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For those who need info on topographical maps

Guest fairbank

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Guest fairbank

I have received some inquiries and notice a lot of "newbies" asking questions in various forums and newsgroups on how to obtain and use topographical maps. I am a relative newcomer to doing this myself and have spent the last several months, spending countless hours, searching and surfing the Web to get the information I needed to do what I wanted to do. While there is plenty of information out there on the Web relating to this, I have never come across a page that gives a basic "how-to" with direct links to get the required items. So, I created a very basic Web site that should fill this need. While

there are plenty of commercial products available, it can also be done absolutely free. The page is located at; http://www.geocities.com/fairbank56



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Guest amo®phous

Thanx for the effort here Eric. I should be getting DSL hooked up this weekend or early next week. Will need it for some of these files anywhere from 4 megs 10 megs.


I wondered why you were posting at 5:30 am teehee

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Guest fairbank

That was 8:30am my time. All times on here are pacific. I'm on the east coast. Just download the files when your not using the computer for anything else and have it disconnect automatically when the download is complete. I'm out in the boonies so I can't get DSL.

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Guest fairbank

Hey Makaio, you must have scanned my page really fast! I already have the mapfinder site included as the first step. On the mapfinder page, click on "click on conterminous US map" as one of the options to finding the quads, to get to the page you indicated. But thanks for your input anyway.



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Guest Team Griswold.

I've been using GARTRIP, a freeware/shareware mapping program that allows for scanning, or even better, downloading of maps, including satellite photos. The images are then calibrated and you can either view a route you previously travelled, plan a route to go on, or even more cool, use with a laptop for real time following. Anyone who want's more info, especially on where to get the maps and images, and how to calibrate them, just let me know.


This weekend I went for a walk with the family around the neighborhood, and was able to follow our route on a satellite image of our neighborhood... good stuff, but my wife thinks I'm a little too obscessed... she says I've taken nature trips and turned it into too high a teckno-geek level.

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Originally posted by Good Hands:

can i hook my emap to my laptop and and follow my path on one of these maps on my laptop screen instead my emap screen


There is a simple program called SkyEye at my employer's website ( http://www.etree.com ) that will let you track aerial photos or topo maps on your PocketPC.


You can build the maps (and embed your waypoints, etc.) at my website, http://www.lostoutdoors.com


I think that the program runs $10, and runs with a no restriction 30 day trial. The maps are free. The program currently only works with Garmin receivers (Daniel borrowed my Vista). I've promised to add Magellan support, as well as a Palm version, as soon as my current project wraps up.


I think that Topographix was talking about a CE version of their mapping/waypoint management program for CE. And Doug Cox's excellent USAPhotoMaps could be used to track position on an aerial photo on a laptop.


Good Luck,


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