I'm 50% there, but I'd have to go to Italy "for the win". Hmm...
  19. Just curious, what model is your iPhone? I have an SE, and if this crashing issue is more "across the board," I'm a bit hesitant to update until it's fixed!
  20. Can’t get this app to load after the new update. It keeps crashing on my IPhone.
  21. 5.8.5 is still crashing on my iPhone 7
  22. Uploaded version 5.8.5 and app is still crashing on my iPhone 7.
  23. You're probably better off deleting all of the ones that come pre-loaded on the device. The data for those caches will be out-of-date. The device may include caches that have since been archived or that have a lot of DNF logs, may not include caches that have been recently published, or may include caches that are not in your geographic area. You could delete all of the pre-loaded caches, then reload just the ones you're interested in. That being said. Since you are a Basic member, then it may be a bit onerous to load a large number of caches at once, so you may want to take a look at what caches are loaded on the device before deciding to delete them all. As Red90 mentioned, you can filter out the ones you have Found from within the GPSr. With a Premium membership, there are more options for downloading/transferring caches en masse. See HERE.
  24. No special plans for this year, except or the big Africa trip. Hopefully I'll add another 7 or 8 countries. I'll probably hit 2000 finds somewhere along the way.
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  27. Some here go after caches that were archived for months/years. I always use data that was refreshed the evening before a caching day, worst case is Friday evening data for Saturday AND Sunday. Caches that are perfectly OK normally are not "suddenly" archived either, although it might happen occasionally.
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